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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
9 Sep 2014 Diocese of Salisbury

'The Great Stare' - Milton Abbey

£760,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Apr 1998 North Dorset District Council

Blandford CAPS

£500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Mar 2009 Shaftesbury and District Historical Society

Gold Hill Museum Renovation and Developemnt Project

£404,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Dec 2009 Shaftesbury & District Carers Association

This project will develop a 'pathway back to work' centre for adults with mental health disorders, enabling them to become more economically active. It will aim to bridge the gap where people have been excluded and provide opportunities to get them into e

£343,479 Big Lottery Fund
30 Sep 2004 Deal and Walmer Community Association

In this project the community association will refurbish its current Landmark centre and double the amount of space available for use extending activity into the old Trinity Methodist church, which forms part of the building. This area has a lack of socia

£300,000 Community Fund
26 Nov 2013 Blandford Forum PCC

The Cupola Project

£241,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Aug 1997 Shaftesbury Abbey & Museum Preservation Trust Company Ltd

Shaftesbury Abbey Museum Refurbishment

£238,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Dec 1999 North Dorset Disability Information Service

The Service plans to develop its work to cover a wider area of the County by setting up a second office and will also produce accessibility guides to public places in East and West Dorset. Our three year grant is towards the salariies of three workers, re

£217,409 Community Fund
25 Oct 2006 Deal and Walmer Community Association

This is a new project to repair and fit out Cleary Hall, an arts and crafts building at the rear of the Landmark Community Centre in North Deal, to provide learning in life skills, healthy eating, art and craft, health and beauty, performing arts and indo

£204,143 Big Lottery Fund
7 Feb 1996 Royal Signals Association Trustees Ltd

Royal School of Signals Museum, Blandford Camp

£200,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jul 2007 North Dorset District Council

The portfolio consists of seven projects that will improve existing play areas to make them more interesting, challenging and accessible. It will deliver improved play facilities in two of the most deprived areas in the county and district, revitalise thr

£200,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Sep 2001 Durweston Village Hall

This 1 year grant will meet most of the construction costs of a new village hall for this rural area with few other public facilities.

£195,041 Community Fund
9 Mar 2005 The Royal Signals Museum Trust

The project is for a new display looking at the Electro Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) and how it has developed army communications and to explain how this relates to the progress of civilian communications. This will be done through a series of 9 kiosks which w

£179,775 Millennium Commission
18 Jun 1999 TRILITH

Trilith Film Archives - Public Access

£153,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Dec 1996 North Dorset Disability Information Service

This project will set up an information centre for people with disability, run by people with disability. The grant, over three years, will meet the costs of two salaries, purchase mobility aids as well as running costs.

£143,300 Community Fund
2 Jun 2015 Parochial Church Council.

Major floor repair and replacement project enabling reconfiguration of village church into flexible community asset.

£136,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Sep 1998 Dorset County Scout Council

A county scout centre providing camping and outdoor activities for young people in Dorset. The one year grant will pay for the construction of toilet and shower facilities.

£128,610 Community Fund
11 Sep 2009 British Cycling Events Ltd

Major Event

£123,750 UK Sport
1 Aug 2003 North Dorset Citizens Advice Bureaux

This grant will provide funding to continue the advice service to people in debt and to run financial literacy training courses. It will pay over three years the cost of salaries, general running costs, travel and organisational overheads.

£111,330 Community Fund
11 Jul 2000 Sturminster Newton Pyramid Schools

To establish a range of new activities in each school and to link the six primary and one secondary school through the provision of equipment to establish an intranet and video conferencing facilities. Individualised learning will allow pupils to explore

£104,599 New Opportunities Fund
2 Dec 1999 Tarrant Gunville Parish Room

This one year grant will help replace the current dilapidated village hall. The new hall will act as a springboard to build a network of organisations and activities to develop the local community which has recently lost many facilities and, along with t

£104,394 Community Fund
16 Oct 2014 Wilkie Branson


£98,830 Arts Council England
7 Jul 2004 Shaftesbury School (Dorset LEA)

This project aims to foster closer connections with local clubs that have a vital role to play in providing outlets for young players and officials. The activities that they will run will enable this to happen largely through the use of external coaches

£94,950 New Opportunities Fund
3 Jun 1999 Village Hall Ansty

A one year grant for building costs to refurbish this village hall which serves four parishes.

£94,509 Community Fund
19 Jul 2005 Sturminster Newton Community Building Trust

The project involves the construction of a new multi-purpose community building. It will provide a range of services and facilities including a learning centre and business start-up units. The grant will focus on helping to meet the needs of older people

£90,000 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Blandford Youth Advice And Information Centre

The grant, over three years, will provide for a full time youth worker, part time support purchase of equipment and operational costs. The grant, over three years, will provide for a full time youth worker, part time support purchase of equipment and oper

£88,877 Community Fund
15 Jun 2010 North Dorset Age Concern

This project in North Dorset provides services for older people through a dedicated volunteer support service. The project will recruit, train and manage a bank of volunteers to provide services including befriending, social activities, money advice, heal

£81,922 Big Lottery Fund
18 Mar 2011 The PCC of St Mary Magdelene

Church of St Mary Magdalene

£77,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Oct 1999 North Dorset Citizens Advice Bureaux

This grant over three years will pay for a Debt Counsellor plus administrative and running costs to help meet the increasing demand from clients suffering from complex multiple debt problems.

£71,781 Community Fund
10 May 2017 Windrose Rural Media Trust

A Century of Sights and Sounds - The Windrose Rural Media Archive

£67,000 Heritage Lottery Fund


£65,511 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Aug 1995 Pimperne Sports Society

Pavilion and ground equipment

£65,415 Sport England
20 Sep 2005 Age Concern North Dorset

This project is led by Age Concern North Dorset on behalf of three Age Concern organisations. The project will enable themto extend their services for older people to reduce isolation, encourage independence and maintain mental and physical well-being.

£64,200 Community Fund
26 Mar 1998 Pamela Hambro Memorial Hall

This grant, over one year, will pay for an extension and alterations to the hall, improving the facilities available in this rural community.

£60,000 Community Fund
20 Jul 1998 Stourpaine Playing Fields Association

"Construct two new tennis courts, enlarge pavilion, and upgrade car park. "

£58,785 Sport England
6 Oct 2005 The Shaftesbury Community Swimming Pool Ltd

The project is to install a semi-permanent cover for the local outdoor swimming pool. This will extend the season and support a wider range of users. The grant will contribute to a telescopic pool enclosure.

£58,750 Big Lottery Fund
19 Feb 1996 Okeford Fitzpaine Parish Council

"Extend Pavilion to Provide New Changing Rooms, Toilets and Showers, Extend Car Park, Floodlights for Training."

£57,504 Sport England
16 Aug 2017 Wilkie Branson


£56,563 Arts Council England
8 Dec 2008 Milborne St Andrew Village Hall

The project will add new indoor and outdoor facilities including a child safe area and a new wildlife area. Also, the project will upgrade audio and lighting facilities.

£51,002 Big Lottery Fund
11 May 2005 Environment Agency

Community Flood Archive Project

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Apr 2007 Royal Signals Museum

Women at War

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 May 2011 Milton Abbas Parochial Church Council

Village Church - for Village Life

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Jan 2012 Shillingstone Parish Council

Shillingstone Pavilion

£50,000 Sport England
15 Apr 2004 Shaftesbury Abbey Museum and Garden

Shaftesbury Abbey Interpreted

£49,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Mar 2007 Dorset Wildlife Trust

Greenwood Tree Project - Conserving Dorset's Ancient Tree Heritage

£49,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Dec 2007 Sturminster Newton Museum and Mill Society

Sturminster Newton Heritage Centre

£47,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Apr 1999 Panda Pre-School

This well used pre-school group have been awarded a one year grant for a new premises in the grounds of the local school. A one year grant for the purchase of the new building, and associated fees.

£47,450 Community Fund
26 Apr 2006 Milton Abbas Trust for Community and Heritage

Milton Abbas Heritage Hike

£47,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 May 2000 Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall

This one year grant will meet the costs of refurbishment of this hall and pay for office equipment.

£47,000 Community Fund
16 Sep 2000 East Stour Pre-School

This pre-school group provides facilities for the local area and runs a parent and toddler group. The one year grant will enable the pre-school to re-locate, including the purchase and installation of a demountable playschool building with furniture and e

£46,000 Community Fund
20 May 1996 Iwerne Minster Cricket Club

Development of cricket ground and building of pavilion

£45,500 Sport England
16 Jan 2012 Gillingham town football sports and social club

New roof

£44,523 Sport England
3 Jun 1999 Your Choice (North Dorset Furniture Recycling Project)

This new furniture resource centre will be able to expand its provision of low cost furniture to people on income support throughout North Dorset. The three year grant will provide for a new van and office equipment, meet the salary of a part time worker

£41,845 Community Fund
29 May 2013 Buckhorn Weston Cricket Club

Drainage of Cricket Ground

£38,000 Sport England
2 Oct 2014 Shaftesbury Bowls Club

Shaftesbury Bowls Club - Upgrade to Clubhouse

£37,664 Sport England
24 Feb 2004 St Peter's Church, Pimperne, PCC

St Peter, Pimperne, Bell Restoration

£36,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Jun 2001 North Dorset Volunteer Action

The project will provide rural Dorset with basic ICT skills and, where necessary, basic literacy skills. Target groups include: the long term or over 50s unemployed; the elderly; the disabled; recovering addicts; people recovering from mental health probl

£35,000 New Opportunities Fund
5 Dec 2006 TobyS, Shaftesbury Young Peoples Project

Cellar Studios

£33,851 Arts Council England
17 Dec 1996 Lifestyles Dorset

To provide support, counselling and advocacy to people with phyisical disability. The grant, over three years, will pay for an evaluation survey, running costs and travel and training expenses for staff and volunteers.

£30,833 Community Fund
26 Jan 1999 Swans Trust (Shaftesbury)

Shaftsebury Community Play

£30,000 Arts Council England
25 Jul 2000 Trilith

Music and Poetry for Film and Radio

£30,000 Arts Council England
2 Oct 2006 Springhead Trust, The

Our Global Village

£29,933 Arts Council England
2 Oct 2014 The Blandford Town Council


£28,000 Sport England
7 Apr 2000 Charlton Marshall Village Hall

This grant is to upgrade the hall to ensure that the facilities can meet the needs of new families with young children running a toddler group and to provide a luncheon club for the older residents.

£27,500 Community Fund
3 May 2005 Counterparts Mta Ltd

The Highwayman & Victorian Ballards

£27,000 Arts Council England
3 Oct 2003 Age Concern Blandford Forum

This project will build on the success of the previous Community Fund grant and enable the organisation to continue to run their services for older people in Blandford and the surrounding area, many who are isolated and vulnerable. The grant, over three y

£26,850 Community Fund
29 Nov 2004 Age Concern Gillingham and Shaftesbury

The project will allow them to establish a telephone information and advice line, recruit and train more volunteers, improve record keeping, co-ordinate outreach work for rural areas, and make their services known to more beneficiaries.

£26,700 Community Fund
14 Jun 2010 Toby s Shaftesbury Young Peoples Project

Noise Pollution

£26,400 Arts Council England
30 Sep 1998 Motcombe Memorial Hall Management Cttee

This one year grant will pay for the refurbishments needed to ensure that the hall is accessible to all people living in the village. Improvements include the installation of disabled toilets, an access ramp, new flooring, wall and ceiling insulation and

£25,209 Community Fund
14 Sep 2016 St Mary's Church, Shroton, Dorset Bells Restoration/Repair P

St Mary's Church, Shroton, Dorset: Church bells repair and restoration project

£25,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2005 Shaftesbury Town Council Tourism Sub Committee

The Shaftesbury Heritage Trail

£24,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Nov 2001 Shaftesbury Advice Centre

This organisation is based in Shaftesbury and currently provides advice, information and other services to people in the area, particuarly those who are on low incomes or are disadvantaged by other factors. This grant, over three years, will contribute t

£23,898 Community Fund
2 Dec 2009 Dorset County Council

Blandford Schools and Commuity Dig Project

£23,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2007 Blandford Forum Museum Trust

Heritage Project

£21,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Dec 2004 Springhead Trust, The

Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors

£21,000 Arts Council England
11 Dec 1995 Sturminster Newton Amateur F C

Completion of changing rooms

£20,407 Sport England
7 Aug 2000 British Federation Of Film Societies

Purchase of video equipment

£20,000 Arts Council England
11 Jun 1996 Child Okeford Youth Club

The grant, over one year, is for the purchase of a minibus. The grant, over one year, is for the purchase of a minibus.

£19,460 Community Fund
7 Mar 2012 Windrose Rural Media Trust

Heritage Radio

£19,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Oct 2012 Windrose Rural Media Trust

Those were the days my friend

£18,525 Arts Council England
4 Mar 1999 Kington Magna Village Hall

Our grant will help improve this village hall by paying for a new roof and extra meeting room.

£18,340 Community Fund
27 Feb 2001 Mooscateers

The grant will be used to provide 20 after school, 20 before school and 20 holiday places for children aged 4-12 years old in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

£17,741 New Opportunities Fund
25 Apr 2006 Dorset Music Service

Voice Links

£16,295 Arts Council England
30 Sep 1998 Stalbridge Scout Group

This project will enable the scout group to complete the final phase of a new HQ building over the next 12 months. The group, which serves a large rural area, will use the grant to pay for the refurbishment and redecoration of the building.

£16,000 Community Fund
18 Aug 2004 Rotary Club Of Sturminster Newton, The

Sturminster Newton Market Project

£16,000 Arts Council England
16 Sep 2000 Age Concern Blandford Forum

Our three year grant will help with rent, travel and running costs, supporting the advice and other services the organisation provides for local people.

£15,398 Community Fund
12 Apr 1995 Gillingham Local History Society

Gillingham Museum, Gillingham

£15,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Jul 2000 East Street Poets

Difference and the Other

£15,000 Arts Council England
11 Nov 2014 Trish Wheatley

Producing the Producers

£15,000 Arts Council England
25 Apr 2017 Clay and Diamonds

Orlando: The Queer Element

£14,969 Arts Council England
3 Nov 2014 The Dorset Corset Theatre Company Limited

A Christmas Carol

£14,785 Arts Council England
22 May 2003 The Springhead Trust

A project to replace a Victorian Septic Tank, which requires at least monthly emptying using an environmentally friendly system. Disabled access and new toilets will be installed on to the site.

£13,870 New Opportunities Fund
16 Mar 2016 The Springhead Trust Ltd

Springhead Revisited: Restoring the Rotunda

£13,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Nov 2002 Shaftesbury Abbey And Museum Preservation Trust Co Ltd

A Female History

£13,450 Arts Council England
9 May 2003 Springhead Trust

Springhead 2003

£13,400 Arts Council England
13 Sep 2017 Church of St Mary Magdalene, Fifehead Magdalen

Monuments Restoration Project - Church of St Mary Magdalene, Fifehead Magdalen

£12,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Jun 1997 St Mary's Church, Dorset

St Mary's Church, Dorset - Works and Bell Fund Appeal

£12,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Sep 2014 Tears in the Fence

Tears in the Fence Festival

£11,740 Arts Council England
2 Mar 2010 The Dorset Corset Theatre Company Limited


£11,660 Arts Council England
3 Mar 2005 Fontmell Magna Village Archive Society

Fontmell Magna Village Archive Phase Two

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund