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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
26 Oct 2015 North East of North (NEoN)

Cateran's Common Wealth: Celebrating and Sustaining the things that belong to all of us

£49,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Jun 2015 Fanny Lam Christie

Aquacultural Encounters (Art: Science: Fish)

£3,000 Creative Scotland
6 May 2015 Forward Coupar Angus

Forward Coupar Angus

£8,500 Big Lottery Fund
4 May 2015 The Ericht Trust Ltd

The Ericht Trust Ltd

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Feb 2015 Glenshee Tourist Association

This project would pay for consultants who would undertake an options appraisal on potential ways to develop a possible site for a community and visitor hub for the Glenshee area which would include accommodation and hospitality facilities for visitors as well as heritage centre and a base for walkers .

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jan 2015 Newhill Primary School

This school will use the funding to purchase playground equipment.

£9,184 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jan 2015 Kettins Primary School

This project will allow the school to refurbish their playground.

£8,371 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jan 2015 St Stephens Primary School

This school will use the funding to provide playground equipment.

£8,642 Big Lottery Fund
11 Nov 2014 Special Treats Group

This group provide a range of recreational activities for people over the age of 55. This group will use the funding to establish themselves in their first premises, and provide a range of new services.

£7,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Oct 2014 Blairgowrie New Tennis Club

Blairgowrie New Tennis Club

£634 Big Lottery Fund
25 Sep 2014 Alyth 45th Perthshire Scout Group

The group will use the funding to allow two Scout Leaders to become qualified climbing and abseiling instructors.

£1,910 Big Lottery Fund
20 Aug 2014 Bookmark (Blairgowrie, Rattray & The Glens Book Festival)

The group will fund a consultant evaluation of their activities and organisation and construct a 3 year development plan focusing on local community consultations, organisational development, funding, and project sustainability.

£8,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jun 2014 Disability Snowsport Scotland

The group will provide a safe and enjoyable environment in which people of all abilities can participate in skiing. It will increase participation and accessibility to the sport by setting up a Glenshee Branch of Disability Snowsport Scotland.

£8,857 Sport Scotland
11 Jun 2014 Rattray Primary School

Rattray Primary School

£7,733 Sport Scotland
9 May 2014 Mountain Aid

As part of this project, Mountain Aid will host a mountain safety day. The event will be open to people of any age and background and aims to get more people involved in hill walking.

£2,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 May 2014 Blairgowrie Rams Rugby Football Club

Blairgowrie Rams Rugby Football Club

£2,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 Apr 2014 Blairgowrie New Tennis Club

New Courts

£100,000 Sport Scotland
22 Apr 2014 Blairgowrie High School

Blairgowrie High School, in Perth, will improve the quality and range of their extracurricular sports clubs with new and replacement sports equipment.

£5,752 Big Lottery Fund
3 Apr 2014 Forward Coupar Angus

Forward Coupar Angus

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2014 Burrelton & Woodside Village Hall

Burrelton & Woodside Village Hall

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Mar 2014 Blackwater Public Hall

This group will use the funding to upgrade their existing disabled toilets and shower room.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
21 Feb 2014 Blairgowrie Golf Club

Carsie Golf Range and Academy

£48,750 Sport Scotland
17 Feb 2014 Meigle SWRI

The group will use the grant to fund a number of social events and development workshops. These activities will be aimed at women in the local and surrounding communities.

£8,150 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jan 2014 Coupar Angus Primary School

This group will use the funding to improve their playground, to encourage creative play.

£8,683 Big Lottery Fund
16 Dec 2013 Coupar Angus Primary School

This project highlights the links between Coupar Angus and other Commonwealth Countries. It will include a series of activities, including sports taster sessions, activities exploring local history and talks from families who have moved to Scotland from o

£7,864 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Nov 2013 Coupar Angus Recreation Association

The group will engage the services of a consultant to undertake a feasibility study to examine the possibility of building a sports pavilion in Coupar Angus.

£8,870 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2013 Alyth Youth Partnership SCIO

The project will provide local young people with accredited qualifications in various outdoor activities.

£9,999 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jul 2013 Blairgowrie and East Perthshire Next Steps Walking Group

This group will use the grant to purchase safety equipment and undertake relevant training activities.

£8,300 Big Lottery Fund
2 May 2013 Dundee Guides Association

The association will purchase and install a 6 man wigwam on the grounds of Newbigging Outdoor Centre which is owned by the group.

£7,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Apr 2013 Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust

Glenshee Archaeology Project

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Apr 2013 Kirkmichael Straloch & Glenshee Church Of Scotland

The centre based in Perthshire will use the grant to engage an Architect to prepare details of the work needed for repair works to the Session House up to the tender stage.

£675 Big Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2013 Special Treats Group

This group will purchase a minibus to enable increased participation amongst its 130 elderly members in various activities run by the group.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Nov 2012 Humpty Dumpty Early Years Care

This group will assess children and families needs attending their facility. They will then develop a care plan for the six neediest children. This intensive care plan will support six children within 42 play sessions, running three times a week. Sessions

£1,512 Big Lottery Fund
1 Nov 2012 Blairgowrie High School

The school will deliver a cross-curricular and extra-curricular boat building project for S4 pupils. The grant will fund materials to build craft (16 coracles), skilled craft worker fees, kayak training, materials and visits to museums/universities for re

£3,300 Big Lottery Fund
29 Oct 2012 Mount Blair Community Development Trust

Mount Blair Community Archive Project

£22,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Oct 2012 Blairgowrie High School Former Pupils Ladies Hockey Club

The school will provide hockey taster sessions in a number of primary schools. The grant will fund coaching costs, junior goalkeeper kit, a Level 1 coaching course, a Sticks basic level course and venue hire.

£7,470 Sport Scotland
5 Sep 2012 Alyth Bowling and Tennis Club

The club will use the grant to replace the floodlights at their bowling green and tennis courts.

£7,000 Sport Scotland
19 Jun 2012 Coupar Angus Primary School

The project will upgrade its playground for the benefit of the pupils and local community and will purchase and install outdoor equipment, so as to offer more play opportunities for the children. The grant will fund a balance weaver plus, wobble walkway

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2012 Ruthven Parish Association

The association will transform the church building into a community centre available for local and community events. This grant will be used to pay for an external building audit, the removal of pulpit/pews/old heating system, levelling of the floor, floo

£6,990 Big Lottery Fund
27 Apr 2012 Burrelton Bowling and Tennis Club

The club based on Burrelton will deliver a bowling programme targeting 40 local children aged 8 to 11 years old. This grant will fund two sets of junior bowls, six sets of New Age bowls, coaching sessions, New Age bowls 'wedge' targets and two sets Taylor

£1,492 Big Lottery Fund
23 Dec 2011 Blairgowrie High School

The school will launch a new and improved extracurricular netball club, increasing participation in the sport. This project will target girls and will utilise the voluntary assistance of senior pupils. The grant will fund two sets of netball bits, three

£917 Big Lottery Fund
13 Dec 2011 Kirkmichael Village Hall Committee

The committee will used the grant to engage a consultant to carry out a feasibility study. The consultant will investigate the viability of building a new sports and social facility to replace the current village hall.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Aug 2011 Alyth Youth Partnership

The partnership will organise six day long residential workshops for 10-15 year olds. The grant will fund hall hire for residential workshops, food, activities at residential workshops, fuel costs, hall hire for six music events, volunteer expenses, a dig

£8,050 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2011 Blairgowrie Players

This group will investigate costs related to the establishment of a multi functional dedicated arts space. The grant will fund a community consultation, architects fees, quantity surveyor fees, market assessment, office rental, business plan, feasibility

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2011 Kinloch Memorial Hall

The group will construct an extension to the village hall, install a womens and a disabled toilet, upgrade the existing gents toilet and build a disabled access ramp and car parking space. The grant will fund a contribution towards building, plumbing, jo

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Aug 2010 Alyth Bowling and Tennis Club

Upgrade of two concrete courts to two macadam courts

£30,192 Sport Scotland
30 Jul 2010 Burrelton Primary School

This school will improve its facilities by setting out five different playground markings for the benefit of its pupils and other members of the local community. The grant will pay for playground markings.

£1,649 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2010 Glenshee Tourist Association

The association will produce then distribute a walking and cycling guide covering routes in the local area. The project will encourage tourism and provide opportunities for volunteering. This grant will fund workshop costs, writer costs, mapping costs, de

£6,200 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2010 Glendelvine Parent Council

The parent council will purchase an adventure trail for the benefit of pupils and children living in Caputh, Perthshire. The project will enable the beneficiaries to participate in a range of physical activities. The grant will fund a spider frame, a trav

£9,960 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2010 The Caterans

This group will organise a series of regular country walks around the Strathmore area for people living with mental health issues. The grant will be used to pay for first aid kits, walking poles, a 5 day walk (accommodation, breakfast and transport), and

£3,260 Big Lottery Fund
11 Dec 2009 Kirkmichael Primary School

This school will organise after school multi-sport sessions for all pupils and a three day skiing course for pupils in primary 4 and 5. The grant will contribute to the cost of coaching fees, equipment and a three day skiing course.

£800 Big Lottery Fund
30 Nov 2009 Blairgowrie and Rattray Regeneration Company Limited

This companies idea is to design and install a website for the community to better inform local residents of the regeneration of the town. The grant will be used to pay for website strategy, website architecture, website build management, website copy, we

£4,380 Big Lottery Fund
13 Nov 2009 Blackwater Public Hall

The group will use the grant to replace the roof on its hall. This will improve the facility for the benefit of all the community groups that use it.

£8,300 Big Lottery Fund
3 Sep 2009 Blairgowrie Riding for the Disabled

This group will upgrade existing provisions for the housing of horses and build a permanent fence for the purpose of grazing rotation. The grant will fund alterations to existing buildings and provision of internal field fencing for grazing rotation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jul 2009 Blairgowrie and East Perthshire Next Steps Walking Group

This group provide a range of walking activities for all abilities. They will update equipment and training for their Wild Camping activities. This grant will be used to pay for camping equipment, emergency shelters, first aid kits, sessional fees for cam

£7,550 Big Lottery Fund
31 May 2009 Rattray Primary School Parent Forum

This group will organise a range of educational health promoting activities for pupils and parents. The money is for administration assistant fees, tutors/activity Leader fees, a minibus driver, arts and crafts resources.

£1,700 Big Lottery Fund
30 Apr 2009 The Spectrum Club Scotland

This club will organise a series of recreational activities for young people with Asperger Syndrome and higher functioning autism. The money is for bowling, quad biking, computer gaming, go-karting, arts and crafts.

£975 Big Lottery Fund
30 Apr 2009 Blairgowrie Rams Rugby Football Club

This group will improve both its club and training facilities in the Blairgowrie area. This grant will be used to pay for a shower for girls, tackle bags, shields, floodlights, power connection for floodlights, training kits, flags and mouth guards.

£5,000 Sport Scotland
23 Apr 2009 Perth and Kinross Council - Cultural and Community Services

This group will work with the National Youth Choir of Scotland to encourage 1,075 Primary 6 & 7 boys to sing and join school choirs. The council will offer outreach work to 73 primary schools in Perth and Kinross, culminating in a one-day singing event at

£3,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Apr 2009 YWCA Coupar Angus

This group aim to support and encourage young people in the local area, through physical activities, the arts and other personal development activities. They wish to host taster sessions of sport for their female members. The grant will be used to pay fo

£980 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2008 Coupar Angus & District Heritage Association

The group protect the heritage and traditions of Coupar Angus and educate the public of the local history of the area. The award will be used to take down metal gates, remove capping stones, pay for a new paved entrance and to rebuild the gates.

£7,238 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2008 Blairgowrie and East Perthshire Tourist Association

This group provide tourist services in the area of Blairgowrie in East Perthshire. The grant will pay for the content, design, production and distribution of an information booklet and four information fact sheets.

£6,951 Big Lottery Fund
31 Dec 2007 Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Council

This group holds open meetings to discuss current issues involving planning, environmental and other issues relevant to the community of Blairgowrie and Rattray. The award will pay for a laptop, a printer, software, and printing costs.

£1,758 Big Lottery Fund
24 Oct 2007 Blackwater Public Hall

This group manage and maintain the community hall for the benefit of the local community. The grant will provide tables, chairs, a kitchen canopy and filter, a cooker, worktops and cupboards.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Oct 2007 Blairgowrie and East Perthshire Next Steps Walking Group

This new group promote walking activities in East Perthshire. Funding will be used for volunteer expenses, sessional workers and advertising costs.

£7,750 Big Lottery Fund
6 Aug 2007 Glenshee Performance Squad Association

The group provide snow sports coaching programmes. The grant will fund timing equipment, safety fencing & poles, safety padding for race courses, UHF radios and radio storage box.

£9,050 Sport Scotland
23 Jul 2007 Rattray Hall

Rattray Hall provides a community venue. The funding will pay for the re-decoration of the kitchen area, a new disabled toilet and a portable ramp.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
12 Jul 2007 Clunie Hall Association

This group provides a hall for local activities including public meetings, dance concerts and private functions. The grant will fund a new roof.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jan 2007 Rossie Priory Cricket Club

This group provides opportunities for the community to participate in the sport of cricket. bowling machine, automatic feeder, practice balls and battery.

£2,223 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jan 2007 Alyth & District Pipe Band

This new group gives its members thefacilities and opportunities to participate in a pipe band. drum harnesses, hats and badges, jackets and waistcoats, capes, pipe chanters, sporans, belts and flashes, practice pipes, bass, tenor drum sticks, pipe bag co

£9,375 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2007 The Blairgowrie Merchant's Association

The Blairgowrie Merchant's Association is to identify and address the various factors which have contributed towards the decline of local business, employment and tourism in Blairgowrie. The grant will fund a consultation, expenses and an action plan.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jan 2007 The Raptor World Centre

The Raptor World Centre's idea is to develop a comprehensive training/support service for people with learning disabilities or mental health concerns to be provided with employment. The grant will fund research, staff training and professional advice.

£689 Big Lottery Fund
28 Nov 2006 YWCA Coupar Angus

Young Roots Project

£23,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Oct 2006 Start (Strathmore Arts Festival)

This group aim to raise the profile and accessibility of the arts and cultural activities to the rural community. admin, publicity, venue hire, materials, artist fees & travel, central event, environmental installation and insurance.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 Oct 2006 Dundee Instrumental Band (St. Margaret's)

This group aims to provide brass band training, instruments and music. band jackets and new music scores.

£1,877 Big Lottery Fund
27 Oct 2006 Strathmore Centre for Youth Dialogue

This project will work with local young people to prepare them to take part in the decision making process in their area and to ensure that service providers deliver advice and information services in the Strath rather than forcing young people to travel

£67,201 Big Lottery Fund
15 Sep 2006 Community Woodlands Association

towards the cost of a performance by the puppet show for the local community and a workshop involving the Woodland Orchestra

£770 Scottish Arts Council
18 Aug 2006 Relax

This group offer keep-fit classes for the local community and provide creche facilities during the classes. The grant is for sessional instructors and creche facilities.

£2,000 New Opportunities Fund
14 Aug 2006 Blairgowrie Lyric Choir

This Group Provides Opportunities For The Local Community To Participate In The Choral Singing. The Money Is For Sheet Music.

£500 Scottish Arts Council
12 Jul 2006 Blairgowrie Ski Club

This Group Provides Low Cost Ski Lessons For Children In A Rural Area. The Grant Is For Snowboards, Boots And Helmets.

£5,000 Sport Scotland
26 May 2006 YWCA of Great Britain,Coupar Angus YWCA

This group provide advice, support, a drop-in service and facilities for young women. The grant is for project and youth worker fees, centre manager costs, materials, equipment, admin and volunteer costs.

£5,000 Community Fund
3 Apr 2006 Take a Pride in Meigle

This group improve the appearance and environment of Meigle by encouraging community involvement, including youth participation. The grant is for 2 transportable water bowsers, training, volunteer expenses, electrical uplighting fittings and on site water

£5,000 Community Fund
10 Jan 2006 Heroes Return Award to an individual

A Second World War Veteran from Sweden has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to India in March 2006 Travel costs for a commemorative visit to India

£1,200 New Opportunities Fund
9 Dec 2005 Hope Park Trust-Smith Bequest

This group provide and maintain accommodation and care for older people and dementia sufferers. The grant is for sensory garden seating and furniture.

£5,000 Community Fund
9 Dec 2005 Special Treats Group

This group provide social and recreational activities for older people. The grant is for outings and a weekend break.

£4,000 New Opportunities Fund
7 Oct 2005 Meigle Community Trust

This group encourages social and educational activities within the community. The grant is for tables and feasibility study.

£2,546 Community Fund
9 Sep 2005 Blackwater Public Hall

This group maintain and upgrade the local community hall and it's facilities for the benefit of the community as a whole. The grant is for renew water supply, clean pond, relay pipes and water tank, re-instate gardens of the Hall and replace planting.

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
9 Sep 2005 Carsie Playpark Initiative

This group aims to improve the childrens play facilities in the local area. The grant is for 2 swings, rubber tiles, tar path and wooden edging.

£1,500 New Opportunities Fund
5 Aug 2005 Glens Out of School Club

This new group provides a safe and stimulating environment for children during out of school hours. The grant is for transport costs, staffing costs and outdoor play equipment.

£870 New Opportunities Fund
5 Aug 2005 Coupar Angus Regeneration Trust

The trust works to regenerate both rural and urban areas in Coupar Angus. The grant is for pC and laptop, printer, scanner, photocopier, software packages, consultancy and configuration fees, connections and consumables, battery and memory stick, modem, U

£4,890 New Opportunities Fund
5 Aug 2005 Blairgowrie and East Perthshire Next Steps Walking Group

The group organise regular walking activities. The grant is for volunteer training and travelling expenses, safety equipment, maps, and marketing.

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
5 Aug 2005 Scottish Endurance Riding Club Champ

This Group Promotes And Encourages Endurance Riding As A Sport And Recreational Activity. The Grant Is For Contribution Towards The Scottish Championships To Be Held On The 13th And 14th August 2005.

£3,000 Sport Scotland
11 Jul 2005 Blairgowrie Players

The Blairgowrie Players will use their award to put on a play entitled 'Whisky Galore' depicting life in the Outer Hebrides during WW2, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of WW2. The group will also carry out a parade and exhibition of wartime memora

£5,500 New Opportunities Fund
22 Jun 2005 Royal British Legion Alyth Branch

The Alyth Branch of the Royal British Legion have been awarded a grant to hold several activities to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. A church service and parade will be followed by a military wartime display in the Tow

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
27 May 2005 YWCA of Great Britain,Coupar Angus YWCA

This group provide advice, support, a drop-in service and facilities for young women. The grant will allow the group to research the possibility of developing new services, therefore increasing their provision. The grant will pay for a development worke

£3,880 Community Fund
10 May 2005 Blairgowrie, Rattray and District Local History Trust

This Group Collects And Preserves Items Of Historical Significance To Blairgowrie, Rattray And Surrounding Areas. The Grant Will Enable The Group To Produce A Social History Book Which Will Ensure That Valuable Historical Information Is Not Lost And Will

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 May 2005 Special Treats Group

Special Treats Group in Perth and Kinross have been awarded a grant to enable them to host an event to commemorate 60 years since World War Two ended. This will include a trip to Balhousie Castle followed by high tea, and the evening will conclude with a

£1,000 New Opportunities Fund
25 Feb 2005 Alyth Parish Church

Repair of Pipe Organ

£13,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2005 The Duke of Edinburgh's Award East Perthshire Support Group

This group promotes the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for the benefit of local young people. The grant will allow the group to purchase a range of outdoor pursuits equipment, providing young people with the opportunity to participate in Duke of Edinburgh exp

£5,000 Community Fund
23 Feb 2005 Burrelton Primary School

This group provide primary school education. The grant will allow the group to allow children to borrow books from their newly refurbished library. The grant will cover the cost of a library borrowing facility computer package.

£899 New Opportunities Fund