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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
23 Jun 2014 Tweedsmuir Community Company

Tweedsmuir Community Company

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2014 Skirling Reading Room & Recreation Club

The Club are updating Skirling Village Hall, which is the only community building in Skirling. The grant will be used to upgrade the kitchen facilities in order to improve hygiene standards and improve overall warmth and comfort of the kitchen space.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Oct 2012 Tweedsmuir Community Company

This group will employ consultants to carry out a needs analysis through community consultation to update an existing feasibility study. The project aims to establish the needs of the community for the future development of the Crook Inn, an historic 17th

£9,970 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jul 2012 Upper Tweed Railway Paths

The group will use the grant to undertake a feasibility study into the creation of a 36km multiuse path between Peebles and Symington, Broughton and Tweedsmuir. The grant will pay for consultant costs.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2011 Broughton Tennis Club

Upgrade of existing bitmac courts

£17,830 Sport Scotland
23 May 2011 Tweedsmuir Community Company

This group will purchase staging equipment which will be used to hold an annual music festival the group plan to initiate for the benefit of the local population. This grant will fund a portable covered stage, outdoor seating and a PA system.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 May 2011 Broughton and District Bowling Club

The club will offer lawn bowling coaching to local people wishing to try the sport. This grant will fund four sets of junior bowls, four sets of adult bowls, four pairs of flip flop over shoes (juniors), four pairs of flip flop over shoes (adults), six ri

£1,611 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jul 2010 Biggar Rugby Football Club

The club will provide taster sessions in rugby for young people from across the region. This grant will be used to pay for a variety of rugby equipment and the production of promotional materials.

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2010 RHET Scottish Borders Countryside Initiative

The initiative will purchase a range of resources for use at agricultural shows and school events. The resources will help increase local children's understanding of rural matters and farming. This grant will fund an A3 laminator, a portable TV/DVD player

£2,215 Big Lottery Fund
30 Apr 2009 Peebles Cycling Club

This club will purchase equipment and conduct training to provide a larger pool of qualified leaders and improve event organisation. This grant will be used to pay for an electronic timing system, gilets, trail cycle leaders training, a safeguarding child

£9,250 Sport Scotland
9 Sep 2008 Broughton Primary School

The group offer young children the opportunity to participate in educational activities. The grant will be used to pay for a climbing wall and a safety/installation/training package.

£9,756 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jul 2008 Tweedsmuir Community Company

The group intend to purchase an inn/hotel known in the village of Tweedsmuir in order to run the business as a community asset. The grant will be used to pay for a business plan and feasibility study.

£9,106 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2008 Couple Counselling Lothian

This group provide a counselling service for couples experiencing difficulties with their relationship as well as families and children of affected couples. The grant will be used to purchase a glass door insert, carpet, furniture, screens, curtains and d

£4,101 Big Lottery Fund
31 Dec 2007 Broughton Mother and Toddler Group

The group provide play activities for children aged 0-3 years of age. The grant will provide tables, chairs, a bookrack, bean cushions, aprons, arts and craft supplies, toys, music lessons, hire of bouncy castle and outing costs.

£1,292 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jul 2007 Broughton Scottish Country Dance Club

Broughton Scottish Country Dance Club provide recreational opportunities through the provision of Scottish Country dancing. Funding will pay for a specialised CD player and compact discs.

£963 Scottish Arts Council
26 Jan 2007 Broughton Hobbies Club

This Group Promote And Encourage A Range Of Hobby Activities. Storage Shed, Storage Boxes, Hire Of Premises, Insurance, Stationery Supplies And A Range Of Craft Materials.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
3 May 2005 Broughton Central Primary School

Broughton Central Primary School will use their award to allow veterans to meet with the pupils of the school and share their experiences which will be published. The school will also undertake a trip to the Peebles Museum to visit a Home Front exhibitio

£1,060 New Opportunities Fund
6 Dec 2004 Broughton Village Hall

This group provides a public hall facility for the benefit of the local community and beyond. Grant will allow the group to improve safety, traffic management and access to their community hall facility benefiting the whole community particularly childre

£4,500 New Opportunities Fund
31 Mar 2004 Upper Tweed Film Club

This Group Promote The Study And Appreciation Of Films. The

£3,780 Scottish Arts Council
25 Aug 2003 The Biggar Music Club

This Group Organise A Series Of Chamber Concerts And Recitals Each Year. The Grant Will Allow The Group To Create Their Own Website, Enabling Them To Enhance Their Profile And Encourage More People To Experience And Enjoy Chamber Music. The Grant Will B

£900 Scottish Arts Council
3 Mar 2003 Couple Counselling Borders

This group from Broughton provides counselling to couples experiencing marriage and other personal relationship problems. Grant will allow the group to set up a library facility enabling them provide training and practical support for volunteer counsello

£2,525 Community Fund
4 Feb 2003 Broughton Choral Society

This Group Provide Opportunities For People To Participate In Choral Singing. The Grant Will Allow The Group To Purchase A Portable Stage, Improving The Quality Of Their Concerts And Encouraging More People To Enjoy Choral Music. The Grant Will Be Used

£3,503 Scottish Arts Council
2 Oct 2002 Biggar Camera Club

This Group Provide Opportunities For People To Learn And Develop Their Photographic Skills. The Grant Will Be Used To Purchase Photographic Equipment.

£1,029 Scottish Arts Council
22 Feb 2001 Cross Country Theatre Co LTD

This Recently Established Group Wish To Perform Various Plays Throughout The Area Which Have Been Written By Local Playwrights. The Grant Will Be Used To Fund Production Costs, Marketing, Publicity, Administration And Travel Costs.

£4,720 Scottish Arts Council
28 Nov 2000 Broughton Choral Society

This group provides a focus for recreation and education in the art and practice of choral singing. The grant will be used to fund coaching costs and the hire of music.

£530 Scottish Arts Council
23 Mar 2000 Broughton Village Hall

This project will provide a wide range of alterations and improvements to a well used local village hall, ensuring better and safer access. This one year grant will part fund building construction and refurbishment costs, and professional fees.

£63,884 Community Fund
3 Mar 2000 The Session Clerk, Tweedsmuir Parish Church

Tweedsmuir Parish Church (Church of Scotland)

£103,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Sep 1999 Broughton Choral Society

This group provides a focus for recreation and education in the art and practice of choral singing. The grant will be used to purchase 80 Carols for Choirs music books.

£588 Scottish Arts Council
23 Aug 1995 Biggar Theatre Workshop

Towards the cost of a feasibility study into major upgrading of Biggar Corn Exchange to provide fully equipped, accessible theatre

£4,500 Scottish Arts Council