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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
22 Mar 2005 The National Trust


£20,000,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Nov 1999 Bristol City Council

Ashton Court Estate

£4,568,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Nov 2016 Weston College

This grant will be used for a project that will work with individuals who face multiple and complex barriers to employment across the West of England. Using a person-centred approach that will enhance existing services, it will aim to move participants towards employment or training.

£2,999,893 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jul 1995 Woodspring District Council

A multi-use Leisure Centre at Parish Wharf

£1,574,000 Sport England
24 Aug 1998 North Somerset Council For Wyvern School

"Floodlit artificial grass pitch, changing pavilions and enhancement of sports hall for wider community use at Wyvern Comprehensive School"

£1,204,550 Sport England
25 Jul 1995 Clevedon Pier Trust Ltd

Clevedon Pier Head, Clevedon

£1,195,313 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Sep 2001 North Somerset Council

Weston-super-Mare THI

£1,018,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Feb 2002 North Somerset Council

A new centre will provide a day centre, GP, nurse and surgery, community offices, a lifelong learning centre, facilities for health professionals, creche, IT facilities, an information point, health awareness programmes, a caf+, community hall and kitchen

£1,000,000 New Opportunities Fund
15 Mar 2005 Bristol Cultural Development Partnership

Brunel 200: 200th anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

£980,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Sep 2012 North Somerset District Council

Breathing New Life Into Marine Lake Clevedon

£839,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Oct 2007 North Somerset Council

The project aims to create a real community library, by bringing the Little Library, Centre Library and mobile library service together in one space. It will support family learning initiatives through links with the Community Learning Service, local scho

£782,568 Big Lottery Fund
5 Aug 2014 Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, The

Exceptional awards

£744,564 Arts Council England
20 Sep 2011 Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust

Clevedon Pier : Providing a sustainable future

£741,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2003 North Somerset Council

North Somerset Council

£651,488 New Opportunities Fund
20 Mar 2012 Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust

Clifton Suspension Bridge Heritage & Learning Centre

£631,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Sep 1999 North Somerset

North Somerset

£523,894 New Opportunities Fund
13 Mar 2007 Nailsea Town Council

Nailsea Tithe Barn Community Project

£500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2015 Penny Brohn Cancer Care

The project will work in Hull, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Bristol and London to provide support to help people better manage the impact cancer has on their lives through their Living Well courses, follow up services and support over a longer period. The areas have been selected as being higher than the national average for the incidence of cancer.

£491,133 Big Lottery Fund
12 May 2003 North Somerset Council

Improve 6 football and 2 rugby pitches

£487,580 Sport England
21 Mar 2002 North Somerset LEA

Hutton Primary

£450,130 Sport England
21 Mar 2002 North Somerset LEA

Windwhistle School

£425,735 Sport England
4 Mar 1999 St.Georges Community Centre & Playing Fields Charity

The grant will contribute to the construction and furnishing of a community centre for this local community. The grant will contribute to the construction and furnishing of a community centre for this local community.

£400,000 Community Fund
30 Dec 1999 North Somerset Council

This project is for the upgrading of a 24 bed dormitory block to a 40 bed dormitory block at an Outdoor Education centre in Brickhill ward, North Somerset. The centre hosts a wide range of outdoor adventurous activities such as kayaking, sailing, orientee

£385,709 New Opportunities Fund
19 Feb 2001 North Somerset Council

School Sport Co-ordinator Programme

£376,773 Sport England
21 Mar 2002 North Somerset LEA

Oldmixon Primary School

£374,135 Sport England
20 Jun 2007 Weston-Super-Mare Town Council

The aim of Barcode is to provide a safe, high quality venue for young people aged 11-18, to adopt as their base in town. The venue provides a youth caf+, discos, chill out centre, karaoke, a base for youth twinning visits, and a opportunity to play and li

£358,066 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2002 North Somerset District Council

Strawberry Line - Heritage Trail

£357,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Mar 2009 Curzon Clevedon Community Centre for the Arts

The Curzon Clevedon: Conserving and sharing the living history of cinema, film and projection.

£353,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Mar 1996 Bristol And Bath Real Tennis Club

Real tennis court

£352,877 Sport England
26 Jan 2017 North Somerset Council

This four year social investment bond (SIB) aims to tackle the causes of children and young people becoming looked after. Preventative interventions will help parents by enhancing their knowledge and skills and create?positive family relationships. Up to 240 children and young people are who currently looked after or considered to be on the edge of care due will be targeted. The commissioner expects to generate up to ?4m net savings and the investor, Bridges Ventures, up to ?1.83m return.

£348,692 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jul 2007 North Somerset Council

North Somerset Council will develop Play Pods in six locations, providing new local play facilities. It aims to provide six play rangers to work in teams of two facilitating play sessions in these identified areas.

£341,494 Big Lottery Fund
20 Nov 1998 Helicopter Museum

Helicopter Museum, Weston Super Mare - Development

£334,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Feb 1998 Avon Wildlife Trust

Puxton Moor Land - Acquisition

£308,625 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Dec 1996 Weston Hospicecare

Project will provide hospice beds within the community for respite and palliative care. This three year grant will cover the costs of nurses, auxilary staff, fundraisers, an administrator and the refurbishment of premises.

£303,808 Community Fund
21 Dec 2001 North Somerset Library Service

The People-+s Network programme in all the 16 libraries in North Somerset Library Service has provided new computer and related equipment and upgraded the infrastructure. Now, approximately 123 computer terminals will be available to library users to acces

£293,852 New Opportunities Fund
13 Mar 2007 The British Rotorcraft Museum & Avon Air Collection Limited

New Education, Skills Training and Conservation Facilities

£290,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Dec 1998 Avon Wildlife Trust

Court Farm, Weston in Gordano - Acquisition

£273,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Feb 2003 North Somerset Council

North Somerset Council will work with a range of organisations and voluntary groups to deliver two projects in the central and southern wards of Western-Super-Mare. The scheme will support environment improvements. Proposals include signage, lighting ar

£255,000 New Opportunities Fund
21 Jun 2016 Christ Church Weston Super Mare

Urgent Spire and Tower Repairs

£250,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Sep 2015 PCC of St Michael the Archangel, Dundry

Dundry, St Michaels: Urgent high level structural and roof repairs

£249,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 May 2003 North Somerset Council

The project will create 61 full daycare places, 50 of which will be Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative funded. It will be sited at a primary school in North Somerset giving parents/carers the chance to return to work.

£246,000 New Opportunities Fund
29 May 2012 Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, The

Catalyst Arts: capacity building and match funding

£240,000 Arts Council England
1 Jun 2000 North Somerset LEA

To significantly increase study support provision in 6 primary schools and 7 secondary schools to help the pupils become effective learners. Activities will include homework clubs, ICT, literacy support, DJ sessions, fashion shows, and personal developmen

£235,481 New Opportunities Fund
19 Sep 2017 The Blessed Virgin Mary, Portbury

Urgent repairs to walls and window of G1 listed church

£235,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Nov 1998 Somewhere To Go

This organisation provides support and assistance for homeless people in Weston-super-Mare. The grant will contribute towards the establishment of a permanent day centre, pay the salary of a part time nurse and running costs.

£216,634 Community Fund
27 Jan 2003 South Weston Community Association

The Community Association in South Weston are partners to the proposed Healthy Living Centre which has attracted considerable funding from various sources. This grant will provide the resources for the Association to fully participate in this venture by

£207,566 Community Fund
25 Nov 2002 Pill Community Foundation

This project will improve life for those most in need in Pill, particularly benefiting people living in the poorest parts of the area and young people by improving access to advice, support and training opportunities, the reduction of crime and encouragem

£200,047 Community Fund
30 Nov 1998 Alcohol And Drug Addiction Prevention And Treatment

A rehabilitation and resettlement project for people addicted to drugs or alcohol. The three-year grant will pay for the salaries of two full-time staff and contribute towards running costs. A rehabilitation and resettlement project for people addicted t

£198,010 Community Fund
11 Jan 2001 Methodist Youth Club of Nailsea

The Club will provide street-based support, referral and advice work to young people in Nailsea who choose not to use building based provision. This 3 year grant will pay for one full-time and two part-time Detached Youth Workers, and a minibus to use as

£196,495 Community Fund
20 Feb 2007 Weston-super-Mare & District Credit Union Ltd

Education in the use of financial services will continue for people in disadvantaged areas of the Weston-super-Mare region who face financial exclusion from mainstream banking services.

£194,440 Big Lottery Fund
25 Mar 2011 Home-Start North Somerset

This project in North Somerset provides a Home-Start package of support services for families with at least one child under the age of five. Experienced volunteers will offer individual tailored support including friendship, a listening ear, emotional and

£192,133 Big Lottery Fund
26 Mar 1998 Age Concern North Somerset

This project will improve support for groups of older people living in rural communities. The three year grant will pay the salary of a full-time co-ordinator, pay hire costs for two vehicles and help with running costs.

£187,823 Community Fund
28 May 2002 Community Action

This consortium project with Weston-s-Mare Dial a Ride will extend an existing community transport scheme for people who have difficulty in either using or accessing other forms of transport owing to isolation, mobility, health or poverty issues. The awar

£182,331 Community Fund
4 Aug 2014 NSAH (Alliance Homes) Limited

This initiative will bring together the learning from two previous projects to support hundreds of carers to learn how to improve their own health and the health of those they care for. The project will focus on people caring for loved ones with heart dis

£180,467 Big Lottery Fund
2 Nov 2000 North Somerset Crossroads

The group provides services to carers of all ages throughout North Somerset. The three year grant will be used to develop the role of volunteers, leading to a more responsive service, especially for carers in rural areas.

£179,562 Community Fund
21 Jun 2016 Christ Church Weston Super Mare

Urgent Spire and Tower Repairs

£177,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jun 2014 Emmanuel Church, Weston-super-Mare

Tower Urgent Repairs

£177,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 May 2004 North Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau

North Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau, based in Weston-Super-Mare, will get -175,843 to provide a comprehensive advice and information service for older people across North Somerset. It will do this through a home visiting scheme and through outreach work

£176,149 Community Fund
3 Jun 2014 Emmanuel Church, Weston-super-Mare

Tower Urgent Repairs

£175,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2002 Wyvern Community School (North Somerset Council)

The project aims to increase confidence and self-esteem, develop problem-solving, leadership and teamwork skills and improve awareness about physical activities. The activities will include canoeing, climbing, self-defence, orienteering, problem solving,

£170,824 New Opportunities Fund
30 Apr 2014 Knightstone Charitable Housing Limited

Creating Active Communities

£167,450 Sport England
14 May 2013 North Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau

This new project seeks to support a sustainable and resilient advice sector which is responsive to client need. A number of initiatives will be implemented to fulfil the aims of the project. A specialist welfare benefits advice service will be provided wi

£157,100 Big Lottery Fund
30 Nov 1998 Voluntary Action North Somerset

The Agency wishes to build on the work of their 'Make A Difference' project to open up the benefits of volunteering to more people in rural areas, particularly for people who are disadvantaged or less likely to volunteer. The three year grant will support

£154,603 Community Fund
10 May 2005 Community Action

The project will develop an existing Big Lottery grant by increasing passenger numbers for this dial-a-ride service. There will be out of hours services in the evenings and Saturdays, a volunteer driver programme and the project will be able to move towar

£153,499 Community Fund
11 Jan 2001 Long Ashton Community Association

The grant over one year will provide an extension to the current hall and enhance the provision for young people within the organisation.

£148,983 Community Fund
31 Jan 2005 National Childrens Orchestra


£145,150 Arts Council England
11 Jun 1996 Woodspring Adolescent Support Project

To organisation will provide an activites, training and befriending programme for teenagers who have been involved in drug abuse, crime and have been abused. The grant over three years will be used for building refurbishment, purchase of equipment, salari

£144,615 Community Fund
8 Jun 2005 Somerset Racial Equality Council

This project will work with emerging black and minority ethnic groups in North Somerset. It will carry out research and support groups to develop their own capacity. It will promote joint working and representation of minority communities through the deve

£143,143 Community Fund
14 Aug 2012 Weston Hospicecare

A new project to provide the support for carers to fulfil the wishes of people with life-limiting illnesses to spend their last days in the comfort of their own home. Based in North Somerset, the scheme will allow people with terminal illnesses who would

£142,950 Big Lottery Fund
19 Dec 1995 Knightstone Charitable Housing Ltd

One Stop Housing And Training Centre For Young People

£140,000 Community Fund
27 Sep 2004 Somewhere To Go Ltd

The project will provide a social group and luncheon club for older people in Weston-super-Mare, advice sessions and a visiting Chiropody service. The grant, over three years, will pay for two new staff as well as meet general running costs and contribute

£136,831 Community Fund
15 Jan 2008 Springboard North Wiltshire Opportunity Group

This project will provide support for the parents and carers of pre-school age, disabled children in North Somerset. The children attending Springboard include those with physical and mental disabilities, sensory impairment, autistic spectrum disorder and

£135,724 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jun 2013 Bristol Cultural Development Partnership (BCDP)

Bristol 2014: The City and conflict from the First World War to the present day

£127,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Aug 1996 North Somerset Council (Clevedon School)

Upgrade of existing Redgra area to floodlit artificial turf pitch

£126,900 Sport England
26 Jun 2003 North Somerset Council

The grant will be used to create 184 after school, 16 before school, 56 before wraparound and 100 holiday places, for children aged 3-11 years old in the North Somerset area by creating 13 new clubs and expanding 4 existing clubs.

£123,407 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 Cabot Learning Federation

North Somerset Council will install a floodlit multi use games area at Wyvern Community School. It will provide sporting opportunities for 1,000 pupils at Wyvern Community School, 600 pupils from local primary schools & 10,000 community users.

£123,098 New Opportunities Fund
29 Jan 2002 Voluntary Action North Somerset

The grant, over three years, will be used to provide advice, information and training for small voluntary groups, with no paid staff and few resources, to increase their ability to deliver high quality services. It will also fund work to increase the numb

£120,000 Community Fund
15 Apr 2014 North Somerset Council

Chequebook Sport

£120,000 Sport England
16 Aug 2011 Springboard North Wiltshire Opportunity Group

This project aims to provide support for the parents and carers of pre-school age, disabled children, including those with physical and mental disabilities, sensory impairment, autistic spectrum disorder and language, communication and socialisation diffi

£118,963 Big Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2001 Hanover Housing Association

The award over three years will pay for a fix-it service in North Somerset, providing older people with a low cost small repair service which will help them to remain independent in their own homes.

£118,453 Community Fund
3 Oct 2003 Oldmixon Youth Partnership

The project will provide a mobile youth club on the Oldmixon Estate which they hope will set out to reduce crime and build the skills of young people. The grant, over three years, will contribute towards the salaries of three staff as well as contributing

£115,096 Community Fund
10 Aug 2006 National Children'S Orchestra


£112,500 Arts Council England
26 Jan 2004 North Somerset Crossroads

The project will provide advocacy support for individual carers of people with disabilities as well as developing group representation for them. The grant, over three years, will fund the salaries of four workers and contribute towards running costs.

£109,271 Community Fund
10 Apr 2001 Weston College

Farmers and others living in remote rural areas will be among those using the estimated 43,000 learning hours in to information and communications technology (ICT) which this scheme aims to provide each year.The project will provide ICT learning opportuni

£104,806 New Opportunities Fund
14 Nov 2014 North Somerset Council

?104,080 awarded to North Somerset Council (NSC) will develop and test a model to help ?turn the tide? by reducing the number of children and young people either on the edge of care or being looked after in Weston-super-Mare. NSC?s model will also review

£104,080 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jul 2005 North Somerset LEA

The two year and nine month project aims to support young people, particularly those at risk or vulnerable, within the school. There are four activities, each taking place at a different school: VI Formers 'Peer Listening' with younger students; counselli

£103,000 New Opportunities Fund
22 May 2013 Weston College

College Sport Makers

£97,250 Sport England
10 Aug 2007 National Children s Orchestra

National Children s Orchestra of Great Britian

£96,650 Arts Council England
9 Dec 2003 National Childrens Orchestra


£95,000 Arts Council England
11 Mar 2008 Somewhere To Go Ltd

This project will address issues impacting adversely on older people, such as physical and social isolation, poor health and economic disadvantage. It aims to improve their quality of life by by providing an environment in which they can socialise with fr

£93,427 Big Lottery Fund
2 Feb 2000 Avon Wildlife Trust

Weston Big Wood - Acquisition

£91,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Dec 2005 Pill Community Foundation

The project will continue to provide social, recreational and educational opportunities to improve the quality of life for the residents of Pill. Advice and information surgeries will continue and the number of courses will expand to cover more topics and

£90,439 Community Fund
25 Sep 2001 The Helicopter Museum

Royal Wessex

£89,955 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Jun 2013 Portbury PCC

Roof for Portbury Church

£89,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Dec 1999 Felton Village Hall

Our grant over one year will contribute to the cost of modernising the hall, including a new kitchen and replacing the roof.

£89,582 Community Fund
11 Feb 1997 Forest Enterprise

Bristol, Paradise Bottom

£88,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Feb 2006 Action for Blind People

This project is to refurbish The Lauriston Hotel in Weston-super-Mare where a total of 19 rooms will be refurbished to a ensure the Hotel continues to offer accommodation to a high standard for blind and partially sighted people, their carers and guide do

£87,500 Community Fund
26 Apr 2016 North Somerset Council

Tropicana - performing arts centre: Weston-super-Mare

£85,000 Arts Council England
26 Mar 1998 Nailsea And District Community Transport

The organisation operates a community transport scheme providing minibus services in North Somerset. The three year grant will establish a dial-a-ride service and extend the area served.

£83,566 Community Fund
8 Mar 2001 Clevedon Youth Centre

The Centre will develop its services for children and young people in the Clevedon area. Our grant will pay for staff salaries over three years, and provide some soft flooring.

£83,472 Community Fund