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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
28 Aug 2017 Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands (ARCH)

Experimental Archaeology: Learning about technologies in the past

£16,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Nov 2016 Strathpeffer Community Centre

Strathpeffer Community Centre

£3,011 Big Lottery Fund
31 Oct 2016 Highland Museum of Childhood

Highland Museums: Our Collective Future

£54,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Aug 2016 Inverness Young Archaeologists Club

Adam's Croft: investigating an upland landscape

£6,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Dec 2015 Highland Museum of Childhood

Strathpeffer Railway Station Canopy Restoration Project

£31,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Sep 2015 Strathpeffer Pavilion Association

To build on Supporting a year-long arts and Cultural programme at Strathpeffer Pavilion

£10,000 Creative Scotland
25 May 2015 Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands (ARCH)

Invergordon in World War I

£8,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 May 2015 Strathpeffer Community Association Ltd

Remembering the Strathpeffer Area

£12,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Aug 2014 Isabella Dance

Isabella Dance

£9,909 Big Lottery Fund
31 Jul 2014 Ben Wyvis Cycle Club

Ben Wyvis Cycle Club

£5,450 Sport Scotland
28 Jul 2014 Strathpeffer Pavilion Association

Support for Arts Programme at Strathpeffer Pavilion

£2,500 Creative Scotland
9 Jul 2014 Contin Community Trust

Contin Community Trust

£620 Big Lottery Fund
2 Apr 2014 Strathpeffer Residents Association

The group will employ a team of consultants to work with them on producing an options appraisal, feasibility study, business plan, fundraising strategy, design brief and habitat survey, to ascertain fit for purpose, impact and long term sustainability to

£9,996 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jan 2014 Strathpeffer Pavilion Association

Support for Arts Programme at Strathpeffer Pavilion

£6,000 Creative Scotland
3 Jan 2014 Strathpeffer Spa Golf Club

The club will use the funding to improve the junior golf course to encourage a healthy outdoor activity.

£3,000 Sport Scotland
4 Jul 2013 Isabella Dance

This group will work with four local primary schools to create an original dance piece based around their own interpretation of the symbols on local Pictish Standing Stones.

£6,730 Creative Scotland
2 May 2013 Strathpeffer Pavilion Association

The association will engage consultants to carry out a feasibility study and business plan. The group's idea is take the Strathpeffer Pavilion into community ownership and change the business model to better meet the needs of local community whilst enhanc

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jan 2013 Strathpeffer Pavilion

Funding is required towards the cost of artist or company fees; specific technical support and marketing expenditure for the programme of eclectic and vibrant events at Strathpeffer Pavilion.

£10,000 Creative Scotland
17 Dec 2012 Matheu Watson

To develop a unique musical identity in composition and quality production by recontextualising the production, creation and presentation of traditional music in a number of innovative creative contexts.

£6,300 Creative Scotland
15 Nov 2011 Cromarty Firth Fisheries Trust

The trust will establish a biological monitoring programme to assess the health of the river system flowing into the Cromarty Firth. The project will train volunteers to collect samples and record this data for wider scientific use. The grant will fund a

£3,750 Big Lottery Fund
2 Aug 2011 Strathpeffer Pavilion

Strathpeffer Pavilion aim to offer a varied programme of arts activity over AutumnWinter 201112.

£5,000 Creative Scotland
29 Jul 2011 Netball North

This group was made up from representatives from Highland and Moray netball clubs to promote netball across the region. They aim to establish a netball club in Inverness by promoting the sport in local high schools and in the corporate sector. This grant

£1,936 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2011 Isabella Dance

This group will stage an intergenerational project bringing an existing primary school dance group and a Friendship Group made up of older people together to produce a multimedia community performance and video. This grant for will fund dance tutor fees,

£5,305 Creative Scotland
15 Mar 2011 Strathpeffer Pavilion Association Company

Towards the cost of a programme of arts events at the Strathpeffer Pavilion.

£3,500 Creative Scotland
1 Mar 2011 Strathpeffer Primary & Nursery Parent Council

The parent council will install an outdoor seating area for its pupils and the wider community. The school facilities are in the same building as the local community centre in Strathpeffer, so a range of organisations and people will have access to the se

£7,645 Big Lottery Fund
2 Nov 2010 The Outsiders Trust

This group in Islington will use the funding to create a pilot draft of a tool kit to assist health care professionals in providing support regarding sexual issues to people living with disabilities. This will enable people living with disabilities to rec

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Sep 2010 Strathpeffer Initiative

This group was set up to improve the local facilities in Strathpeffer. This application will be used to fund 6 projects within an integrated programme (gardens, website, audio walk, festival, archaeology trail, dancing platform and marketing). This grant

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 May 2009 Isabella Dance

This group will create a dance performance based on ideas developed by children and young people in the communities of Alness and Ardross. The grant will fund dancers, choreographing, production costs, travel costs, marketing, workshop costs and administr

£4,000 Scottish Arts Council
31 May 2009 Strathpeffer Community Association Limited

The group will update the health and fitness equipment in their fitness room. The grant will be used to pay for a treadmill, an upright cycle, an elliptical trainer, delivery costs and installation costs.

£7,470 Big Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2009 Sweaty Bella

This group will create a sustainable bike trail facility based at the Belladrum festival which will provide a lasting legacy to people who live locally. This grant will be used to pay for trailbuilders costs, organisers costs, safety equipment, signs, too

£9,700 Big Lottery Fund
1 Apr 2009 Strathpeffer Pavilion Association Company

Towards the cost of a programme of performing arts for 2009/10

£5,274 Scottish Arts Council
8 Dec 2008 The Outsiders Trust

A project by this Islington based charity to provide a series of events for the celebration of the groups 30th Anniversary. The project will enable beneficiaries with physical and social disabilities to participate in musical and arts festivals. The proje

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 May 2008 Strathpeffer Highland Gathering

The group foster and encourage Highland games and other sports. The grant will pay for the purchase of marquee.

£3,600 Big Lottery Fund
10 Mar 2008 The Outsiders Trust

A project by this group in London to provide an outreach service for disabled people.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
15 Feb 2008 Strathpeffer Pavilion Association Company

Towards the cost of a varied programme of professional performing arts at the Strathpeffer Pavilion

£6,000 Scottish Arts Council
6 Sep 2007 Highland Museum of Childhood

Highland Museum of Childhood 'THE GOODS SHED': Education & Learning Space & Collections Store

£276,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Jul 2007 Comann Nam Parant Inbhir Pheofharain

This new group will provide opportunities for young people to learn the Gaelic language. The grant will fund an outward bound trip, activity materials, sessional workers, a computer, printer, scanner and software.

£4,123 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jan 2007 The Historic Saltire Society

This Group Provides Demonstrations To Enlighten People About The History Of Scotland. Professional Fees.

£900 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Oct 2006 Strathpeffer Spa Golf Club Junior Section

This Group Provide Facilities And Opportunities For Its Members To Participate In The Sport Of Golf. Portable And Practice Mats, Practice Nets, Bunker Sand And Installation Of Junior Practice Green.

£9,977 Sport Scotland
18 Aug 2006 Strathpeffer Primary School PTFA

This group fundraise to purchase books and equipment for school. The grant is for a contribution towards the purchase of outdoor playground equipment.

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
7 Jun 2006 The Outsiders Trust

The Trust Is A User-Led Group That Enables People With Physical And Social Disabilities To Gain Confidence And Find Partners. The Award Will Fund Production Of A Publicity Leaflet And Poster.

£4,950 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
8 Aug 2005 Strathpeffer Community Council

This Group Provides Support And Information On Community Issues. The Grant Is For Information Boards And Trees.

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Jun 2005 Victorian Strathpeffer

This Group Aims To Preserve The Victorian Heritage Of Strathpeffer. The Grant Is For Tarpaulin Stall Covers, Repairs To Existing Stall Covers, Missing Ironworks From Stalls, 20 Trestle Tables.

£3,288 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Oct 2004 Strathpeffer Primary School PTFA

This group advance the education of the children at Strathpeffer School through fundraising and organising pupil centred events and activities. The grant will allow the group to create an adventure playground, providing children with a new play experien

£3,500 New Opportunities Fund
17 Sep 2004 Strathpeffer Community Association Limited

This group from Strathpeffer run the community centre and provide a safe, comfortable and accesible facility for community groups to use for various activities. The grant will enable them to purchase and install keep fit equipment which will be available

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
4 May 2004 Highland Museum of Childhood

Highland Museum of Childhood, Strathpeffer: Expansion & Re-development

£23,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2003 Artlink Highland

This Group Organise A Range Of Events, Projects, Exhibitions And Workshops For People With Disabilities. The Grant Will Allow The Group To Organise A Multi Media Arts Project Bringing Children And Older People Together In Three Different Locations To Dis

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
3 Jun 2003 Caberfeidh Junior Shinty Club

This New Group Is Actively Involved In Promoting And Developing The Sport Of Shinty For Young People In This Rural Area. Grant Will Allow The Group To Establish A Shinty Team For Young People Encouraging Them To Particate In This Traditional Scottish Spo

£4,972 Sport Scotland
4 Apr 2002 Hielan' Toe Step Dance Group

This Group Provide Opportunities To Take Part In And Learn Traditional Scottish Step Dancing. The Grant Will Be Used To Fund 12 Weeks Fees And Travelling Expenses For Professional Tutors, Choreographers And Musicians, 12 Weeks Hall Rental For Workshops An

£3,175 Scottish Arts Council
4 Apr 2002 Artlink Highland

This Group Provide Help, Tuition, And Training In Order To Help Extend The Range Of Arts Activities In Which Disabled People Participate. The Grant Will Be Used To Fund 4 Artists Fees And Travel, Admin Fees And Costs, Materials, A Digital Camera, And Trav

£3,350 Scottish Arts Council
15 Mar 2002 The Scottish Historic Buildings Trust

Spa Pavilion, Strathpeffer

£979,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Jun 2001 Just for Kicks

This Group Provides Opportunities For People To Participate In Contemporary Dance On A Regular Basis. The Grant Will Be Used To Purchase Computer Equipment And Fund Training Costs, Dance Tuition, Administration And Publicity.

£4,968 Scottish Arts Council
11 Feb 2000 Just for Kicks

This group provides opportunities for local people to participate in dancing activities. The grant will be used to purchase portable compact discs, a cassette recorder, a video camcorder and a stand.

£1,170 Scottish Arts Council
14 Sep 1999 Alness Detachment Queen's Own Highlanders Army Cadet Force

This group provides growth and personal development opportunities for young people. The grant will be used to purchase compasses, tents, jackets and rucksacks.

£4,996 Community Fund
14 Sep 1999 Dornoch Detachment Queen's Own Highlanders Battalion ACF

This group provides growth and personal development opportunities for young people. The grant will be used to purchase equipment.

£2,098 Community Fund
12 Jul 1999 The 3 O'Clock Club

The project will establish quality childcare both after school and during school holidays, catering for children of primary school age in Dingwall. The grant will be used to fund the creation of 40 childcare places. Dingwall Primary School will be served.

£25,049 New Opportunities Fund
25 Jun 1999 Dingwall Toy Library

This group provides educational and play activities for children. The grant will be used to purchase play equipment, musical instruments and videos.

£500 Community Fund
17 Sep 1998 Strathpeffer and District Pipe Band Association

This group provides a pipe band for the entertainment of the public and promotes the skills of piping, drumming and associated activities. The grant will be used to fund chanters and drum harnesses.

£2,720 Scottish Arts Council
27 May 1998 Highland Council

Restoration of Strathpeffer Spa Gardens

£48,149 Sport Scotland
28 Apr 1998 Strathpeffer Under 5''s

This group provides pre-school education and play opportunities for children. The grant will be used to fund outings, training and equipment.

£3,550 Community Fund
28 Nov 1997 Highland Council

Strathpeffer Spa Gardens, Inverness

£447,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Mar 1997 Strathpeffer Spa Bowling Club

Upgrade of bowling green and clubhouse

£11,170 Sport Scotland