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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
24 Jul 2017 Live Borders

Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards

£10,000 Creative Scotland
26 Apr 2017 YES Arts Festival

YES Arts Festival 2017

£29,377 Creative Scotland
15 Mar 2017 Live Borders

Borders ? Where People, Place and Myth Meet

£31,000 Creative Scotland
10 Feb 2017 Selkirk Regeneration Company

Selkirk Regeneration Company

£2,580 Big Lottery Fund
24 Nov 2016 Riddell Fiddles

Riddell Fiddles

£1,985 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jul 2016 Selkirk Rugby Football Club

This group will use the funding to improve their widely used community gym and attract new members through the purchase of new equipment.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
30 May 2016 Live Borders

Visual Arts and Craft Awards 16-17

£10,000 Creative Scotland
28 Apr 2016 Ashkirk Village Hall

This group will use the funding to purchase a projector, a screen and assorted equipment in order to improve the facilities of their hall.

£3,270 Big Lottery Fund
25 Feb 2016 Live Borders

Borders LIVE Touring

£20,000 Creative Scotland
30 Oct 2015 The Studio on the Green

The Studio on the Green

£3,002 Big Lottery Fund
30 Oct 2015 The Studio on the Green

This group will use the funding to replace the heating system in their studio.

£3,002 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2015 Michael James Hunter

International Demonstration at Tacoma Museum of Glass.

£2,000 Creative Scotland
9 Apr 2015 Selkirk RFC

Changinmg Room Extension CSF Award

£37,500 Sport Scotland
1 Apr 2015 Scottish Borders Council

Selkirk 2G Facility

£250,000 Sport Scotland
16 Mar 2015 Scottish Borders Council

Support for individuals and local area

£10,000 Creative Scotland
18 Dec 2014 Eildon Housing Association Ltd.

This group will use the funding for two cookery courses for tenants in one of their sheltered housing developments.

£9,000 Big Lottery Fund
18 Aug 2014 Selkirk High School

This project will provide a trip to London, stage production and IT equipment to support the delivery of a community fashion show. Participating 5th and 6th year pupils will learn about all aspects of fashion design, sewing and stage production through the project.

£7,323 Big Lottery Fund
5 Aug 2014 Rowland's (Selkirk)

Rowland's (Selkirk)

£9,943 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jun 2014 Kirkhope Parish Hall Committee

The group to refurbish their roof in order to improve the community facility.

£8,724 Big Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2014 Selkirk Tennis Club

This project will allow Selkirk Tennis Club to resurface one of the tennis courts in order to make it suitable for playing.

£10,000 Sport Scotland
26 Mar 2014 Selkirk Football Club

Selkirk Football Club

£2,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Mar 2014 Riddell Fiddles

Riddell Fiddles will take its musicians on a tour of performances around the remote towns of the Scottish Borders and the surrounding areas.

£4,900 Big Lottery Fund
25 Nov 2013 Riddell Fiddles

The Cranston Fiddle

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Apr 2013 Selkirk Chamber of Trade and Commerce

This group aim to attract shoppers and visitors to Selkirk Town Centre by offering local groups/businesses the use of vacant retail units. The project aims to arrest the trend in increasing numbers of empty town centre shops. This grant will fund signage,

£2,890 Big Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2013 Selkirk Playpark Project

This group will upgrade a currently underused and poor quality play park site within Selkirk. The land is a Common Good asset, which has now been bequeathed to the community. The group will work in partnership with Scottish Borders Council, local business

£250,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2013 Philiphaugh Community School

This grant is for development funding so that the project can be progressed to apply for Second Stage funding.

£5,319 Big Lottery Fund
25 Feb 2013 The Haining Charitable Trust

Selkirk Castle community archaeology project

£17,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2013 The Southern Uplands Partnership

The group, based in Galashiels, will engage a consultant to carry out feasibility studies examining various ideas that have come from a community consultation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 Dec 2012 Selkirk Regeneration Company

This group will assess the feasibility of holding a bi-annual arts festival in the town by recruiting a suitably qualified sessional worker. The worker will assist the group in undertaking awareness-raising session, community engagement activities and att

£9,955 Big Lottery Fund
6 Dec 2012 The Scott's Selkirk Association

This group will upgrade the existing market stalls available as part of the Weekend Festival of Activities. The award will fund 20 pop up market stalls.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Nov 2012 Selkirk Christmas Illuminations Group

This group will update the lights and systems used during the Christmas festivities programme. The grant will fund 20 digital time switches, 2 key locks, various motifs for existing brackets and 3 energy efficient transverse lights.

£8,909 Big Lottery Fund
1 Nov 2012 Ruffled Feathers

This group will deliver a series of workshops with school pupils outwith school hours, youth groups and disabled young people to produce a series pop up theatres in empty shop windows in the high street during April 2013. The award will fund workshop fee

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
4 Sep 2012 Border Samaritans

This group will use the grant to purchase and install a CCTV system to ensure the safety of visitors and volunteers at the office.

£1,918 Big Lottery Fund
3 Aug 2012 SBHA Plus Limited

The project will develop the independent living skills of care leavers in supported accommodation and other young care leavers who live in the community. Four self contained flats will be used to provide the supported accommodation, this will include a se

£347,036 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jul 2012 The Southern Uplands Partnership

The group will hold 3 one day awareness raising events across the South of Scotland to highlight the options open to more rural communities to enable them to get connected to information networks. The grant will fund venue hire, transport costs, speakers

£8,500 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2012 Selkirk Rugby Football Club

The club will purchase a variety of kitchen equipment in order to establish a tearoom within their sports hub facilities. The project will provide an improved facility and social meeting place for local sports groups and the wider community. The grant wil

£4,950 Big Lottery Fund
16 May 2012 Rowland's (Selkirk)

This gorup will improve the storage at their drop in youth centre and replace the original shop windows with safety glass. The grant will fund storage units, a worktop and installation of laminated safety glass windows.

£9,759 Big Lottery Fund
24 Feb 2012 Selkirk Playpark Project

This group received development funding for a project that would upgrade a currently underused and poor quality play park site within Selkirk.

£10,182 Big Lottery Fund
14 Dec 2011 Sheila Sapkota

Towards the cost of tutoring from Amy Geddes who is a well known tutor performer & group facilitator.

£6,696 Creative Scotland
13 Dec 2011 Knowepark Primary School

The school will use the grant to purchase a range of cycling accessories. This will be used by pupils in Bikeability training and to encourage more pupils to cycle to school. This grant will pay for 6 Multi Parker bike stands, 20 helmets, 20 high visibili

£2,575 Big Lottery Fund
15 Nov 2011 Midlem Village Hall

The committee will install photo voltaic panels on the roof of Midlem Village Hall. The project will provide a source of affordable, renewable energy for users of the hall and will reduce the village's carbon footprint. The grant will part fund the provis

£9,500 Big Lottery Fund
20 Sep 2011 Scottish Borders Council - Education and Lifelong Learning

This project will offer a series of film making workshops to local young people. The grant will fund film maker's fees.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2011 Selkirk Rugby Football Club

The club will use the grant to provide a range of weight lifting and fitness equipment for their new training pavilion.

£5,000 Sport Scotland
23 May 2011 Selkirk Regeneration Company

This company will carry out a community consultation process on proposals for a community wind energy project on Selkirk's common good land. It will hold meetings and events and carry out a ballot amongst local community members, to determine support for

£9,521 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2011 Argus Playgroup

The playgroup will purchase materials to encourage children attending the group to take an interest in reading. The grant will fund cushions, a bookcase, trolleys, books, storytelling materials and promotion costs.

£837 Big Lottery Fund
31 Dec 2010 Selkirk Rugby Football Club

The project will pay for the construction of a synthetic pitch with lighting. The pitch would provide more sports services for more people in the area of Selkirk by providing additional playing space and longer hours of use.

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Nov 2010 Riddell Fiddles

This Selkirk based group will introduce a programme of certified music grade teaching for members and other interested individuals throughout the Scottish Borders. This grant will fund tutor costs, teaching materials, hall hire, stationery, website costs,

£4,860 Scottish Arts Council
12 Oct 2010 Selkirk Silver Band

The band will develop its junior section by establishing a learners group. This will enable more young people in Selkirk and the surrounding areas to join the band and play music. The grant will fund eight cornets, four tenor horns and two baritones.

£3,900 Scottish Arts Council
12 Oct 2010 Midlem Village Hall Committee

This group will install new stage lighting to improve the performance facilities at the hall for the benefit of the whole community. This grant will fund the supply and installation of stage lights.

£1,015 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jul 2010 Fresh Start Borders

This group provide Starter Packs (new or used household items) to help people who are previously homeless and are about to take up a new tenancy. The grant is for two direct heating units, additional shelving, tables and chairs, PC, software & printer, lo

£7,230 Big Lottery Fund
18 May 2010 Bogies Close Stompers Skiffle Band

Bogies Close Stompers Skiffle Band will organise a tour of different villages and local festivals around the Scottish Borders. The group will also be able develop as a band, by purchasing a sound system and more instruments and create a website. The gran

£7,261 Scottish Arts Council
18 May 2010 Scottish Borders Triathletes

Scottish Borders Triathletes run open training sessions all year long and organise off-road triathlon event every year. This project is for their 2010 British Off-road Triathlon championships. The grant will fund post-event equipment hire, race equipment

£3,800 Sport Scotland
25 Feb 2010 Scottish Borders Housing Association

This group will run a pilot programme in cooking, called You Can Cook, for vulnerable young people. This grant will pay for the sessional fees for community cooks.

£2,800 Big Lottery Fund
25 Feb 2010 Bannerfield Horticultural and Allotment Association

This group will clear an overgrown site and establish allotment plots for use by the wider community. This grant will help pay for a perimeter fence, shed and pathway edging.

£9,949 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jan 2010 Selkirk Scout Group

This group will make improvements to their scout hall, as a continuation of refurbishment works which have recently taken place. The grant will be used to purchase and fit a new kitchen, fridge, cooker, plumbing, electrical work, roof insulation, painting

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Nov 2009 Selkirk Bowling Club

The club will lift and re-level their bowling green making it safer and more accessible. This grant will fund green improvements including lifting existing turf, surface re-levelling and re-laying turf.

£4,054 Sport Scotland
13 Nov 2009 Selkirk Dry Bar Association

The association will upgrade the Rowland's Youth Centre, for health and safety purposes and to meet growing demand. The grant will fund a stairlift, two laptops, software, multi media IT equipment, kitchen equipment, cleaning equipment, health and safety

£7,021 Big Lottery Fund
7 Apr 2009 Eildon Enterprise Ltd

This project will support new migrants, principally from Eastern Europe, who have chosen to live and work in the Borders. A volunteer coordinator will support local people and more established migrants to act as mentors assisting new migrants to develop

£78,760 Big Lottery Fund
1 Apr 2009 Buccleuch Heritage Trust

Towards the cost of programming performances and workshops in Bowhill

£3,000 Scottish Arts Council
27 Mar 2009 Kirkhope Primary School

The group will provide more active play opportunities for children attending the primary school. The grant is for a running track, chessboard, rocket hopscotch, alpha squares, welcome sign and play run.

£2,553 Big Lottery Fund
27 Feb 2009 Selkirk Hill Management Group

This project aims to renovate a local historic fresh water well to help preserve the popular historic site and improve the overall appearance of the local environment for the benefit of visiters and the wider community. The grant will fund refurbishments

£3,313 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Feb 2009 Ettrick Forest Archers

The Ettrick Forest Archers promote the traditional art of longbow archery, reviving an ancient Borders tradition. They wish to purchase new equipment in order to increase membership and group capacity. This grant will fund two longbows, two layered foam

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Sep 2008 The Plattling Twinning Group

This group promote social and cultural interaction between Bavaria and the Scottish Borders. The grant will fund venue hire, transport costs, leaflets and publicity costs.

£4,240 Big Lottery Fund
9 Sep 2008 Midlem Village Hall Committee

This group maintain a village hall for the community. The grant will be used to resurface the car park and repair the approach road.

£4,453 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jun 2008 Riddell Ceilidh Band

This new group provide opportunities for people to learn and develop ceilidh music skills as well as learning and participating in traditional dance. The grant will provide for a ceilidh and stepdance tutor, and a guitar and fiddle tutor.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
15 Feb 2008 Buccleuch Heritage Trust

Towards the cost of bringing high quality performances and workshops to Bowhill and its primary rural catchment

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
31 Dec 2007 Yarrow Events Trust

This new group organise, support and promote, amateur and professional cultural activities throughout the local area.The grant will be ued to buy a towable box trailer

£3,330 Big Lottery Fund
6 Aug 2007 The Three Brethren U3A

This group provide a range of educational opportunities for older people. The grant will fund material for tables, 8 music stands, matchboard for tabletops, a 2 octave set of bellplates and music.

£909 Scottish Arts Council
6 Aug 2007 Lilliesleaf Primary School

This group provide primary school education to local children. The grant will pay for a chess board and pieces, football and basketball goals, line markings for rocket hopscotch, welcome sign, square maze and circular maze, play circuit, buddy base, netba

£9,958 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2007 Scottish Borders Council

Towards the cost of hiring 'green' by design-ED a touring exhibition in conjunction with Collins Gallery and educational workshops

£1,067 Scottish Arts Council
2 Apr 2007 Scottish Borders Community Orchestra

This group provide players of all ages with the opportunity to play music. The grant will fund workshops, stage 3 chamber concerts, bass flute, advertising and printing costs.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
2 Apr 2007 Selkirk Regeneration Group

This new group provide recreational and educational facilities to the community of Selkirk. The grant will be used to purchase longbows, arrows, bracers, bosses, tabs, target faces, tripods, stringers and fletching jig.

£1,721 Big Lottery Fund
11 Dec 2006 Knowepark Primary School

This school provides educational and recreation activities for children in the local area. playground markings.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jul 2006 St Joseph's Parent Teacher Association

This group supports the needs of pupils, parents, the community and the staff of St Joseph's Primary School. The grant is for playground markings.

£3,475 New Opportunities Fund
31 Mar 2006 St. Mary's Hall, Cappercleuch

This group maintain the local hall and provide facilities and activities for the rural community. The grant is for contribution to plumbing works, extension and ramp.

£5,000 Community Fund
31 Mar 2006 Selkirk Football Club

This Group Provides Members The Opportunity To Train And Participate In The Sport Of Football. The Grant Is For Contribution Towards The Extension Of The Clubroom To Accommodate Players, Officials, Junior Players And Parents.

£5,000 Sport Scotland
31 Mar 2006 Selkirk Tennis Club

This Group Provides Members With The Opportunity To Train And Participate In The Sport Of Tennis. The Grant Is For Contribution Towards A Tennis Ball Machine, Extension Cable And Circuit Breaker.

£500 Sport Scotland
4 Nov 2005 Rowan Tree Theatre Company

This Group Produce Theatrical Performances Which They Tour Across Southern Scotland. The Grant Is For Professional Fees, Costumes And Sets, Contribution Towards Lighting Hire And Rehearsal Space.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
4 Nov 2005 Ettrick Forest Bowling Club

This Group Provides The Opportunities And Facilities For Members To Participate In The Sport Of Bowling. The Grant Is For Contribution Towards Renewal Of Playing Green Banking.

£5,000 Sport Scotland
26 Oct 2005 Yarrowford Hall Association

The project will refurbish an existing village hall within the community of Yarrowford in the Scottish Borders. The facility will be used to provide a range of services for 250 rurally isolated individuals, including advice surgeries, activities for older

£37,000 Community Fund
10 Oct 2005 Argus Playgroup

The 'Outdoor Fun' Project Will Transform A Small Derelict Area Of Rough Uneven Tarmac Into A Safe, Fenced, Stimulating Outdoor Play Area Adjacent To The Argus Centre For The Use Of The Playgroup Children (Aged 2 - 4 Years) And Other Groups. It Will Featur

£21,874 Big Lottery Fund
7 Oct 2005 The Scott's Selkirk Association

This group organises, promotes and co-ordinates an historical fair to celebrate the history and culture of Sir Walter Scott's Selkirk. The grant is for staging.

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
9 Sep 2005 Ashkirk Village Hall Committee

This group runs the village hall for the good of the community. The grant is for building and labour costs.

£500 Community Fund
5 Aug 2005 Yarrow Events Trust

This New Group Organise, Support And Promote, Amateur And Professional Cultural Activities Throughout The Local Area. The Grant Is For Venue Hire, Lighting Costs, Transport, Artist Fees, Publicity/Marketing.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
8 Jun 2005 Selkirk Retired Peoples Club

This group will use their award for two educational visits to museums. The museums they will be visiting are the War Museum in Eyemouth and Museum of flight in East Fortune.

£800 New Opportunities Fund
10 May 2005 Ettrick and Yarrow Playgroup

This group provides playgroup facilities and play opportunities for young children. The grant is for baby toys, climbing frame, trampoline, booster seats, potty, aprons, parachute, stepping stones, activity chest, table covers, storage boxes & lids, safet

£1,200 New Opportunities Fund
15 Mar 2005 Southern Upland Suite Trust

towards the cost of commissioning a suite of music by Tom Roseburgh to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Southern Upland Way

£1,500 Scottish Arts Council
23 Feb 2005 Yarrowford Hall Association

This group from Yarrowford provides a public hall facility for the benefit of the local community. Grant will allow the group to insulate their public hall facility, enabling them to improve their efficiency and the service they offer in the local commun

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
6 Dec 2004 Royal Burgh of Selkirk and District Community Council

The Group Promote The Well Being Of The Community Coordinating Activities In The Area And Liasing With Local Government. The Grant Will Help Towards The Costs Of A Music Festival, Such As Advertising And Stage Hire. This Will Benefit Members Of The Loca

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
16 Nov 2004 J. B Selkirk Centenary Group

Group Intends To Bring Interest Back To The Poet J B Selkirk For The Centenary Of His Death. All Other Proceeds From This Will Be Put Back Into Local Charities, In Order To Improve Local Amenities And Spirit. This Will Raise Local Awareness And Promote

£1,667 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Nov 2004 Argus Playgroup

This group provides pre-school education and play opportunities for children. Grant will allow the group to purchase new equipment and introduce new and varied activities for the children which will encourage their development.

£1,413 New Opportunities Fund
25 Oct 2004 Border Samaritans

This group provides 24 hours confidential and emotional telephone support to anyone in distress. The grant will enable the group to carry out a series of talks with High School pupils in 5th and 6th years profiling their facility and handing out mouse ma

£737 New Opportunities Fund
15 Jul 2004 Buccleuch Heritage Trust

Towards expanding arts provision of drama, music and storytelling, bringing addtional performances by touring artistes

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
15 Jun 2004 Heroes Return Award to an individual

A Second World War Veteran from Scottish Borders has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to France in August of this year. Funding has also been provided for a spouse and a carer to travel with the Veteran

£780 New Opportunities Fund
19 Apr 2004 Galashiels Studio Club

This Group Fosters Interest And Promotes Education In Painting, Sculpture And Related Crafts. The Grant Will Be Used To Bring In New Visiting Lecturers To Help The Group Learn About Styles Of Art They'Ve Never Before Studied, Such As 20th Century Methodol

£1,660 Scottish Arts Council
15 Apr 2004 Tom Murray

Towards the cost of visiting the USA, establish contacts, participate in readings organised by the publisher Hanging Loose Press

£600 Scottish Arts Council
26 Jan 2004 Selkirk Canoe Club

This Group Provides Facilities And Opportunities For Members To Participate In The Sport Of Canoeing On Inland Waterways, Indoor Pools And Salt Water. The Grant Will Enable The Group To Expand On The Facilities They Offer At Itermediate Level Which Will

£5,000 Sport Scotland
2 Dec 2003 Studio on the Green

This group provide opportunities for people to participate in dance and remedial therapies. Grant will ensure that wheelchair users and people who cannot manage the stairs are able to participate in all the group's classes and workshops. Grant will be u

£4,850 New Opportunities Fund
28 Oct 2003 Borders Forest Trust

Ettrick Marshes Community Wildlife Project

£12,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Oct 2003 Royal Burgh of Selkirk and District Community Council

This Group Promote The Welfare Of The Community And Express Their Views To The Local Government And Public Authorities. Grant Will Allow The Group To Produce A Permanent Exhibition Depicting The History Of Ettrick And Yarrow Mill, Which Will Include A To

£4,997 Heritage Lottery Fund