Lottery grants awarded to Southampton in 2015

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
23 Nov 2015 The Kala Chethena Kathakali Troupe

Kathakali and Carnival Come Together

£52,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Oct 2015 A Space Arts

The Sorting Office - Artistic & Financial Progress

£47,487 Arts Council England
28 Oct 2015 Southampton City Council

Southampton City Council

£77,500 Big Lottery Fund
15 Sep 2015 Chris Cudlip

A sculptural installation of coccolithophores.

£6,990 Arts Council England
4 Aug 2015 Social Enterprise Link (Wessex) CIC

The funding will be used to bring together other local social enterprises through a series of specialist and community workshops discussing initiatives, sharing learning and raising awareness of their work. The project aims to help local social enterprises to grow and thrive.

£9,245 Big Lottery Fund
4 Aug 2015 Southampton City Council

Southampton City Council

£288,712 Big Lottery Fund
4 Aug 2015 Southampton Water Polo Club

Water Polo Scorebaord and shot clocks

£1,500 Sport England
31 Jul 2015 Voice FM Limited

The funding will be used to provide weekly workshops covering a range of skills to young people who are not in employment, education or training. Sessions will include photography, journalism, filming, public speaking and core employability skills such as interview techniques and CV writing culminating in a showcase event. The project aims to help young people to improve their prospects.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jul 2015 Vermont School

This special school will use the funding to install play and fitness equipment for children. This will enable children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties to have structured play and an outlet for excess energy, alleviating playtime disruption.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jul 2015 West Itchen Community Trust Limited

The funding will be used to recruit and train street champions to engage the local community. The street champions will act as a bridge between different areas, bringing communities together to address issues and problems and bring them to the attention of local service providers including the police and local authority.

£9,712 Big Lottery Fund

The organisation will use the funding to run activities for new service users, start a wellness recovery action plan group and monthly mindfulness club and deliver events. This will improve the services of the organisation, provide volunteering opportunities, and creative learning activities for vulnerable people with mental health issues, to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jun 2015 HERTA (Holyrood Estate Residents' and Tenants' Association)

The organisation will use the funding to run a programme of summer activities including sports, theatre workshops, swimming sessions and social activities for tenants living in a marginalised diverse community impacted by issues linked to poverty, family and community relationships. This will provide sports, creative, social and recreational activities for the community of a social housing estate; with a view to improving community relationships, cohesion and addressing issues linked to poverty.

£4,695 Big Lottery Fund
25 Jun 2015 Maritime Archaeology Trust (Hampshire & Wight Trust for Mari

Push the boat out: navigating future funding for the Maritime Archaeology Trust

£85,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2015 Itchen Imperial Rowing Club

Flood defence and repairs at Itchen Imperial Rowing Club

£13,280 Sport England
8 Jun 2015 North Baddesley Parish Council

The organisation will use the funding to work in partnership with other youth organisations to employ a youth development worker on a sessional basis to develop a drop in youth club for young people where they can access services and professional guidance and advice on employment, culture and tackle anti-social behaviour. Community youth development worker costs.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 May 2015 City Life Church Southampton

The City Life Church Southampton (CLCS) aims to relieve financial hardship and to promote and preserve good health through the provision of education, skills training and support for marginalised groups of refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants in Southampton. Their beneficiaries often face issues of destitution, homelessness, poor housing and unemployment, lack of education, debt, physical/mental health problems, isolation, discrimination and racial abuse.

£406,450 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2015 2nd Woolston Guides

The organisation will use the funding to carry out flooring repair works and refurbishment to their guide and community hut. This will make safe the community hub which is damaged by water ingress into the hall and provide a safe and accessible hall for the guides and wider community use.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 May 2015 Arts Agency with Basingstoke Multicultural Forum


£5,500 Arts Council England
6 May 2015 Yvon Bonenfant

Hands on Your Vibrating Voice: R&D

£14,788 Arts Council England
5 May 2015 Shirley Warren Action Community Youth Cafe

The organisation will use the funding to purchase some additional IT, sewing and cookery equipment in order that they can expand their current facilities offering practical skills to young people who are hard to reach and do not have academic qualifications. This will provide resources and alternative training for young people who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and enable them to gain non transferable skills to give them better chances in life.

£9,834 Big Lottery Fund
1 May 2015 Parent Support Link

This is the continuation of a project in the Southampton area which aims to continue supporting the family and friends of people who use drugs and alcohol. Those caring for individuals who are using or misusing substances can lead stressful lives leading to anxiety and ill health and providing support can help reduce stress and prepare individuals to reduce the harmful effect. They also feel isolated due to caring commitments.

£291,358 Big Lottery Fund
24 Apr 2015 Southampton City Council

Playing Pitch Strategy

£10,000 Sport England
8 Apr 2015 Kala Chethena Kathakali Company


£14,950 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2015 Awaaz FM Community Radio CIC

The organisation will use the funding to hold weekly scheduled radio programs with people who are affected by cancer and the general public. This will encourage meaningful dialogue between the community and those affected by cancer to help promote awareness and understanding and remove stigma associated with the illness in the BME community, encouraging more people to seek help, providing them with mentoring support, and access to appropriate interventions and support services.

£8,755 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2015 Artswork Limited

Application for NPO funding 2015-2018 (Bridge)

£4,558,191 Arts Council England
11 Mar 2015 SoCo Music Project

Making Music Happen!

£165,960 Arts Council England
10 Mar 2015 Ricky Tart

I read the news show development

£13,346 Arts Council England
3 Mar 2015 Shirley Warren Action Community Let Your Light Shine

This is is an application by an unregistered organisation in Southampton. The organisation will use the funding to provide fortnightly meetings, walking trips and a free telephone helpline for survivors of child sex abuse. This will enable survivors to access support, build coping strategies and raise self esteem.

£9,839 Big Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2015 Breakout Youth

This is a project by a registered charity in Southampton. The organisation will use the funding to develop their youth support services including providing guest speakers at group meetings, activity days and one to one support. This will provide a support network for vulnerable young people from the LGBT community, learning opportunities and activities to help improve their confidence and self esteem enabling them to become active members of the community.

£9,999 Big Lottery Fund
11 Feb 2015 Laurie Stras

Hearing the convent: Renaissance motets for nuns

£6,417 Arts Council England
13 Jan 2015 Yvon Bonenfant

Your Voice: Tissues, Talking Fingers and Goo - R&D

£14,984 Arts Council England