Lottery grants awarded to Thanet, South East in 2017

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
3 Jan 2017 Broadstairs Folk Week

Folk Week Audience Development

£14,596 Arts Council England
25 Jan 2017 Dawn Cole

From Wasteland to Wasteland

£8,010 Arts Council England
25 Jan 2017 Resort Studios

Organisational Development

£15,000 Arts Council England
25 Jan 2017 Estelle Rosenfeld


£14,891 Arts Council England
14 Mar 2017 1927


£49,940 Arts Council England
15 Mar 2017 Mischievous Theatre

Utter Thanet Research and Development

£14,756 Arts Council England
22 Mar 2017 The Margate Bookie

The Margate Bookie

£14,950 Arts Council England
29 Mar 2017 Tulin Williams


£8,379 Arts Council England
29 Mar 2017 Karen Shepherdson

The Welcome Rest On-the-Road: Grizedale Forest

£3,240 Arts Council England
10 May 2017 Oliver Briggs

My Margate

£2,857 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 CWISL

ShoutSouth! 2017

£10,480 Arts Council England
22 May 2017 Ramsgate Arts

Ramsgate Festival 2017

£47,952 Arts Council England
21 Jun 2017 Kate De Syllas

Supported Residency Programme at Hantverk and Found

£9,240 Arts Council England
28 Jun 2017 Holly Slingsby

Knotted Mass II

£4,879 Arts Council England
19 Jul 2017 Matt Lewis

South East Future Sounds

£15,000 Arts Council England
20 Jul 2017 Jordan Lennie

pink suits #1

£6,000 Arts Council England
25 Jul 2017 Waugh Office

Leaving Language in a Japanese Limosuine

£15,000 Arts Council England
28 Jul 2017 Nancy Hirst

Research and Development Trip - Chile

£3,566 Arts Council England
2 Aug 2017 Lara Clifton

Pilot for Screaming Alley a proposed performance arts and production studio in Ramsgate

£9,000 Arts Council England
11 Sep 2017 POW! Thanet

POW! Thanet 2018

£44,994 Arts Council England
12 Sep 2017 Kirsty Housley

Resistance RandD

£14,000 Arts Council England
4 Oct 2017 Oliver Briggs

The Margate Exchange

£11,724 Arts Council England
18 Oct 2017 Tom Adams


£10,239 Arts Council England
25 Oct 2017 Estelle Rosenfeld

Inside Production

£14,314 Arts Council England
6 Jan 2017 Palm Bay Primary School

This project will deliver a 12 week active citizenship programme for the benefit of their pupils and pupils from local schools. This will engage them in politics and current affairs, encourage them to consider how they can shape the future and bring the community together.

£3,430 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jan 2017 Speak Up CIC

This project will provide a weekly drop in group for mental health service users at a resource centre in Sandwich. This will aim to aid recovery and support independent living by coordinating a peer support network.

£9,952 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jan 2017 RISE Kent

This project will continue to provide a range of therapeutic activities and access to self- help resources to support to female adult survivors of sexual trauma. This will provide them with a range of support mechanisms, including peer support to improve their confidence, self-esteem, emotional well-being and reduce social isolation.

£5,322 Big Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2017 Citizens Advice Thanet

This project will provide laptops that will enable the organisation to improve their outreach support, by working from a variety of locations within the local community. This will enhance their advice service by reaching more people, including those based in isolated areas or those with limited mobility, and providing staff with online training opportunities.

£7,363 Big Lottery Fund
21 Feb 2017 Parent, Teachers, Friends Association of St Anthony's School

The funding will be used to run a variety of creative projects including aerosol art, dance activities and a theatre trip for pupils who have social, emotional, mental health and behavioural difficulties. The project aims to provide a diversion to anti-social behaviour and raise the aspirations of young people.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2017 Thanet Volunteer Bureau

This group will continue to develop its work to reduce social isolation in older people by offering a variety of services, enabling older people to remain independent in their own homes. The group will provide a variety of activities, including a volunteer befriending scheme, social events and transport for the least mobile and most socially isolated.

£312,217 Big Lottery Fund
2 Mar 2017 St Anthony's School

This organisation will use the funding to run a number of courses for children with special needs, supporting their life skills, mental health and resilience.

£9,900 Big Lottery Fund
9 Mar 2017 Louie's Helping Hands

This organisation will use the funding to develop their services through business and infrastructure training. They will also provide regular activities, including hydrotherapy and sensory music interaction, for the benefit of children with multi-sensory impairments and physical disabilities.

£9,074 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2017 Round in Circles C.I.C.

This funding will be used to run a series of dance related workshops and activities for the benefit of the local diverse community, culminating in the creation of a locally produced film. This will bring the community together, including migrants, older people and those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, with the aim of improving interaction and reducing social isolation and prejudice.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 Mar 2017 Westgate Youth Project

This organisation will use the funding to pilot an additional evening of youth activities aimed at young people with hidden disabilities, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism. This will engage them in positive activities, raise aspirations and reduce social isolation.

£8,854 Big Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2017 Beyond The Page Ltd

This group will expand their project, aiming to contribute to a stronger, happier local community by breaking down barriers of language and cultural differences through increasing the skills and confidence of migrant women so they can become engaged in the community. Language barriers are the key issue between understanding between parents and schools, therefore group sessions will provide interactive learning, build confidence, and trust by getting to know school staff and other people in the community.

£198,032 Big Lottery Fund
24 Apr 2017 St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School

This school will use the funding to purchase a range of outdoor gym equipment and surfacing for the benefit of pupils. This will engage them in physical activities with the aim of boosting fitness and reducing obesity.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jun 2017 Monkton Parish Council

This project will improve the play equipment and security in the children?s play area within Monkton recreation ground. This will provide a safe and secure play area for children living in a village community and combat anti-social behaviour.

£5,500 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jul 2017 Dalby Square Project

This project will organise a range of community gardening events, including fun days and litter picking activities. This will provide an opportunity for the diverse local community to come together to improve the local environment, encourage integration and restore community pride.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Mar 2017 St Saviour Church PCC

Clerestory window and Rainwater goods restoration project and extending of facilities for the provision of heritage

£163,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Mar 2017 St Saviour Church PCC, Westgate-on-Sea

Clerestory window and Rainwater goods restoration project and extending of facilities for the provision of heritage

£163,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Mar 2017 Margate Yacht Club

Increase and Sustain Sailing Participation and Volunteering

£9,455 Sport England
7 Apr 2017 "The Zone Youth Club, Broadstairs"

Park Summer Sports @ The Zone Youth Club

£9,250 Sport England