Lottery grants awarded to Chichester in 2001

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
5 Dec 2001 Memorial Hall in the Parish of West Wittering

The Project Is To Refuburbish And Re-Build Part Of The Memorial Hall. The Small Store Rooms Will Be Converted Into A Multi-Use Community Room And A Toilet For The Disabled. A Small Committee Room And External Wood Sheds Will Be Demolished And Replaced By

£115,888 Community Fund
5 Dec 2001 Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Weald and Downland Museum - Conservation Timber Store

£96,435 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Nov 2001 Bosham Monday Club

This community run transport club is purchasing a new and adapted minibus for the benefit of the wider community, including the disabled. The current ageing vehicle is used by 13 groups.

£4,530 Community Fund
19 Nov 2001 Susse x Archaeological Society

Fishbourne Roman Palace, Chichester

£2,668,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Oct 2001 West Sussex County Council

The grant would be used to create 92 after-school, 40 before-school,16 before and after-school, 135 wraparound, 48 holiday and 72 all year round places for children aged 3 - 12 years old in West Sussex.

£94,871 New Opportunities Fund
28 Sep 2001 B & A School Clubs Limited

The grant will be used to create 16 after school and 16 holiday places for children aged 5-11 years old in Midhurst.

£12,880 New Opportunities Fund
26 Sep 2001 East Wittering Village Hall Management Committee

The group needs to comply with current health and safety requirements to rewire the village hall. This will enable the present use by organisations to continue and encourage new activity by the local community.

£5,000 Community Fund
26 Sep 2001 Manhood Mobility Volunteer Service

This group provides transportation for the disabled and elderly to and from hospitals, doctors, clinics etc. It is purchasing office equipment to increase the efficiency of its work due to the expansion of the group.

£2,007 Community Fund
26 Sep 2001 Bourne 7

"The Project Will Provide Professional Netball Coaching And Fitness Training To Young Women, And To Establish An After School Link For Girls Aged 10 And 11."

£707 Sport England
5 Sep 2001 West Sussex Music Support Service

Country Youth Choral Project

£14,000 Arts Council England
5 Sep 2001 West Sussex Music Support Service

Kindermusik as a First Step

£16,983 Arts Council England
24 Jul 2001 Chichester District Council (Leisure & Tourism Section)

City Cross - Chichester Community Arts Project

£15,000 Arts Council England
20 Jul 2001 W. Sussex Library Service

The award has provided Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training for public librarians on basic and technical information handling competencies required by staff for their own use and to assist library users.

£242,525 New Opportunities Fund
18 Jul 2001 Revelation

This group run playschemes during the summer holidays and are hiring equipment and advertising this years playscheme.

£4,690 Community Fund
18 Jul 2001 Parents and Carers Support Organisation

To provide Saturday morning clubs and half term film events for disabled children and their siblings. The award will be used for venue hire, staffing, equipment, and materials for activity workshops.

£4,964 Community Fund
7 Jun 2001 Chichester Festivities

Streets of Chichester

£19,000 Arts Council England
23 Apr 2001 Chichester Festival Theatre

Recovery Programme (Implementing a Recovery Plan)

£200,000 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2001 The Rowlands Castle Painting Society

This Group Promote Painting And Drawing Skills And Develop Appreciation Of Art. The Group Are Purchasing Visual Aid Equipment In Order To Display Artists Work And Promote Greater Awareness Of Artists Work And Techniques.

£2,500 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2001 West Sussex Schools And Youth Sailing Association

"This Group Promote The Education And Development Of Young People Through Sailing. The Project Is To Increase The Number Of People Who Can Take Part In The Group'S Activities. The Award Is For Contributing To The Costs Of 2 Buzz Sailboats, Launch Trolleys

£5,000 Sport England
20 Mar 2001 Chichester Festival Theatre

Recovery Programme (Developing a Recovery Plan)

£1,510,000 Arts Council England
15 Feb 2001 West Sussex County Council

The grant will be used to create 166 before-school places, 427 after-school places, 301 holiday places and 51 weekend places by creating 17 new clubs and extending 5 existing clubs in the West Sussex area. The places will cater for children aged 3 - 14 ye

£161,226 New Opportunities Fund