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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
25 Nov 1996 Basingstoke And Deane Borough Council

Tadley Swimming Pool

£1,955,000 Sport England
22 Sep 2015 Whitchurch Silk Mill

Preserving the Fabric: A Sustainable Future for Whitchurch Silk Mill

£1,711,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Mar 2016 Basingstoke Voluntary Action

This project brings together a partnership of organisations across Hampshire to identify and support young carers. Through a co-ordinated approach they will work with schools and families, provide respite opportunities and raise the voice of young carers in policy and practice at a local and UK-wide level, which will in turn improve their wellbeing and educational attainment. They will also work with statutory services and national organisations, and deliver community outreach and training to young people.

£1,224,871 Big Lottery Fund
19 May 2011 Basingstoke Voluntary Services

'Hampshire Young Carers' is a three year project, based in Hampshire to support young carers in Basingstoke and Deane, Test Valley, New Forest, Fareham, Gosport, Eastleigh, and Winchester. It will provide support and guidance to young carers both at schoo

£999,989 Big Lottery Fund
25 Jan 2005 Basingstoke Gymnastic Club

The Stephenson Centre

£917,880 Sport England
9 Oct 1996 Queen Marys College

Refurbishment of the Central Studio arts centre

£873,000 Arts Council England
14 Jun 2011 Hampshire County Council - Design and Projects Services

Basing House: Community, Conservation and Developing skills

£645,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Jun 2016 Barnardo's

This project aims to reduce the number of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) by providing support to those who are at risk of becoming NEET. They will focus on hotspot areas and target participants from priority groups. These include the long term unemployed, lone parents, people with disabilities, BAME communities and those with housing and substance misuse issues. The project will work with high profile employers, with some work placements already agreed.

£404,713 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 1999 Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

Basingstoke, War Memorial Park

£382,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Mar 2017 Sebastian's Action Trust

This group will expand their project to provide practical, social and emotional support to families with seriously-ill and life-limited children. The project has developed referral networks and provides a respite holiday facility. The group will develop a counselling and befriending programme and will provide therapy sessions for families to address their mental health needs. A befriending volunteer scheme will be delivered to provide basic emotional support and practical support to an individual family.

£362,356 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jan 2006 Basingstoke Gymnastic Club

The Stephenson Centre

£337,041 Sport England
25 Nov 1996 Basingstoke And Dean Borough Council

Replace and extend existing Brighton Hill sports pavilion

£303,925 Sport England
10 Jul 2000 Modern Pentathlon Association of Great Britain

World Class Performance

£295,572 UK Sport
3 Jul 2007 Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

The portfolio seeks to ensure that every child in the borough has access to play opportunities. It will work with partners to promote play opportunities and to raise awareness of the needs of children with special needs, enabling inclusion where possible

£272,806 Big Lottery Fund
7 Aug 2006 Music Beyond Mainstream

Music Beyond the Mainstream Years 4 and 5

£265,000 Arts Council England
16 Sep 2015 The Wessex Heritage Trust

The funding will be used to run a new project providing support to people living with dementia using sensory memory boxes. The project will be based at North Hampshire Hospital and Southampton General Hospital and will work with patients in hospital wards. As the project develops it will be rolled out to reach dementia sufferers in the community. Memory boxes will contain items from local social history collections and volunteers will work with patients to explore these in the sessions and trigger memories.

£237,130 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jan 2003 Hampshire Primary Care Trust

Hampshire Primary Care Trust

£227,868 New Opportunities Fund
5 Apr 2007 The Anvil

Capacity building for performing arts

£223,325 Arts Council England
11 Dec 1995 Hampshire County Council (Hurst Community College)

"Devt of Hurst Community College, incorporating new community changing block, reception area, linkway, social area and carparking"

£203,141 Sport England
4 Aug 1999 Crux Easton Wind Engine Conservation Trust

Crux Easton Wind Engine Restoration

£202,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Dec 2013 Music Beyond Mainstream

Songwriting Projects

£198,700 Arts Council England
24 Jan 2012 Music Beyond Mainstream

Music Beyond Mainstream - New Music Programme

£197,637 Arts Council England
13 Apr 2001 Basingstoke Voluntary Services

The project will establish a family centre for deaf children and adults, which will provide information and support.The grant, over three years, will fully fund the salaries of a co-ordinator and an administrator, and the running costs of the centre.

£194,437 Community Fund
25 Mar 2003 Speakeasy Advocacy

Speakeasy Advocacy Will Be Able To Continue To Provide Advocacy Support To Children, Young People And Adults With Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The Group Uses One-To-One And Group Training Sessions. The Advocacy Support That Is Given Means Individuals Are

£173,548 Community Fund
7 Oct 1999 Basingstoke Advocacy Service

The project will enable this newly-constituted organisation to develop a crisis, citizen and group advocacy service. The grant, over three years, will contribute towards four staff salaries, the purchase of a lease, promotional material, office equipment

£163,277 Community Fund
23 Apr 2014 Thrive

This continuation and extension of a project by The Society for Horticultural Therapy (SHT) known as Thrive aims to run gardening programmes to support older, disabled people aged over 50 years living in rural and urban areas to become more active citizen

£155,582 Big Lottery Fund
28 Feb 2006 The Making

The project aims to enable young people to make positive contributions to their local communities and to improve their confidence skills and aspirations, and reduce street crime and anti social behaviour.

£155,007 Community Fund
21 Mar 2002 Cornwall Local Education Authority

Four Lanes

£150,000 Sport England
21 Jul 2014 Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Tadley Swimming Pool Refurbishment & Sustainability Project

£150,000 Sport England
4 Oct 2005 Basingstoke Voluntary Services

The project will support families who have a child and/or parent who is deaf or hard of hearing by providing information and advice through outreach. It will also facilitate workshops, provide resources and train local advocacy agencies.

£146,233 Community Fund
22 Feb 2000 Modern Pentathlon Association of Great Britain

World Class Performance

£141,913 UK Sport
12 Nov 1997 Cliddesden Village Hall Management Committee

A new spacious village hall replacing the old inadequate building. Situated just outside Basingstoke it has a full kitchen a spacious hall and a stage with theatrical lighting.

£139,250 Millennium Commission
22 Jan 2003 Basingstoke Neighbourcare

This Project Provides Practical Assistance Such As Shopping, Gardening, Pension Collection, And Transport To Medical Appointments. It Also Offers A Befriending Service To Support Local People.Community Fund Regional Manager Dorothy Buckrell Says: 'This Se

£127,704 Community Fund
17 Mar 1995 Sherborne St John Parish Council

New sports pavilion at Shute recreation ground

£127,517 Sport England
11 Jun 1996 The Learning Through Action Trust

Develop project to help more young people say 'no' to drugs. The grant, over three years is for the salaries of four part time project workers, office running expenses, training and travel expenses and promotional materials.

£126,810 Community Fund
10 Apr 1995 Hampshire County Council (The Clere School)

Sports hall at the Clere School

£124,000 Sport England
3 Jun 1999 The Loddon School Company

The School offers residential schooling & personal development to children with severe autism, learning & behavioural difficulties. This one year project is to finance and build a swimming pool within a multi-sensory building, in which the pupils can play

£120,000 Community Fund
4 Apr 2003 Magpie Dance

To establish over three years, a Youth Dance Group for young people aged between 16 and 25 and who have learning disabilities. The project aims to make a positive difference by creating opportunities for young people with disabilities to realise their ow

£113,912 Community Fund
6 Feb 2004 Alzheimer's Society

The group will set up drop-in support centres for people with dementia and their carers in the rural areas around Basingstoke. People who can't travel to Basingstoke will now be able to benefit from a range of services such as advice and information. Th

£107,742 Community Fund
8 Nov 2012 Queen Mary's College

College Sport Makers

£105,000 Sport England
14 May 2013 Basingstoke Citizens Advice Bureau

The aim of this new project will see Basingstoke Citizens Advice Bureau (BCAB) lead a three organisation partnership including Tadley Citizens Advice Bureau (TCAB) and Basingstoke Voluntary Services (BVS) the aim of which is to increase channels of access

£104,654 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jun 1996 Basingstoke Y M C A

To support vulnerable young people in the transition to independent living. The grant, over three years, is for the salaries of two full time resident support workers, office equipment, travel expenses, office and premises, training and promotional materi

£101,854 Community Fund
3 Feb 2005 Sherborne St John Village Hall

The project will demolish the current wooden building and replace it with a new village hall. The one year grant will contribute to the cost of construction, professional fees and the provision of temporary facilities and fitting out.

£100,000 Community Fund
10 May 2017 Music Beyond Mainstream

Dear Esther Live

£98,639 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2013 National Trust, London and South East

Sandham: Your Canvas for Remembrance, Reflection and Rehabilitation

£97,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Apr 2003 Kid Ease Limited

The project aims to create 88 new childcare places for 0 - 5 year olds in the Hawkinge and Paddlesworth areas of Kent, by constructing a new single-storey building, which will be sited on the grounds of an existing primary school.

£95,000 New Opportunities Fund
9 Sep 2009 Music Beyond Mainstream

Sustain- Music Beyond Mainstream

£94,000 Arts Council England
11 Jun 1996 The Living Paintings Trust

Assistance for visually impaired young people to access and understand visual art forms. The three year grant is for production costs, part of the salary for a project manager in the third year and the costs of research, education and training.

£92,461 Community Fund
20 Dec 1999 North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

New Trailer Mobile X-ray. Purpose built trailers containing mammography units which have x-ray equipment for the provision of images of breast tissue.

£82,968 New Opportunities Fund
14 Mar 2017 Music Beyond Mainstream

Pieces of a Man - Gil Scott-Heron Proect

£81,624 Arts Council England
20 Aug 1997 Anvil

Seeking New Connections

£78,800 Arts Council England
7 Jul 2004 Brighton Hill Community College (Hampshire LEA)

The project will provide new PE and sporting activities, which aim to develop self-esteem and provide leadership opportunities. They aims to increase achievement and self-esteem, and cater for children with special educational needs. Activities will in

£74,284 New Opportunities Fund


£73,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Apr 2015 Music Beyond Mainstream

Asian Dub Foundation - Live Score of THX 1138

£69,300 Arts Council England
20 Mar 2017 Kala The Arts

Story of Odissi in the United Kingdom

£67,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Nov 2000 Hampshire Ethnic Minority Achievement Service

To fund a variety of activities throughout Hampshire that will work with isolated ethnic minority pupils. The project will set up homework clubs and lunchtime achievement clubs and set up after school heritage groups in three community languages.

£65,758 New Opportunities Fund
30 May 2008 Test Valley Arts Foundation (TVAF)

The "Chapel Arts" Project

£65,000 Arts Council England
27 Apr 1999 Basingstoke Neighbourcare

The project will provide people who are old, disabled or ill with a neighbourhood service for jobs such as shopping, decoration, gardening. The grant, over three years, will pay for salary of a full time co-ordinator, running costs and travel.

£64,197 Community Fund
2 Dec 1999 Basingstoke Air Scouts

The project will provide a new building, to be used by the Air Scouts and other scouting and community groups. The one year grant will make a contribution towards the building construction costs and the associated fees.

£64,000 Community Fund
22 Oct 1998 Kingsclere Village Club

Club 99, Kingsclere - Refurbishment

£63,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 May 2010 The Making

Festival Makers

£60,512 Arts Council England
18 Jun 2001 St. Mary Bourne Parish Council

Constuction of a bowls green and pavilion

£59,007 Sport England
18 Sep 1995 Marnell Bowling Club

New Clubhouse

£56,083 Sport England
20 Dec 1999 North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Replacement X-ray equipment. Mammography units are specifically designed x-ray equipment which are used to provide imaging of breast tissue. They can be used on a fixed site or to improve availability for patients in a purpose-built trailer.

£53,104 New Opportunities Fund
26 Mar 1998 Popley Fields Community Association

This project, working with Melrose Community Association, will employ a community development worker to identify with residents a programme of leisure and social activities for the people living on the Popley estate. The grant, over three years, will pay

£50,389 Community Fund
3 Apr 2003 The University of Reading

Silchester Town Life Project: Development of Education and Activity Programme

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Jan 2008 Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Loddon and Eversley Heritage and Wildlife Trails

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Jun 2009 Hampshire County Council Museums and Archives Service

Basing House, Lodge Museum

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Dec 2009 The Jake 'N' Lee Tadley Youth Fund

This project is to redevelop the local skate park to provide a lasting monument following the death of two local young people in a car accident. By upgrading existing ramps, fencing and seating and installing new ramps and rails, the new skate park will a

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jan 2012 Overton Recreation Centre

Berrydown Sports Pavilion Project

£50,000 Sport England
11 Jan 2012 Oakley Bowling Club

New Clubhouse Project

£50,000 Sport England
23 Aug 2013 Basingstoke and District Sports Trust Ltd

Refurbishment of Male Changing Rooms

£50,000 Sport England
10 Aug 2012 Silchester Parish Council

Silchester Pavilion

£49,959 Sport England
25 Jun 2013 Hampshire Museums and Galleries Trust

The Cutting EDGE

£49,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Oct 2012 Basingstoke Gymnastic Club

All get active

£48,991 Sport England
8 Nov 1999 Modern Pentathlon Association of Great Britain

World Class Performance

£48,000 UK Sport
7 Nov 2017 Proteus Theatre Company

Paving The Way

£47,315 Arts Council England
4 May 2005 Odeon Cinemas Ltd


£45,828 Arts Council England
20 Nov 2006 Proteus

Modern Major General

£45,000 Arts Council England
10 May 2005 Kingsclere Heritage Association

The Royal Hall Project at Tidgrove Warren

£44,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Aug 2001 Hurstbourne Priors Village Hall

The project will enable the group to extend the existing village hall in order to improve and update kitchen, toilet and storage facilities in the hall. This will increase the capacity of the hall for community use, which is currently limited to 80 peopl

£43,000 Community Fund
14 Dec 2011 Whitchurch With Tufton & Litchfield PCC

Church of St Mary

£42,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Sep 2001 The Hurst Community School

To extend after school facilities and expand the after school learning opportunities available to pupils in seven schools. Sport and ICT will be among the activities targeted at pupils experiencing disadvantage and at gifted and talented pupils.

£41,370 New Opportunities Fund
22 Aug 2012 Proteus

Missing In Action (production and tour)

£40,000 Arts Council England
19 Dec 1995 Basingstoke Advice Centre For Unemployed People Limited

Secure The Future Of Basingstoke Advice Centre For Unemployed People

£39,700 Community Fund
18 Feb 2015 Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Basingstoke Festival 2015

£39,070 Arts Council England
20 Dec 1999 North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

New X-ray equipment. Mammography units are specifically designed x-ray equipment which are used to provide imaging of breast tissue. They can be used on a fixed site or to improve availability for patients in a purpose-built trailer.

£38,628 New Opportunities Fund
14 Jan 1998 East Woodhay Silver Band

Purchase of New Instruments

£38,587 Arts Council England
20 Dec 1999 North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Replacement X-ray equipment. Mammography units are specifically designed x-ray equipment which are used to provide imaging of breast tissue. They can be used on a fixed site or to improve availability for patients in a purpose-built trailer.

£37,992 New Opportunities Fund
26 Nov 2001 National Trust

The Vyne/Hampshire - Chapel Floor Project

£37,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2012 Education Solutions Direct CIC

Preserving the heritage of overseas entrepreneurs in North Hampshire

£37,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Jul 2016 Wessex Heritage Trust

Octoberfest Performance Space

£35,000 Arts Council England
12 Feb 1997 Basingstoke Silver Band

Purchase of instruments

£33,399 Arts Council England
17 Dec 1996 Basingstoke Voluntary Services

A feasibility study and the establishment of a model for an integrated advocacy service to benefit under-represented groups such as the elderly, people with learning disabilities and mental health problems. The grant, over two years, is for the salary of

£32,261 Community Fund
12 Apr 2016 Hampshire Cultural Trust

The Rise and Fall of Basing House

£30,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Jan 1999 Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Celebratory events to include a Forties Weekend including fashion shows vehicle displays films and a dance event; Youth Pop Concert with top bands and youth band performing; and a Schools History Re-enactment Performance.

£30,000 Millennium Commission
5 Apr 2004 The Anvil

World Music

£30,000 Arts Council England
6 Feb 2006 Proteus

The Wedding Present

£30,000 Arts Council England
30 Jan 2002 Basingstoke Theatre Trust

Education and Outreach at the Haymarket

£29,800 Arts Council England
10 Sep 2002 Basingstoke Theatre Trust Ltd

Organisational Development

£29,724 Arts Council England