Lottery grants awarded to Eastbourne, South East in 2015

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
14 Dec 2015 English in the Community

This charity will use the funding to run an intergenerational project to improve community engagement for older people who lack confidence and have health problems and young adults who are underachievers or socially disadvantaged. This will provide a programme of courses including IT, communication, presentation skills, confidence building and decision making activities to improve the mental health and well being of people who are socially isolated or disadvantaged within the community.

£9,949 Big Lottery Fund
20 Nov 2015 Christ Church with St Philip PCC

This organisation will use the funding to install a new floor within the church community environment to meet the needs of the wider community and specifically those who are homeless. This will enable the organisation to run social and learning sessions, provide meals, volunteering opportunities and a food bank service for those who are homeless or vulnerable within the community.

£2,106 Big Lottery Fund
1 Nov 2015 The Bridgemere Centre

The organisation will use the funding to replace the old IT system in the centre and install a new CCTV surveillance system to protect against criminal damage to the property. This will enable the organisation to provide further marketing opportunities as well as ensure the centre remains a safe space.

£9,998 Big Lottery Fund
14 Oct 2015 Wish Tower Friends

The organisation will use the funding to provide 10 creative workshops,trips to cultural centres, establish an online community and an exhibition that will document their trips. This will enable the organisation increase capacity for community engagement, to address isolation or dislocation caused by social, ethnic or economic circumstances, to encourage more active citizens working together to tackle issues within the community and to providing people with media and online skills.

£9,650 Big Lottery Fund
13 Oct 2015 Community Stuff C.I.C

The organisation will use the funding to re-open and operate a cafe form the local Children?s Centre. This will enable the organisation to provide a healthy community hub, bringing local residents together to eat and socialise, whilst inspiring the community to eat more healthy food. This will encourage families to cook good food at home in a region that has high rates of obesity amongst children, whilst addressing concerns regarding social isolation amongst new mothers in this ethnically diverse community.

£9,933 Big Lottery Fund
5 Oct 2015 Royal Hippodrome Theatre Eastbourne

What a Gay Play !

£15,000 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Judith Alder

The New Immortals exhibition

£15,000 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Managing-Bipolar C.I.C.

The organisation will use the funding to run awareness sessions and educate the friends, family and carers of those with Bipolar Affective Disorder. This will provide a programme of techniques to educate and raise awareness of a chronic mental health condition which will support people with Bipolar and inform and educate their extended families, friends and carers to improve all of their lives.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
10 Sep 2015 Care for the Carers

The organisation will use the funding to deliver a 25th anniversary celebration event to thank local carers and volunteers for their support and hard work. This will enable the group to raise awareness of issues facing carers, as well as celebrate their roles and responsibilities with a fun event bringing together carers, their families and the wider community.

£3,747 Big Lottery Fund
9 Sep 2015 Jenny Williams

What Difference Does Difference Make 2015

£15,000 Arts Council England
27 Jul 2015 Eastbourne PALS

The Day Sussex Died

£9,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Jul 2015 Medi Tech Trust

The funding will be used to buy IT, office and media equipment and improve the website. This will help improve services and support on medical issues to help encourage local communities to make healthier lifestyle choices.

£9,989 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jun 2015 St Thomas A Becket Catholic Infant School

The funding will be used to install play equipment within the school grounds. This will provide a safe environment and challenging play facilities to help improve the children?s confidence and physical and social development.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
12 Jun 2015 Eastbourne Citizens Advice Bureau

The organisation will use the funding to upgrade computers and replace chairs and desks. This will enable the provision of a more reliable and consistent service, will provide a better environment for volunteers and be more welcoming to clients.

£9,400 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jun 2015 The Maritime Volunteer Service, East Sussex Sovereign Harbou

The organisation will use the funding to replace and install navigation and cabin equipment on a ship used for training and rescue purposes, and to fund berthing fee and volunteer costs and recruitment. This will enable the organisation to offer training and opportunities to the community, including Sea Scouts and Sea Cadets and those who are NEET or displaying anti social behaviour, and to use the boat in maritime emergencies.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
2 Jun 2015 Stephen Spender Trust

The Big Translate

£4,300 Arts Council England
22 May 2015 Gildredge Park Bowling Club

Pavilion Extension

£75,000 Sport England
13 May 2015 Vanessa Brooks


£10,140 Arts Council England
10 May 2015 Eastbourne Voluntary Lifeguards

The organisation will use the funding to build capacity for their organisation by purchasing an indoor rescue boat and providing training for their volunteers. This will provide the vehicle resources and training for their volunteers to enable them to provide daily voluntary patrols during the school holidays and expand their current patrol zone.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2015 Families for Autism Limited

Autism Football

£4,363 Sport England
2 Apr 2015 Hampden Park Community Association

The organisation will use the funding to refurbish tow rooms of their community centre with kitchen and refreshment facilities. This will enable more community groups to use the facilities, including the local pre-school, families and people with disabilities.

£2,278 Big Lottery Fund
18 Mar 2015 Eastbourne Borough Council

Redoubt - Unlocking the Story of Eastbourne

£1,267,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Mar 2015 Hearing Link

The group will use the funding to deliver a number of events aimed at people struggling with hearing loss. This will help develop their skills in re-engaging with their community and improve their standard of life.

£9,770 Big Lottery Fund
4 Mar 2015 Lisa Dart

This Thing of Darkness ( book)

£2,699 Arts Council England
27 Feb 2015 Embrace East Sussex

This voluntary organisation will use the funding to run support groups and clubs out of school hours for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs across East Sussex. This will provide fun, stimulating and creative activities for children to aid their development and a support network for parents.

£9,940 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jan 2015 Act On It

Along the Prom

£32,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Jan 2015 Rude Mechanical Theatre Co, The

The Comedy of Babi Babbett

£15,000 Arts Council England
6 Jan 2015 Eastbourne Gilbert and Sullivan Society

The organisation will use the funding to run community singing workshops for older and isolated people in the local area. This will provide opportunities for isolated people in the local community to get together through outreach workshops in an effort to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund