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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
21 Jul 2015 The Loch Lomond Steamship Company

Loch Lomond Experience Phase 1: Restore paddle steamer Maid of the Loch to full operation

£3,792,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jun 2014 West Dunbartonshire Council, Land Services

The restoration of Levengrove Park, Dumbarton

£2,660,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Feb 2001 West Dunbartonshire Council

Balloch Castle Country Park

£1,683,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Mar 2017 West Dunbartonshire Council

Rediscovering the Antonine Wall

£1,077,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 May 1998 Scottish Historic Buildings Trust

Strathleven House Restoration

£982,826 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 May 2002 West Dunbartonshire Healthy Living Initiative

Poor diet and food poverty will be tackled by the development of local food co-ops and `bulk buy-+ schemes, breakfast clubs and healthy eating projects. There will be activities for children and young people around health, drugs and alcohol awareness. New

£932,622 New Opportunities Fund
30 Nov 2012 Bellsmyre Development Trust

Residents of Bellsmyre, in West Dunbartonshire, will benefit from a range of activities and services that will be delivered from a new Howatshaws Community Hall to be built on the site of the current hall. The project will be delivered and managed by the

£914,112 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2003 West Dunbartonshire Council

Over the next three years West Dunbartonshire Council and their partners will provide a range of sport, dance and cultural activities that will enable over 5,700 young people to increase their levels of physical activity. Over half the activities are out

£891,437 New Opportunities Fund
15 Dec 2009 West Dunbartonshire Council, Land Services

Dalmuir Park, Clydebank

£871,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 May 2012 Alternatives West Dunbartonshire CDS

This project will address the homelessness, addiction, offending and employability issues of adults in West Dunbartonshire with the expansion of its existing community services. The project will also set up a residential recovery unit. The project will pr

£816,559 Big Lottery Fund
26 Mar 1996 West Kirk

West Kirk Church, Dumbarton - restoration

£546,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 May 1996 The Antonine Sports Centre

Extension to the Antonine Sports Centre

£513,911 Sport Scotland
31 Aug 2016 West Dunbartonshire Council

Clydebank CSH

£500,000 Sport Scotland
3 Aug 2012 Dumbarton Area Council On Alcohol

The project will support adults with alcohol misuse problems helping them overcome severe and multiple barriers to employment. The project will do this through job-seeking services, training, volunteering and an individualised support programme. Beneficia

£496,049 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2001 West Dunbartonshire Council

To improve confidence and motivation amongst its most disaffected and vulnerable young people by developing partnership working skills throughout a four-day residential at an outward bound centre. This residential project will benefit 40 pupils from each

£489,409 New Opportunities Fund
31 Aug 2004 West Dunbartonshire Council

West Dunbartonshire Council

£483,793 New Opportunities Fund
11 Sep 2000 St Augustine's Episcopal Church, Dumbarton

St Augustine's Church, Dumbarton - Restoration

£468,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Apr 2016 Y Sort-It

This project will support young carers aged between 10 ? 18 across West Dunbartonshire to improve their social connections, confidence and life skills as well as improving their ability to cope with their caring role.

£466,618 Big Lottery Fund
1 Sep 1999 West Dunbartonshire

The award has provided training to ensure that teachers and school librarians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to make sound decisions about when and how to use ICT effectively in teaching.

£437,039 New Opportunities Fund
28 Sep 2012 Tullochan

This group will support disadvantaged young people in West Dunbartonshire aged 12-14 to resolve issues around performance and attendance at school through groupwork sessions. The project will be delivered in Vale of Leven Academy, Our Lady & St Patrick's

£436,897 Big Lottery Fund
29 Nov 2016 Skylark IX Recovery Trust

Skylark IX - honouring the past, uniting communities, continuing to save lives of those in need

£423,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Nov 2011 Bellsmyre Development Trust

This project will improve inter-generational engagement within the community, reduce anti- social behaviour and improve employment prospects for young people. The project directly targets 390 vulnerable people who are children and young people, families a

£405,253 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jul 2016 West Dunbartonshire Council

This project will build upon the current CEDAR model to develop new therapeutic activities over the next three years. Furthermore the project will develop provision so that it may offer a service to all primary care-givers who are caring for and supporting the needs of children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

£388,253 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2009 The Lennox Partnership Ltd

The project will enhance the employability, confidence and motivation of unemployed people facing multiple barriers to employment throughout West Dunbartonshire. This project will deliver an intense three-week programme addressing the attitudes, behaviour

£363,100 Big Lottery Fund
7 Apr 2009 Community Arts: Open Space

This project will provide a variety of community art initiatives to develop the confidence, self-esteem, create relationships, maintain relationships and improve the life-skills of the target groups. Target groups will be people with mental health issues,

£345,183 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jan 2014 Knowes Housing Association

Knowes Housing Association

£339,755 Big Lottery Fund
3 Dec 1998 Loch Lomond Park Authority

Loch Lomond Public Launching Facility

£336,000 Sport Scotland
2 Mar 2015 Greenlight Recycling

This three year project will provide full-time paid ?in work? training opportunities to 16 individuals aged over 25 in West Dunbartonshire. The project will provide a variety of work experience in its recycling and environmental services teams, and will work in partnership with the Tell Organisation which provides accredited training opportunities.

£334,139 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jul 2001 Stepping Stones

This project will provide an individual support project to people in the West Dunbartonshire area who experience mental health problems in order to enable them to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem and take the first steps back into education

£305,813 Community Fund
12 Dec 2003 West Dunbartonshire Council

West Dunbartonshire Council

£300,433 New Opportunities Fund
24 Feb 2012 West Dunbartonshire Council

The project will build on an existing local pilot by expanding the number of CEDAR sessions that are delivered each year and additionally work with beneficiaries in a one to one situation who are not yet ready for CEDAR. The project will utilise the recog

£300,105 Big Lottery Fund
12 Nov 1997 Kilmaronock Millennium Association

The development of a new community hall of high quality design to replace the existing facility which is no longer fit for use. The centre will provide the following: meeting rooms for activity groups outdoor sports courts heritage archive and exhibition

£300,000 Millennium Commission
8 Dec 2004 The Loch Lomond Steamship Company

Balloch Steam Slipway Restoration, Loch Lomond

£294,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Nov 2012 Y Sort-It

This project will work with young carers aged 12-18 across West Dunbartonshire helping them to improve their social connections, support them in their caring role and teaching them new skills to make positive life choices. Young carers will be offered sup

£292,326 Big Lottery Fund
29 Aug 2008 Alternatives West Dunbartonshire CDS

This project will support adults with substance misuse problems helping them gain the confidence and skills to move on to more stable, independent and healthier lifestyles free from drugs. The project will benefit 192 individuals and 9 organisations in We

£291,275 Big Lottery Fund
12 Jun 2017 Tullochan

This funding will be used to continue the existing Tullochan Futures project for three years, supporting young people aged 16 to 24 years old who are experiencing complex challenges, and who are from severe socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds that have led to disengagement from school, training, education and employment. Tullochan Futures will provide holistic support for the young people to manage and cope with the issues and move toward positive destinations at their own pace.

£287,141 Big Lottery Fund
24 Feb 2012 Clydebank Womens Aid

The project aims to support children and young people at risk of isolation who are affected by domestic abuse. This will be achieved through the provision of one to one and group work support from a family support worker. The support work will focus on ad

£282,022 Big Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2001 W. Dunbartonshire Library Service

The People-+s Network programme in all the 11 libraries in West Dunbartonshire Library Service has provided new computer and related equipment and upgraded the infrastructure. Now, approximately 77 computer terminals will be available to library users to a

£262,005 New Opportunities Fund
20 Nov 2008 Tullochan

This project will develop the confidence, aspirations and life skills of young people attending all West Dunbartonshire secondary schools. The three year project will work with 60 S2 pupils per year, who are at risk of leaving school without a positive de

£251,412 Big Lottery Fund
31 Aug 2004 West Dunbartonshire Council

West Dunbartonshire Council

£250,216 New Opportunities Fund
22 Mar 2013 Bellsmyre Community Garden

The project will transform a derelict space at Whiteford Avenue which is at the heart of the community into a communal gardening area where local people can grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Once the garden is established an extensive programme

£249,267 Big Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2013 Knowes Housing Association

The association will transform a back court and open space area to the rear of tenement properties into a multi use communal green space for the benefit of the local community in Faifley, Clydebank. The project will regenerate the area with improved lands

£249,263 Big Lottery Fund
12 Sep 2000 Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Interim Committee

Towards the cost of commissioning artists to make new permanent work within the Loch Lomond Shores Development.

£249,000 Scottish Arts Council
24 Nov 1999 Dumbarton Football Club Limited

Construction of new stadium

£248,775 Sport Scotland
21 Nov 2012 West Dunbartonshire Environment Trust

The project will improve the appearance and diversity of Bellsmyre's open spaces. It will be delivered by West Dunbartonshire Environment Trust who will contribute to and manage the construction of a mountain biking and walking trail; beginner pump track;

£246,892 Big Lottery Fund
11 Feb 2014 Bellsmyre Development Trust

Bellsmyre Development Trust

£246,892 Big Lottery Fund
11 Mar 2008 West Dunbartonshire Council for Voluntary Services

This project will increase equality of access to volunteering for people with higher support needs including people with a disability and those with mental health problems through a volunteer mentor scheme and a programme of dedicated support development

£229,274 Big Lottery Fund
30 Nov 2011 Bellsmyre Development Trust

This Our Place project will grow a successful enterprise trust to represent the needs of the wider community in Bellsmyre in West Dunbartonshire. This will improve residents' capacity to manage community resources; deliver activities and services needed b

£223,296 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jul 2003 The Tullochan Trust

This three year grant will part fund the salary costs of an existing part-time Projects Co-ordinator and an existing part-time Book-keeper, part fund fees for sessional workers, fully fund general running expenses, evaluation costs, organisational overhea

£214,463 Community Fund
20 Mar 2001 West Dunbartonshire Council

Argyle Park Pavilion.

£200,000 Sport Scotland
26 Nov 2003 West Dunbartonshire Council

Pitch Surface Conversion Programme.

£200,000 Sport Scotland
4 May 2004 Stepping Stones

This project aims to support people in the community, who are disadvantaged through poor mental health, and are socially isolated with limited or no community support with limited opportunities, by providing additional crisis advocacy service ensuring sup

£196,154 Community Fund
10 Dec 1998 Dumbarton Area Council On Alcohol

This project will enable this active organisation to extend their services to provide outreach clinics in Helensburgh, Garelochead, Kilgreggan and Alexandria. In addition they will be extending the variety of services offered to all areas through providi

£190,475 Community Fund
23 Nov 2001 Clydebank Asbestos Group

This project will further develop a full-time support service for people with asbestos-related conditions and their families in West Dunbartonshire. This service aims to empower people with asbestos-related conditions through the provision of advice, sup

£188,117 Community Fund
29 Aug 2007 Greenlight Recycling

This project will increase the employability, skills, confidence and self-esteem of young people not in education, employment or training and long-term unemployed people who have little or no formal qualifications. It will provide guidance and counselling

£183,100 Big Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2006 Knowetop Community Farm

This Project Aims To Improve Confidence And Self Esteem, And Increase Education And Employment Opportunities For 380 Young People, 70 People With Disabilites And 50 Adults, It Will Also Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour For 6,030 Young People To The Benefit Of

£182,273 Community Fund
14 Jan 2008 Clydebank Housing Association Ltd

The project will improve access to basic services by constructing a new regeneration centre for the community of Whitecrook.This two year grant will part fund construction costs and associated professional fees for a new community facility.

£181,000 Community Fund
7 Aug 2002 West Dunbartonshire Council

St. Columbas High School Fitness Suite

£177,326 Sport Scotland
14 Dec 2005 The Tullochan Trust

This Project Aims To Develop An 'Early Intervention Programme' That Will Develop New Skills, Build Self Confidence, Improve Health And Well Being, Encourage Young People To Take Responsibility And Enable Involvement In Decision Making In The Local Communi

£174,401 Community Fund
4 Mar 1998 Greenlight Recycling

This environmental project involves landscaping, improvements to derelict or open land and cleaning up of foreshore area; recycling of a variety of materials, such as paper, glass, cardboard, cans and plastics; establishment of a garden care scheme for ol

£165,991 Community Fund
30 Nov 2011 Alternatives West Dunbartonshire CDS

This Our Place project will allow people to address addictions and contribute to the community of Bellsmyre. The project will employ a new Families Addiction Support Worker to work with people who misuse substances or families who are significantly affect

£154,031 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2010 West Dunbartonshire Council, Department of Education

Breaking Down Barriers to Skills

£153,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2006 SPARC Community Arts

The SPARC project will target disadvantaged areas and minority groups within West Dunbartonshire to make dance exercise more available. A qualified co-ordinator will provide year round dance activity supported by taster workshops, excursions, displays and

£152,362 New Opportunities Fund
4 Mar 1998 Vale of Leven Community Nursery Users Group

This project will establish a wildlife and sensory garden in a riverside green area adjacent to local schools, upgrading and landscaping the site for public use, and carry out a programme of educational activities with an environmental awareness emphasis.

£151,181 Community Fund
9 Dec 1999 Home from Home (Scotland) Limited

This project will establish a furniture recycling facility in the Clydebank area of West Dunbartonshire. The three year grant will fund the salary costs of a full-time Driver/Storekeeper, a full-time Co-ordinator a full-time Secretary recruitment costs, o

£150,586 Community Fund
15 Dec 2016 Bellsmyre Development Trust

This trust will use the grant to deliver a range of events and activities for the local community. These will include popular activities currently delivered such as health and fitness classes, children?s clubs, bingo, and a book club. Most of these take place in The Cutty Sark Centre, a community facility owned and operated by the Trust.

£150,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Mar 2016 Isaro Social Integration Network

Isaro Social Integration Network

£148,844 Big Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2006 West Dunbartonshire Council for Voluntary Services

This project will operate and develop a targeted befriending service for 110 older people living alone and those with a disability in West Dunbartonshire. It will enable beneficiaries to participate in daily and community life and reduce feelings of isol

£145,902 Community Fund
12 Dec 1996 Victim Support West Dunbartonshire

To provide a counselling and befriending service to victims of crime and to establish a self help group for the victims of sexual abuse. The three year grant will pay for two staff salaries, administration costs, training/travel costs, fees for freelance

£145,541 Community Fund
23 Mar 2001 Knowetop Community Farm Project Ltd

This project will develop the existing facilities at a community farm in West Dunbartonshire enabling them to provide a wide range of training and volunteering opportunities in the areas of gardening, craftwork, animal and petcare, healthy living and the

£142,275 Community Fund
5 Jun 2009 Bankie Talk Talking Newspaper

This project will help make and maintain connections between sighted and visually impaired young people in West Dunbartonshire through the production of an audio youth magazine. The magazine will be available to download and on compact disc. The magazine

£142,212 Big Lottery Fund
13 Mar 2017 The Leamy Foundation

This group will use the funding to continue their community-based gardening activities, with a new focus on mental health and wellbeing that will include a programme of informal group work and self-help tools.

£134,148 Big Lottery Fund
20 Sep 2002 West Dunbartonshire Council for Voluntary Services

This project will enable the organisation to develop intensive mentoring and support services to small and medium sized voluntary groups in order to allow them to realise their own development potential.

£129,836 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 East End Tenants Association

The Association provides advocacy, education and employment opportunities for young people. This grant, over three years, will fund salaries of two staff members and the purchase of office and other equipment.

£121,560 Community Fund
12 Feb 2009 Social Enterprise Clydebank Limited

Social Enterprise Clydebank Ltd's (SECL) project 'Social Enterprise Clydebank Environmental & Recycling Centre' aims to establish a Recycling Centre including workshop space and a shop in Dalmuir, West Dunbartonshire. Once opened, 25,000 beneficiaries wil

£121,136 Big Lottery Fund
17 Nov 1998 Loch Lomond Park Authority

West Highland Way Long Distance Footpath Upgrade (South)

£120,562 Sport Scotland
23 Oct 1995 Clydebank Unemployed Community Resource Centre

Empowering, Enabling Unemployed Access To Education, Employment Opportunities

£118,500 Community Fund
4 Mar 1998 West Dunbartonshire Community Care Forum

This umbrella organisation will increase its contact and participation with a wider number of carers, users and voluntary organisations involved in the planning and delivery of community care services. It will focus on more deprived areas and groups. The

£111,040 Community Fund
25 Jun 2002 Sunflower Two Limited

The grant will be used to create 40 before wraparound,40 after wraparound and 40 holiday places for children aged 3 - 5 years old in Dunbartonshire.

£110,300 New Opportunities Fund
8 May 2001 West Dunbartonshire Council

Towards the cost of "Creative Partnership" - a district-wide integrated arts programme focusing on arts in the new community

£108,000 Scottish Arts Council
8 Jan 2007 Clydebank Womens Aid

This project will support 180 young people aged 11 to 25 who are fleeing domestic abuse and living in refuge accommodation. The grant will provide the resources necessary to develop the three parts of the project including a new minibus , sports equipment

£107,622 Big Lottery Fund
21 Sep 2005 Home From Home

The Home from Home volunteers project will provide non-vocational training designed to improve skills, employability, confidence and well being. It will benefit 150 volunteers of all ages resident in SIP areas in West Dunbartonshire. The structured, rol

£105,461 Community Fund
4 Feb 2004 Clydebank Citizens Advice Bureau

This project aims to improve the quality of the confidential, independent and impartial advice, information and representation services provided by the Bureau, extend the range of services offered and increase the number of clients accessing these servic

£104,358 Community Fund
29 Nov 2000 West Dunbartonshire Council - Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course

"Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course, Clydebank"

£100,000 Sport Scotland
25 Feb 2003 West Dunbartonshire Partnership

Towards SPARC - an arts initiative employing performings arts to involve and provide a voice for excluded members of the community

£100,000 Scottish Arts Council
22 Mar 2013 Scottish Natural Heritage

John Muir Trail

£100,000 Sport Scotland
15 Sep 1999 Clydebank Asbestos Group

This project will provide a full-time support service for sufferers of asbestos-related diseases in West Dunbartonshire. The service will offer counselling, advocacy, advice and information to sufferers and their carers and will maximise their income thr

£88,013 Community Fund
6 Sep 2007 Archdiocese of Glasgow

Saint Margaret's Church, Clydebank

£82,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Nov 2001 The Tullochan Trust

This project will allow the organisation to provide an opportunity for young people, within the West Dunbartonshire area, to attend a programme of outdoor activities to improve basic social and citizenship skills.

£82,243 Community Fund
22 Feb 2013 West Dunbartonshire Council

Dumbarton Common Changing Facility

£80,575 Sport Scotland
15 Nov 1995 Old Dumbarton District Council

Towards the cost of building improvements to foyer and cloakroom in Denny Civic Theatre, Dumbarton

£80,000 Scottish Arts Council
15 Jan 2003 West Dunbartonshire Council

The council aims to offer enhanced learning by offering tutor support and outreach guidance at four library locations and one community education centre. It aims to target 450 new learners over three years, with 10% of learners progressing towards qualifi

£80,000 New Opportunities Fund
25 Apr 2016 West Dunbartonshire Council, Department of Education

The Singer Factory: Bringing ClydebankÔÇÖs industrial past to life

£79,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Dec 2007 West Dunbartonshire Council

This project will improve access to quality athletic facilities for young people in Dumbarton . It particularly aims to enable them to develop skills in field events. A run-down facility will be upgraded and new equipment installed, which will be used by

£79,674 Big Lottery Fund
8 Aug 2003 Radnor Park Out of School Care

The grant will be used to create 24 after school, 24 before school and 24 holiday places for children aged between 4 - 14 years old in the Clydebank area.

£72,632 New Opportunities Fund
25 Sep 2001 The Tullochan Trust

The Tullochan Trust will extend and enhance the provision of after school activities for 3 secondary schools in the Dumbarton area. The activities will aim to improve motivation, attitudes to learning, respect for others, and social skills, as well as enc

£71,425 New Opportunities Fund
7 Sep 2000 West Dunbartonshire Youth Theatre

Towards the cost of securing access to areas of expressive arts for young people aged 12-25 regardless of ability

£69,995 Scottish Arts Council
21 Mar 2016 Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

Great Crested Newt Detectives

£69,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Sep 2001 Tullochan Trust, The

Towards the cost of a programme of quality art based activities for the children of Haldane

£69,043 Scottish Arts Council
15 Sep 1999 Clydebank Unemployed Community Resource Centre

This Project Will Provide A Three Year Rolling Programme Of Vocational And Non-Vocational Courses To Those On Low Incomes In The Clydebank Area Of West Dunbartonshire. Job Search Skills, Assertiveness Training And Courses In Cv Preparation Will Also Be P

£65,160 Community Fund