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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
29 Jun 2017 Strathdearn Community Developments

Strathdearn Community Developments

£3,984 Big Lottery Fund
28 Apr 2016 Munlochy Primary School

This school will use the funding to install a trim trail.

£7,497 Big Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2015 Inverness Rowing Club

Inverness Rowing Club

£9,000 Sport Scotland
23 Feb 2015 Eileen Gatt

Jewellery designer/maker

£10,000 Creative Scotland
7 Feb 2013 Northern Counties Girls Golf Association

The association will use the grant to pay for a series of coaching and competitive golf opportunities for their members. They will also use the grant to involve more girls in the sport of golf.

£4,170 Sport Scotland
16 May 2012 Inverness Rowing Club

The club will purchase new boats to provide its members with more opportunities to row. The grant will be used to buy a single scull and a double scull.

£7,000 Sport Scotland
30 Mar 2012 Northern Counties Girls Golf Association

The project will provide coaching sessions and organise events in the seven golf clubs across North Scotland. This grant will be used to pay for PGA Pro coaching time, fun days, golf certificates, golf items, PGA level 1 fees, skills challenge equipment,

£1,880 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jan 2011 Munlochy Primary School

The school, based in Munlochy near Inverness, will deliver extracurricular athletics sessions which will be facilitated by the Ross County Athletics Club coach and sustained by community volunteers. This grant will fund sessional coaching fees and transpo

£1,990 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jan 2010 Inverness Rowing Club

This group will buy a quadruple scull coxless fours boat to allow junior and veteran members to enter competitive events.

£9,995 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2009 Highland Athletics Partnership

This group produce and support the implementation of the athletics development plan encouraging quality athletics opportunities for people within the region. The grant will fund equipment, festival costs, coaching, transport and facility hire, community

£7,100 Sport Scotland
5 Dec 2008 North Kessock Bowling Club

The group provides opportunities to participate in bowls. The grant will cover the costs of the installation of an irrigation system.

£4,620 Sport Scotland
24 Oct 2007 Invergordon Academy

The group is a high school which provides education for young poeple aged 11-18 years old. The money will pay for gym equipment.

£9,993 Big Lottery Fund
11 May 2007 Caithness Horizons Collections Trust

This new group provides preservation of the local museum collection. The award will fund transport costs, professional fees, photographs and expenses.

£7,735 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Feb 2007 Highland Birchwoods

Action for Mountain Woodlands

£452,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2006 Inverness Rowing Club

This group provides the facilities and opportunities for its members to participate and train in the sport of rowing. The grant is for contribution towards the purchase of a coxed four boat and Cox box.

£4,975 New Opportunities Fund
7 Oct 2005 Dingwall Gaelic Choir

This group provides opportunities for people to learn and perform gaelic choir music. The grant is for catering and travel.

£2,906 New Opportunities Fund
3 Aug 2005 BTCV Scotland

Highland Youth Environment Heritage Programme

£38,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Nov 2004 Dingwall Gaelic Choir

This group provide opportunities for people to sing and perform Gaelic music. The grant will allow the group to organise a dinner dance to celebrate its 50th anniversary, providing local people with an enjoyable recreational experience and raising the pr

£1,000 New Opportunities Fund
27 May 2004 Highland Birchwoods

Public involvement and enjoyment of Mountain Woodlands

£40,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Oct 2003 North Kessock Bowling Club

This group from North Kessock provides facilities and opportunities for members to participate in the sport of bowls for recreational purposes and to play at competition level.The grant will enable the group to construct a petanque rink and provide facili

£2,827 New Opportunities Fund
18 Jul 2003 Inverness Rowing Club

This Group Provide Facilities And Opportunities For Members To Participate In The Sport Of Rowing For Recreation And At Competition Level. The Grant Will Be Used To Purchase A Sims Evolution Coxed Four, 2 Speaker System And 2 Smoothie Oars And Fund Deliv

£4,950 Sport Scotland
5 Nov 2002 Munlochy Toddler Group

This group from Munlochy provides pre school education and play opportunities for children. The grant will be used to purchase play equipment and a room divider.

£850 New Opportunities Fund
23 Jul 2002 The Conservation Volunteers

This project aims to provide volunteering opportunities for disadvantaged youth in rurally isolated Highland areas by co-ordinating placement opportunities with environmental and community groups and working directly with established groups of disadvantag

£59,730 Community Fund
8 Nov 2000 Munlochy Hall Management Committee

This project will enable the Committee to repair and refurbish the hall to make it more comfortable and user-friendly. The hall will also be made accessible to people with disabilities. This one year grant will contribute to the costs of refurbishment, a

£141,937 Community Fund
28 Mar 2000 Inverness Rowing Club

This group provides opportunities for the local community to participate in the sport of rowing at a recreational and competitive level. The grant will be used to purchase a boat and fittings.

£4,952 Sport Scotland
4 Mar 1998 Munlochy Playgroup

This playgroup provides pre-school education and play opportunities for children. The grant will be used to fund the creation of a play garden.

£3,942 Community Fund