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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
11 Jun 2017 BAVH

This project will refurbish the group's kitchen to improve their current facilities for the community, with the aim of providing a wider range of activities and increasing hall usage.

£9,969 Big Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2017 Chesham Town Council

The funding will be used to upgrade a local pavilion, including extending the external paths and patio area and installing fencing. The project aims to improve a currently neglected venue and create an improved facility for the local community.

£9,998 Big Lottery Fund
25 Nov 2016 Cardiomyopathy UK

This is the development and expansion of a project to facilitate a network of local support groups for adults affected by cardiomyopathy. The predominately genetic condition affects around one in 500 people in England. Rather than being a singular condition it is in fact a group which affects the structure of the heart and reduces its ability to pump blood around the body. Training and development needs for volunteers will be developed to deliver peer support and meet an increased demand for services.

£132,340 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2016 Chesham Walkers are Welcome

Chesham heritage walks with leaflets and smart phone app

£4,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Oct 2015 Chesham Grammar School Academy Trust

Launching Table Tennis at Chesham Grammar School

£9,160 Sport England
9 Oct 2015 Cardiomyopathy UK

The organisation will use the funding to purchase resources and promote a live chat instant messaging helpline service to support people with Cardiomyopathy; specifically those hardest to reach and targeting young people and BAME communities. This will improve access to help and support through a live chat messaging system for those with cardiomyopathy; and improve their health and well being; specifically chances of having a heart attack amongst those who are hard to reach.

£5,470 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2015 Chesham Town Council

The organisation will use the funding to install playground equipment on local playing fields for the benefit of the wider community. This will provide playing equipment for local children living within this rural community and encourage social interaction and community cohesion amongst the wider community.

£9,754 Big Lottery Fund
29 May 2015 Action4Youth

The organisation will use the funding to purchase a trailer and outdoor activities equipment, to enable them to create a ?mobile training project? for the benefit of young people in Sedbergh, Cumbria. This will help the organisation meet the demands for their services, and deliver self-development and educational courses using the medium of outdoor activities for more groups of young people.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
30 Mar 2015 Chesham Town Council

Refurbishment of Historic Hearse House to create Exhibition Space

£3,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Jul 2014 Elmtree School

Primary Spaces

£28,950 Sport England
10 Dec 2013 Chiltern Youth Action

This is a project by a company limited by guarantee in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. The organisation will use the funding to recruit and train young people as volunteers who will help support vulnerable members of the community. This will enable volunteers t

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Nov 2013 Chesham Cricket Club

Rebuilding Chesham Cricket Club's pavilion

£12,500 Sport England
14 May 2013 Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau

The aim of this new project will see Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau (CCAB) lead an eight member partnership to increase the capacity of partner organisations by widening channels of access and improving the quality of advice services through training.

£179,177 Big Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2013 Chesham Grammar School

Equipment for the development of cricket

£9,510 Sport England
21 Jan 2013 Little Spring School and Pre School

This is a project by a primary school in Buckinghamshire. The school will use the funding to install a wooden pergola within the school grounds. This will be used to enable the children to access a safe outdoor area, which can be used all year, regardless

£9,510 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jan 2013 Bellingdon & Asheridge Village Hall and Recreation Ground

New toilets/official's room/upgrade changing rooms

£49,767 Sport England
21 Aug 2012 Waterside Community Association

This is a project by a voluntary organisatin in Buckinghamshire. The organisation will use the funding to refurbish a children's play area within the local community, which is unsafe and not fit for purpose. This will provide a safe and accessible play ar

£9,723 Big Lottery Fund
29 Nov 2011 Chiltern Racial Equality Council

At The Edge

£7,880 Sport England
11 May 2011 Chesham & District Community Association

This is a project by a voluntary organisation in Chesham. The group will use the funding to improve the fire safety within the community centre to allow community groups to continue using the facilities in safety.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2011 From the Page

Lifting Heritage from the Page

£38,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Nov 2010 2204 (Chesham & Amersham) Squadron Air Training Corps

This is a project by a voluntary group in Chesham. The group will use the funding to purchase adventure training equipment and a trailer. This will enable the cadets to run outdoor expedition activities and begin participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Awa

£4,290 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2010 Elmtree School

This group will use funding to improve its current library space and bring it up to Ofsted standards. This will provide an area that the school and local community can use to learn and enjoy a range of interactive activities, including storytelling and IT

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jun 2010 Coronation Hall

This group will use funding to install new insulation to the ceiling and walls in the hall and a new heating system. The project will increase the hall's energy efficiency and therefore enable it to be used by the whole community throughout the year.

£8,380 Big Lottery Fund
9 Dec 2009 Brushwood Junior School

This primary school will use an award to create an outdoor gym within the school playground. The school is in a area of high deprivation and there is a lack of facilities for children. This project will provide a fun way to help children stay active.

£9,185 Big Lottery Fund
27 Apr 2009 Wycombe Summit Mountain Bike Club

This mountain bike club based in Amersham will use an award to increase participation in off road cycling by involving children from ages 6 to 16. The group will run monthly rides throughout the year taken by qualified coaching staff. Five off road races

£5,300 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
31 Mar 2009 Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society

The project is to develop the facilities of the group The money is for a digital projector.

£800 Big Lottery Fund
11 Mar 2009 Waterside Combined School

This school will use an award to run a breakfast club for pupils. The area surrounding the school has a high percentage of deprivation, and the club will provide children with a healthy start to the day including breakfast and physical activities.

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 Jun 2008 Pond Park Community Association

Pond Park Community Association, located in Chesham, will open up access to an overgrown public pathway in Ashridge Vale. The group will remove debris and litter, prune overgrown trees, plant native shrubs, install bird and bat boxes.

£9,959 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jun 2008 Space

This group supports parents of children with attention deficit disorder, autistic spectrum disorder and challenging behaviour through education and encouragement. They will train members, establish a sessional counselling role, train in family therapy cou

£5,850 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Apr 2008 Court of King Zog Research Society

'The Court of King Zog In Exile'

£29,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Feb 2008 Asheridge Vale and Lowndes Community Association

This residents groups would use a grant to refurbish Wallington House and purchase materials to encourage use of the house by members of the community.

£6,710 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
19 Nov 2007 Raans Gymnastics Club

This gymnastics club, which was originally a mainly boys club, has expanded over recent years to become a mixed club. However the girls section is lacking equipment and they are not being taught to the same level as the boys. This funding will enable th

£9,882 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Aug 2007 Chesham Town Council

Chesham Town Council will use an award to organise events to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the granting of the town's market and fair. The main event will be a medieval street market and mock battle. To complement the event, students will work with a

£6,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
31 May 2007 Ley Hill School

This school will create a pond and marsh area, a nature trail and various wildlife habitats.

£5,752 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jan 2007 Space

Space Will Create A Website And Introducing Various Publications.

£3,500 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
19 Dec 2006 Moonrakers Badminton Club

A Project To Promote The Membership Of This Club In London By Distributing Publicity Material At Local Sport Centres And Community Spaces. A Coach Will Be Hired To Train New And Existing Members And Suitable Equipment Will Be Bought To Accommodate New Mem

£9,730 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Oct 2006 Bucks Junior Basketball League

This Project Is To Hold Development Days During Which Members Will Receive Specialist Coaching.

£9,500 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Sep 2006 Deaf Womens Health Organisation

This Project Is To Organise And Stage A Two Day Conference For Deaf Women Promoting A Range Of Health Information.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Sep 2006 The Little Theatre Trust

The Trustees Of This Theatre Will Carry Out Refurbishments, Including New Floors, Asbestos Removal, Roof Repairs, Interior Panelling And Painting, And Plumbing To Provide A Safe And Comfortable Environment For Its Members.

£9,954 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Aug 2006 St Leonards Parish Hall

This Group Would Use The Grant To Upgrade The Existing Central Heating System To Replace The Existing Cast Iron Radiators Which A Recent Health And Safety Audit Has Identified As Hazardous To Young Children.

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Jun 2006 Chiltern Arts Forum

This group acts as a focal point for all individuals and organisations who has an interest and involvement in arts. This project is to improve and modify their website and to produce leaflets which will support the publicity of this facility.

£4,214 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 May 2006 Ballinger Waggoners Cricket Club

This Award Will Allow The Cricket Club To Run Specialist Coaching Courses For All Its Members To Enable Them To Play At A More Advanced Level. It Will Also Provide Improved Playing Facilities By Renovating The Playing Surface.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
28 Apr 2006 St Marys Pre-School

With Help From A Lottery Grant St Mary'S Pre-School Will Provide New Learning Opportunities And Better Facilities For Children, Staff And Volunteers. New Computer Equipment And Educational Software Will Help The Children To Develop Their It Skills Alongsi

£4,918 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Apr 2006 The Chiltern Society

Chiltern Society Development Project

£25,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Apr 2006 named individual

Ultramaroon Cannes Bursary

£250 UK Film Council
10 Mar 2006 Voluntary Action Chiltern and South Bucks

With Help From A Lottery Grant Voluntary Action Chiltern And South Bucks Will Develop A New Training Programme For Voluntary Groups That Use The Service. The New Programme Will Help These Groups To Improve Their Recruitment And Management Of Volunteers.

£4,815 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 Mar 2006 Chiltern Youth Matters (Way In)

Chiltern Youth Matters (Way In) Provides Counselling Services To Young People. The Group Has Recently Relocated To Town Centre Premises And This Has Greatly Increased The Number Of People Wanting To Access The Services. A Lottery Award Will Pay For Addi

£4,200 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
8 Feb 2006 named individual


£200 UK Film Council
23 Jan 2006 Chesham Town Jitsu Club

With help from a Lottery grant Chesham Jitsu Club will actively promote the club through public demonstrations, free personal safety courses and taster sessions to help increase the number of members. The club will also buy new mats and training equipment

£3,442 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Dec 2005 Chesham & District Community Association

With Help From A Lottery Grant The Group Will Install A Platform Lift To The First Floor Of The White Hill Centre, Which Will Allow Older People And Those With Disabilities Full Access To The Centre'S Facilities.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Dec 2005 Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau

With A Lottery Grant The Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau Will Provide A New Multi-Line Telephone Advice Service In Its New Outreach Office, Which Is Being Set-Up In Amersham. The Project Will Give The Bureau Increased Telephone Capacity In Supporting Acce

£4,929 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Dec 2005 Chiltern Dial a Ride Ltd

Chiltern Dial A Ride provides a door-to-door community transport scheme for people of all ages with mobility problems that prevent them from using or even getting to public transport. The group will build on its success and will expand its service to a ne

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
2 Sep 2005 named individual

Fish Can't Fly

£2,750 UK Film Council
1 Jun 2005 Chesham Town Council

Lowndes Park Project Plan

£41,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 May 2005 Czechoslovak Government-in-Exile Research Group

The Czechoslovak Government-In-Exile Research Group will use a grant to research and create a book that will record the role and legacy of the Czech Government in exile during WW2. This will entail interviews with a large number of Veterans living in the

£18,500 New Opportunities Fund
10 May 2005 Chiltern Racial Equality Council

The project will encourage the integration of ethnic minority communities in Chiltern by raising awareness of their needs among statutory and voluntary agencies through community led groups.

£129,167 Community Fund
23 Feb 2005 Broadway Baptist Church

Disabled Access And Facilities Will Be Improved In The Church'S Meeting Rooms To Ensure That Disabled People And People With Mobility Problems Can Access The Current Clubs. The Church Runs Coffee Morning And Lunches For The Elderly Or Disabled And Aim To

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Feb 2005 Structures Theatre Company

Structures Theatre Company Will Perform 'Structures', A Play With Dramatic And Educational Appeal To Young People. Alongside The Play The Group Will Run A Series Of Workshops For 15 Young People To Help Them Write And Perform Their Own Play. It Will Also

£3,435 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 Nov 2004 Chesham 1879 Lawn Tennis and Squash Club

Development of Floodlit Clay Tennis Courts & Improvements to Existing Pavilion

£62,800 Sport England
18 Oct 2004 Chesham 1879 Lawn Tennis and Squash Club

With A Lottery Award This Club Will Introduce Mini-Squash And Establish Links With Local Schools In Order To Attract New Members And Expand Its Junior Section. Coaching Sessions Will Be Given And Club Standards Raised Through Volunteer Coaches Being Train

£1,614 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 Aug 2004 Pond Park Community Association

This Association will organise new structured sporting activities for the young people of the Pond Park area. Regular sessions in football, basketball, cricket and rounders will be led by fully qualified coaches paid for with a Lottery grant. Competitions

£3,728 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Apr 2004 Chesham Town Council

The Town Council Is Organising The Youth Activities For The Biennial Chesham Festival. It Will Engage Sign Dance Collective To Run Theatre Workshops And Soundstudio Who Will Give Young People The Chance To Develop Dj And Mc Skills. It Will Also Stage A Ba

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
7 Apr 2004 Ballinger Waggoners Cricket Club

The Club Will Install 2 Bays Of Cricket Nets And Provide Its Coaches And Volunteers With Extra Training. More People, With A Focus On Juniors, Will Be Able To Take Part In Coaching Sessions. Club Coaches Skills Will Be Increased Enabling Them To Coach A

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Feb 2004 Chiltern Dial a Ride Ltd

The grant means the group can offer an improved community transport service. This will enable elderly and disabled people without a car to travel and remain active and independent in the community. This one year grant will contribute to the purchase of

£54,000 Community Fund
4 Jun 2003 61 Judo Club

This Club Are Providing Additional Sessions To Enable Older Juniors And Adults To Participate. This Will Not Only Enable Them To Retain The Younger Members But Also Enable More Young People To Take Part Through Active Promotion.

£3,804 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
7 May 2003 named individual

Organic Waste

£500 UK Film Council
22 Jan 2003 Ballinger Waggoners Cricket Club

This Club Provides Facilities For The Playing Of Cricket And Related Social Activities. The Project Is To Purchase And Install An Artificial Cricket Pitch To Cope With A Significant Increase In The Number Of Teams Running In The 2003 Season. There Will

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
3 Jul 2002 Chesham Cricket Club

This Club Was Formed In 1848 And Provides Facilities And Support For Cricket Players In Chesham. This Project Is To Install A New Set Of Nets With A Non-Turf Surface Increasing The Amount Of Playing Time.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
5 Dec 2001 Chiltern and South Bucks Council for Voluntary Service

The Project Aims To Establish The New Cvs For Chiltern And South Bucks To Support, Develop And Represent The 500 Voluntary And Community Groups In The Area. The Organisation Will Provide Information And Advice, Seminars, Training Courses, Networking Oppor

£172,451 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 St Clement Danes School Volleyball Club

An Award Implements A Project To Develop/Enhance Skills Of Exisiting Members And Encourage More Local Children To Become Involved In Volleyball.

£1,350 Sport England
7 Mar 2001 Hawridge & Cholesbury Commons Preservation Society


£13,926 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Aug 2000 Ley Hill War Memorial Institute Hall

This group manages the village hall in Ley Hill, Buckinghamshire. They will restore the village pond by working with experts to excavate and re-line the pond in order to do this and improve the local environment. The award is for excavation and puddling,

£4,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Aug 2000 Chesham High School

This group is a school that will provide an extra curricular hockey club. Their project is to organise and run regular hockey coaching for the team on a local astroturf. The award is for a goal-keeping kit, hockey balls and sticks, Astroturf bookings, co

£3,020 Sport England
5 Jul 2000 Chesham Youth Centre

This group provides recreational activities for young people. They are setting up a Cyber Cafe. The award is for the purchase of computers, monitors and software.

£5,000 Community Fund
24 May 2000 Chesham Festival Theatre

This Group Provides Support For Joint Projects Involving 5 Theatrical Groups. It Promotes Cooperation Between Participating Companies And Widens The Interest In Drama In The Local Community. The Project Involves Taking Part In The Chesham Festival 2000. E

£800 Arts Council England
17 Apr 2000 Ley Hill Cricket Club

New Cricket Club Pavilion

£86,638 Sport England
18 Jun 1999 Buckinghamshire County Library

Buckinghamshire Historical Childrens Book Collection

£124,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Sep 1998 Bellingdon and Asheridge Village Hall

This is a project to repair and renew the roof of the village hall. The grant, over one year, will pay for the roofing works.

£6,500 Community Fund
30 Sep 1998 Ley Hill War Memorial Institute Hall

A project to replace a village hall. The grant, over one year, will pay for building construction and fitting out of the new hall.

£160,000 Community Fund
26 Mar 1998 Chesham & District Community Association

This project is to renew windows and frames in this large community centre to reduce heating costs and vandalism. The one year grant will pay for double glazed units throughout the building, a former school built in 1890.

£32,900 Community Fund
18 Sep 1997 Chiltern Voluntary Services

The project is to develop this umbrella group's services for the voluntary sector. The three year grant will pay for the refurbishment and equipping of a training room, salaries of part-time staff and running costs.

£70,103 Community Fund
11 Jun 1997 Elle M Theatre Company

Never Trust Anyone Who Wears Suede Shoes

£5,000 Arts Council England
11 Jun 1997 Marais Ensemble

Opus No. 200

£1,750 Arts Council England
19 Mar 1997 Tryad Youth Theatre

The Legend of King Arthur - The Tour

£2,080 Arts Council England
11 Dec 1995 Chess Valley Sports And Leisure Asscn

To extend the existing facilities for multi-sports use

£182,339 Sport England