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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
7 Jul 2017 Grounded

Training programmes will be funded for people recovering from substance misuse and for those finding ways into gainful employment difficult. This project will improve participants? chances in life and practical skills.

£5,253 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jun 2017 Buckfastleigh Town Council

This group will use the funding to deliver a series of after-school, holiday and weekend activity sessions for young people in the community. This will reduce isolation and improve local relationships between young people attending the sessions.

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2017 Giulia Matthews

Family Inspiration Stove Kiln Workshops

£14,783 Arts Council England
24 May 2016 Smooth Space

BGS350 - The Torbay Urban Geology Residency

£14,020 Arts Council England
21 May 2015 Sharing Buckfastleigh

The group will use the funding to recruit volunteer families to promote friendships between isolated older people and children through shared activities. This will preven loneliness and isolation amongst older people and bring generations together giving both a sense of being valued.

£9,210 Big Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2015 Friends of Buckfastleigh Swimming Pool

Buckfastleigh Pool SOS

£75,000 Sport England
26 Aug 2014 Smooth Space

This is a project by a community organisation in Buckfastleigh, Devon, serving beneficiaries in Torbay. The group will use the funding to hold free printmaking workshops exploring the local area, for young people and adults in an area of high unemployment

£3,739 Big Lottery Fund
26 Aug 2014 Smooth Space

This is a project by a community organisation in Buckfastleigh, Devon, serving beneficiaries in Torbay. The group will use the funding to hold free printmaking workshops exploring the local area, for young people and adults in an area of high unemployment. This will develop their confidence and well-being through positive social activities.

£3,739 Big Lottery Fund
15 Aug 2014 Charlie Scullion

Rehearsals/Tour of Shadow Theatre with Live Music

£8,348 Arts Council England
23 Jun 2014 Jellyfish Community Youth Project

This is a project by a community organisation in Buckfastleigh, Devon. The group will use the funding to deliver a visual arts project for young people. This will provide a vehicle for the beneficiaries to connect with the local community and express thei

£2,000 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2014 Jellyfish Community Youth Project

Jellyfish Community Youth Project

£5,000 Arts Council England
7 May 2014 South Devon Railway Trust Museum Support Group

It will all be over by Christmas

£3,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Mar 2014 Smooth Space

Smooth Space Artist s Residency at Torre Abbey

£14,996 Arts Council England
28 May 2012 Smooth Space

over the horizon

£9,994 Arts Council England
23 Aug 2011 Rosalyn Maynard

Making It Home

£5,086 Arts Council England
16 Aug 2011 Manor Primary School

This group supports children with complex and/or severe special education needs, living in Devon. The project aims to help the children to develop their communication skills, encourage meaningful interaction with staff and peers and self-expression, reduc

£51,765 Big Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2011 Wildspace Buckfastleigh

This is a project by a community group in Buckfastleigh, Devon. The group will use the funding to run a series of environment-themed workshops for the community, building on the success of their wildlife friendly community garden. This will promote enviro

£3,840 Big Lottery Fund
7 Apr 2010 The Buckfastleigh Trust

A Museum and Record Library for Buckfastleigh

£33,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Sep 2009 Friends of St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Buckfast)

A project by this group in Buckfast, Devon, to develop the school playground facilities by providing outdoor playground equipment for pupils to play on.

£5,667 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2009 Rohanna Eade

Research and Development for Broken Voices

£3,520 Arts Council England
19 Jan 2009 Soundart Radio Limited

A project by this Totnes based radio station to hold workshops for members of the community where they will share life stories and ancedotes for broadcast on the radio station.

£9,030 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
19 Dec 2006 Totnes Monday Club

This New Group In Buckfastleigh Will Provide Evening Sessions For People With Learning Disabilities. Activities Will Include Indoor And Outdoor Sports, Arts & Crafts, Yoga And Cooking.

£8,400 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
9 Nov 2006 National Federation of Sea Anglers

Angling (NFSA WSP)

£61,666 Sport England
10 Oct 2006 Buck The Trend

The Group Will Offer A Range Of Training Courses In Childcare And I.T. For The Benefit Of 120 Parents And Families In Buckfastleigh.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
8 Aug 2006 Southpark Community Centre

This Registered Charity Are Resposible For The Provision Of A Village Hall To Be Held Upon Charitable Trusts For The Benefit Of The Inhabitants Of Buckfast And Buckfastleigh. Their Project Is To Improve The Hall To Meet Current Health And Safety Regulatio

£9,250 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 Jul 2006 TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network)

Tepee Is A Local Play Association And Registered Charity Supporting The Work And Voice Of Many Voluntary Play Projects In The Teignbridge Area. The 'Freewheeling Outdoors' Project Aims To Provide 2 Hour Play And Activity Sessions In Parks, Village Greens

£4,403 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Jun 2006 William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust

Path and Interpretation of Higher Kiln Quarry

£33,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2006 Abbotskerswell Parish Council

Play Equipment Will Be Provided To Complete The Playground.

£4,515 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Oct 2005 Family Education Development Trust

A Pilot Project Called 'Time To Be Me' Will Be Run With A Local Play Centre In Totnes And Will Involve Running A Series Of Classes For Parents, With The Focus On Taking Time For Themselves.

£4,978 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
19 Jul 2005 TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network)

With this grant, TEPEE will develop play opportunities in rurally isolated areas of Teignbridge. It will also help local people to gain the skills and confidence they need to run their own schemes in the future. The grant, over three years, will meet the

£44,460 Community Fund
17 Mar 2005 Buckfastleigh Youth Club

A Replacement Fire Escape Will Be Provided Together With Some New Doors And Other Safety Improvements To Facilities.

£3,238 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Jan 2005 Buckfastleigh Wool and Leather Festival Committee

Buckfastleigh Wool and Leather Festival

£20,084 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2004 Denbury & Torbryan Parish Council

Younger Children Will Have A New Roundabout Specifically For Their Use In This Village Playground.

£4,500 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Mar 2004 Totnes Young People's Theatre

Theatre Practitioners Will Work With This Young People'S Drama Company To Develop Their Skills In Performing Arts And To Take Part In A Production Centered On Totnes And Its People.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Mar 2004 Etruscan Books

Score - A three year publishing venture

£29,760 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2003 Heart's Tongue Theatre Co Ltd

The Theatre Company In Teignbridge Will Stage A Production Aimed At Young People To Raise Awareness Of Issues Surrounding Size And Weight.

£3,918 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
8 Oct 2002 Bungalow Youth Project

The Award Will Be Used To Extend The Opening Hours Of A Drop-In Centre For Young People Aged 14-18.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Jun 2002 West Devon Play Forum

The Award Will Be Used To Set Up And Run A Series Of 12 Creative Workshops.

£3,920 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
16 May 2002 St Lukes Events Group

The Group Will Promote A Musical Event In September To Mark The Jubilee.

£1,985 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Jan 2002 South Devon Women's Aid

This project will support severely disadvantaged women who are affected by domestic abuse in taking a fuller part in community life. It will also raise awareness about comlex issues surrounding domestic violence on an inter agency and public level. The g

£192,318 Community Fund
27 Sep 2001 TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network)

TEPEE will use the grant over 3 years to fund the salaries of two staff and meet some running costs with the aim of improving play opportunities and by helping local groups to better meet the play needs of children aged 4 to 14.

£85,253 Community Fund
8 Aug 2001 Denbury and Torbryan Parish Council


£3,538 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Feb 2001 1st Buckfastleigh Scout Group

The award will enable the group to train additional volunteers and improve their premises and equipment.

£2,481 Community Fund
29 Jun 2000 Buckfast Mother & Toddler Group

This group provides a safe environment for parents/carers and children to meet and participate in play, educational and social activities. The award will pay for some toys and equipment.

£3,960 Community Fund
13 Apr 2000 West Devon Play Forum

This group supports and develops play provision in the area and aims to create new play opportunities for children. The award will fund a play celebration day named 'Global Village in Okehampton' and three 'Harvest' workshop days.

£3,350 Community Fund
3 Feb 2000 Sharing

This group provides complementary practical support services to anyone in the Buckfastleigh Medical Practice to reduce social isolation and to improve the quality of life. The award will be used to start a tea club on Sunday afternoons.

£2,260 Community Fund
11 Nov 1999 Buckfastleigh Swimming Club

The award will be used for the instruction of new swimming teachers and life savers the purchase of water polo equipment and to hold a Millennium Swimming Gala which will involve competition against two other clubs.

£1,700 Sport England
7 Oct 1999 Southpark Community Centre

General improvements and refurbishment of the hall will be possible with this one year grant, thus increasing the use of this community facility.

£23,000 Community Fund
26 Aug 1999 Buckfastleigh Youth Club

The award will allow the purchase of a comprehensive music/sound system. This will enable the members of the youth club to run discos and learn to record/mix their own music.

£2,417 Community Fund
17 Jun 1999 Lunch Bunch Club

This group provides support and advice to parents and carers of children under five. They will use the grant for kitchen and nursery equipment and for salaries.

£4,620 Community Fund
26 Mar 1998 South Devon Women's Aid

The refuge provides temporary accommodation and advice for women at risk from domestic violence. The grant will enable the charity to extend its services to meet the needs of women living in rural areas, paying the salaries of two workers and some runnin

£105,820 Community Fund
19 Sep 1997 Buckfastleigh Youth Club

A youth club in a rural town. The grant will pay for repairs and refurbishment to the group's premises.

£1,567 Community Fund
19 Sep 1997 Buckfastleigh Family Support Group Workshop

A group providing support to families with young children. The grant will pay for general equipment.

£631 Community Fund
19 Sep 1997 Ashburton Family Workshop

A family workshop providing play, informal support and befriending to families with small children. The grant is for tables and play equipment.

£651 Community Fund
8 Jul 1997 Ashburton District Guides

A district guide group in a rural area. The grant will pay for two patrol ridge tents.

£838 Community Fund
11 Jun 1997 South Devon Education Group

Operation Animation!

£820 Arts Council England
19 Mar 1997 Etruscan Books

Hellbound on my Trial

£4,300 Arts Council England