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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Feb 2017 Fight Bladder Cancer

This is a project by a charity based in South Oxfordshire, benefiting people throughout England. The organisation will use the funding to train volunteers as peer-mentors, 'Bladder Buddies', and to create five support groups, ?Bladder Cancer Fight Clubs?, for people diagnosed with bladder cancer, their families and carers. This will provide peer mentoring and support, information and advice for participants to help aid their recovery, reduce their isolation and improve their wellbeing.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 Oct 2016 Chilterns Conservation Board

Chalk, Cherries and Chairs - Central Chilterns Landscape Partnership

£2,181,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Sep 2016 Chinnor Parish Council

The organisation will use the funding to complete a neighbourhood development plan for the local Parish community to look at the infrastructure and amenities required. This will provide the resources and documents to engage with the local village and ensure they have a say in the development of their community, looking at particular housing needs and economic, social and environmental issues of their local village community with a view to restore community cohesion.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jan 2016 Chilterns Conservation Board

Beacons of the Past - Hillforts in the Chilterns Landscape

£745,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Sep 2015 St Andrew?s Church of England Primary School

The organisation will use the funding to build a permanent gazebo structure. During extreme weather conditions the organisation will be able to offer outdoor play and learning experiences for pupils at the school, a congregation area for parents and the wider community will also benefit from a flexible space when using the school facilities. The gazebo will provide a central location to sign post local events, thus engaging the wider community.

£9,590 Big Lottery Fund
5 Feb 2015 Chinnor Parish Council

Chinnor Community Club

£237,000 Sport England
1 Dec 2014 Chinnor Parish Council

This is a project by a parish council in Chinnor in Oxfordshire. The organisation will use the funding to install an outdoor fitness area on a public playing field near an existing children?s play area. This will enable the group to provide an accessible and free physical activity facility for young people, adults and older people, encouraging greater use of the site and participation in fitness activities.

£5,148 Big Lottery Fund
18 Sep 2012 Chilterns Conservation Board

Chilterns Box Wood

£79,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Mar 2010 Chilterns Conservation Board

Chilterns Commons Project

£436,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Nov 2009 Sydenham Old School Room

This group will use an award to decorate their recently refurbished hall internally and externally, and purchase a catering dishwasher and radiator covers.

£4,425 Big Lottery Fund
12 May 2008 SeeSaw

This group support children and young people who have suffered or are about to suffer a bereavement. They will use the funding to advertise their new volunteer recruitment campaign which will include the production of a fundraiser pack, banners and flyers

£6,200 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 Jan 2007 Chilterns Conservation Board

People and Places of the Chiltern Hills

£13,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Dec 2005 The Reading Room

The Reading Room Provides A Meeting Place For All Residents In And Around Chinnor. With Help From A Lottery Grant The Group Will Install A Hearing Loop System. This Will Help To Improve This Community Facility And Mean That The Many Local Groups That Use

£2,296 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
21 Sep 2005 Chiltern Woodlands Project Ltd

Special Trees and Woods of the Chilterns

£268,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 May 2005 Children In Touch 1978

The project will set up groups for young people and young adults who have Aspergers Syndrome. The project will also provide an annual play scheme for children with Aspergers, and will produce an information pack for parents and organisations who need to a

£89,292 Community Fund
10 May 2005 Chilterns Conservation Board

Getting Close to Nature

£48,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2005 Abingdon Fencing Club

With A Lottery Award This Fencing Club Will Buy More Equipment To Allow New People To Take Up The Sport. Taster Sessions By Qualified Coaches Will Be Run Along With Promotion Of The Sport At Local Events To Encourage Wider Participation.

£4,550 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Apr 2004 Chinnor Parish Council

The Parish Council Will Renew And Extend Its Playground Which Is 20 Years Old In Danger Of Closure Due To Health And Safety Reasons. The New Playground Will Provide A Range Of Activities For Children Aged 2 - 12 Years Including Equipment Accessible For C

£4,847 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
9 Jan 2004 The Chinnor & District University of the Third Age

The U3a Will Buy Multi-Media Equipment To Raise The Quality And Broaden The Range Of Lectures And Seminars The Group Currently Offer. Members Will Be Encouraged To Learn How To Use The Equipment And New Members Can Be Easily Accommodated.

£4,658 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
11 Sep 2003 Oxfordshire Schools Badminton Association

This Association Has Been In Existence Since 1968 Promoting The Sport To Schoolchildren In Oxfordshire. This Project Will Develop The Group By Providing Equipment, Coaching And Facilities Allowing Additional Age Ranges To Be Incorporated Into The Associat

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
16 Oct 2002 Chinnor Golden Jubilee Garden Group

This Group Have Been Established To Provide A Lasting Memorial To Commemorate The Queens Golden Jubilee. The Project Is To Create A Jubilee Landscaped Garden On A Grassed Area In The Village, With The Local Community Actively Participating In The Plantin

£4,470 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
16 Oct 2002 St Andrews Community Association

This Charity Provides The Inhabitants Of Chinnor And Surrounds With Social Welfare, A Community/Youth Centre And Day Care Facilities For The Elderly. It Will Hold An Inter-Generational Arts Project Linking 10 Members Of Chinnor Day Centre With 10 Childre

£2,740 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
31 Jan 2002 Children In Touch 1978

The project is to fund a Family Services Development Officer who will co-ordinate and provide services for families of children and young people who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The grant, over three years, will fully fund a full time Family Developme

£128,642 Community Fund
26 Sep 2001 The Village Nursery School

The project will enable this nursery school to provide a safe outside play area which will assist in the ongoing physical development of young children by encouraging them to exercise.

£1,810 Community Fund
18 Jul 2001 The Reading Room

This group provide a meeting room in the village of Chinnor that is used for public meetings, local concerts and reading. This project is to improve the facility through the installation of heating. The award is for the installation of a gas supply and me

£4,994 Community Fund
16 Aug 2000 Chinnor Women's Institute

This group is a branch of the women's institute that provides facilities for women of all ages to meet and communicate with one another. This is done through discussion forums visiting speakers and educational programs. Their project is to purchase a pub

£1,021 Community Fund
8 Dec 1999 The Chinnor & District University of the Third Age

This group aims to advance the education of the public in particular the education of middle aged and older people who are not in full time gainful employment. The group have recently been set up and require equipment in order for them to run efficientl

£3,477 Community Fund
1 Sep 1999 Mill Lane Badminton Club

This group provides social and league badminton for senior members. They have recently begun coaching for a junior group. The project is to hire better facilities for coaching a larger number of junior members. The award is for the hire of a four court sp

£1,200 Sport England
27 Apr 1999 Thame And District PHAB Club

This group brings physically disabled people into close association with able bodied people and provides a range of recreation and leisure time activities for its members. The grant will pay for an activity holiday, including transport and hire of special

£4,271 Community Fund