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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
30 May 2017 Carolyn Black

River Severn Stories

£4,383 Arts Council England
24 Apr 2017 Newnham St Peter's C of E Primary School

Children?s fitness and wellbeing will be improved with this funding by creating a new outdoor play area.

£8,950 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jun 2015 CARA

This project provides counselling, advocacy and emotional support for women across mid and north Essex who have experienced sexual violence. The grant will fund a women?s practitioner and a specialist advocate to support victims through the criminal justice system, including reporting the crime to the police. Counselling will focus on understanding that sexual violence is a crime of power and control, rather than the victim?s behaviour. There will also be drop-in and telephone services, and home outreach.

£480,532 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2015 Dean Forest Food Hub

The group will use the funding to organise a day in which local food growers and producers open up their kitchens and farms to the local community. This will demonstrate that local and healthy food is affordable and will encourage the community to eat healthier to prevent obesity.

£5,121 Big Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2015 Carolyn Black

Story of Objects discovery phase

£14,820 Arts Council England
4 Mar 2014 Carolyn Black

Friction - where fact and fiction meet through art

£15,850 Arts Council England
28 May 2013 The 3 Counties Branch of MGA

This is a project by a community organisation in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The group will use the funding to build capacity and improve the way in which it delivers its activities for rurally isolated service users living with long term health issu

£5,970 Big Lottery Fund
19 Dec 2012 Carolyn Black

flow contemporary arts projects (FCAP) R&D

£9,000 Arts Council England
6 Jun 2012 Flaxley Schoolroom Village Hall

This is a project by a charity in Flaxley, Gloucestershire. The group will use the funding to undertake repairs to the village hall. This will improve the condition of the hall, making it more attractive, and increasing the number of users.

£5,385 Big Lottery Fund
21 Dec 2007 PCC of Flaxley

St Mary the Virgin Church

£33,203 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Jan 2007 Clifton Diocesan Trust

A Church Will Be Re-Designed To Convert Part Of It Into A Church Hall. As Part Of Their Improvements They Will Replace Existing Pews With Regular Chairs For Social Functions To Go Ahead As Well As Enabling Local Community Groups To Use The Hall As A Regul

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
7 Nov 2006 Forest Of Dean Sculpture Trust

Stand and Stare II

£25,000 Arts Council England
8 Dec 2005 Myasthenia Gravis Association

Specialist CD ROMS about Myasthenia Gravis will be distributed to raise awareness among medical professionals.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Jul 2005 Flaxley Schoolroom Village Hall

Flaxley Schoolroom Village Hall in the Forest of Dean have been awarded a grant to enable them to carry out a range of activities as part of their commemoration and celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the end of WW2. The project will encompass a street

£6,228 New Opportunities Fund
17 Mar 2005 Westbury-on-Severn Short Mat Bowls Club

This New Club Will Purchase Bowls Equipment To Enable Them To Establish Themselves.

£1,264 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Nov 2004 Flaxley Schoolroom Village Hall

The Award Will Allow The Group To Complete Building Works On Its Toilet Facilities, Including Installing A New Septic Tank System.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Mar 2004 Skaters of Newnham Group

A New Skate Park Will Provide Recreational Activities For The Young People Of Newnham And Surrounding Area.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
26 Nov 2002 Newnham on Severn Parish Council and Burial Authority

The Award Will Be Used To Open Up And Reinstate A Natural Area By The Riverside, Constructing A Pathway For The Less Mobile Or Disabled To Gain Access

£4,475 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
15 Aug 2002 Newnham St Peters School

The Award Will Be Used To Create An Out Of Doors Play Area For Children, Through Landscaping, Play Equipment And Safety Surfacing.

£4,532 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Sep 2000 Awre Millennium Group

This group has been set up to organise the Millennium celebrations in the village. The award will be used to produce a video and book about the local history and for items needed for the community celebration.

£3,924 Millennium Commission
29 Jun 2000 Newnham Under 5s Group

The group will upgrade facilities, improve access and provide four tricycles.

£1,362 Community Fund
7 Dec 1997 Bright Horizons Pre-School Group

The grant will provide additional and replacement play equipment for a playgroup based in a rural area. The grant will provide additional and replacement play equipment for a playgroup based in a rural area.

£3,000 Community Fund
8 Jul 1997 Newnham Under 5s Group

A playgroup in a rural village who want to make their premises suitable for year round use. The grant is for double glazed windows, electric and water heaters, new doors and insulation.

£4,970 Community Fund
19 Mar 1997 Artful

'Peace be with the Running Wave'

£4,128 Arts Council England