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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Jul 2017 Philippa Hambly


£5,000 Arts Council England
26 Feb 2016 My Cheddar

The group will use the funding to undertake a community consultation to find out the community's future needs. This will help build a stronger community.

£9,700 Big Lottery Fund
24 Nov 2015 Cheddar First School

The group will use the funding to improve the school?s play area which currently has very little play equipment. This will encourage pupils to engage in healthy physical activity and lead to healthier lifestyles.

£7,492 Big Lottery Fund
7 Oct 2015 Cheddar Volleyball Club

Entry into the Bristol and District League

£2,797 Sport England
10 Nov 2014 Pulse Radio

This community organisation in Cheddar will use the funding to build new studios for their community radio station. This will replace the inadequate current studios and allow more people to be trained and volunteer so the group can reach a wider audience.

£9,970 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2013 High Flyers Trampoline Club

Spectator to Participant

£9,912 Sport England
9 Apr 2013 Pulse Media Broadcasting Limited

This is a project by a community organisation in Cheddar, Somerset. The group will use the funding to purchase specialist radio equipment and to continue broadcasting transmissions by radio to the surrounding area. This will enable the group to reach a wi

£8,730 Big Lottery Fund
17 Dec 2010 Pulse Media Broadcasting Limited

This is a project by a community group in Cheddar, Somerset. The group will use the funding to expand their capacity enabling them to broadcast in FM stereo radio to compliment their existing Internet streaming media radio service. This will enable the gr

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Apr 2010 High Flyers Trampoline Club

High Flyers Moving on

£9,756 Sport England
17 Feb 2010 Fairlands Middle School

A project by this junior school in Cheddar, Somerset to run cycling safety activities for pupils and parents.

£7,560 Big Lottery Fund
6 Oct 2009 Sugar Water Curls Dance Group

This project in Cheddar, Somerset, will provide creative dance and movement classes for the over 50s to encourage mobility and social interaction through exercise. Master classes will be presented in a specific dance form, creating short dance pieces with

£6,970 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jul 2009 Cheddar Guide Hut Committee

A project by this charity in Cheddar, Somerset, to replace the damaged roof of their guid guides hut.

£4,680 Big Lottery Fund
12 Nov 2008 Cheddar Cricket Club

This cricket club will use funding to provide training courses for members to learn coaching skills. The group will purchase new equipment to allow them to coach younger players, and the club will be promoted at local schools to encourage girls to partici

£8,155 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
11 Feb 2008 CHERT

This Somerset group will use their award to produce an illustrated leaflet that offers visitors a history of Charterhouse-on-Mendip.

£2,460 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
7 Dec 2007 The Kings of Wessex School

Raising Voices

£16,860 Arts Council England
9 Sep 2003 Bristol Childrens Help Society

New Equipment Will Enable More Children To Experience And Fully Participate In The Activity Holidays Provided By This Group.

£4,978 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Jul 2002 Cheddar Earlybirds Pre-School

The Award Will Support A Training Day For Older People In The Voluntary Sector.

£1,481 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Jun 2002 Wedmore Opera

The Award Will Be Invested In A 4th Night Of Performance Involving Professional Singers And Musicians In Workshops And Master Classes.

£3,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 Mar 2001 Gorgeous Walks- Cheddar and Mendip Walking Festival

This Group Run An Annual Walking Festival In The Mendip Hills. The Award Will Be Used To Fund The Costs Of Organising This Year'S 2 Day Event.

£1,030 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Feb 2001 Cheddar Indoor Bowling Club

This Bowling Club Will Use An Award To Purchase New Equipment.

£879 Sport England
5 Dec 2000 St Andrews Church House & Hall

This award will be used to install wheelchair access to the church hall toilets. a contribution towards the cost (total -10k) of installing disabled access -5000

£5,000 Community Fund
30 May 2000 Somerset Wildlife Trust

Bradley Cross Fields

£34,415 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Feb 2000 Cheddar Earlybirds Pre-School

This one year grant will provide a playgroup with permanent premises and enable them to extend their current services alongside developing an after school club.

£43,718 Community Fund
26 Aug 1999 Gorgeous Walks- Cheddar and Mendip Walking Festival

This group's project for a walking festival will increase people's awareness of local history, conservation, archeology and natural history, each of the available walks will have a different theme. The award will cover volunteers expenses and walk leaders

£994 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jun 1997 Cheddar Valley Arts Festival

The Cheddar Valley Arts Festival

£5,000 Arts Council England
22 Apr 1996 Somerset County Council (Kings Of Wessex Leisure Centre)

Construction Of A 25m Indoor Swimming Pool at the Kings of Wessex Leisure Centre

£888,548 Sport England