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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
30 Nov 2015 Colegau Cymru

DG - Increase Sports Participation & Volunteers among 16-24 in FE in Wales

£115,000 Sport Wales
29 Oct 2015 South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre

A Dedicated Naturalist: The Dr Mary Gillham Archive Project

£59,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Oct 2015 Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust

Urban Buzz - Cardiff

£29,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Oct 2015 U DO IT Dance Foundation

DG - U Do It Wales Pilot

£38,000 Sport Wales
13 Oct 2015 29th Cardiff Scout Group

29th Cardiff Scout Group

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Oct 2015 Canton RFC Mini Rugby Section

CC - 2105 Coach Education and Equipment

£1,150 Sport Wales
13 Oct 2015 Royals Basketball Club

CC - 2107 Revenue, Coach Education and Equipment

£1,182 Sport Wales
13 Oct 2015 Mackintosh Lawn Tennis Club

CC - 2113 Coach Education and Equipment

£1,132 Sport Wales
13 Oct 2015 FITKIDS Academy Ltd

CC - 2117 Revenue, Coach Education and Equipment (TI)

£1,217 Sport Wales
13 Oct 2015 Ninja Dragons Martial Arts Academy

CC - 2118 Equipment (TI)

£1,500 Sport Wales
13 Oct 2015 Solution Intuition

CC - 2119 Revenue, Coach Education and Equipment (TI)

£1,500 Sport Wales
13 Oct 2015 Cardiff Wheelchair Basketball Club

CC - 2121 Revenue and Equipment (TI)

£1,500 Sport Wales
6 Oct 2015 Luke Sanges

Elite Cymru Award 2015/2016

£1,000 Sport Wales
29 Sep 2015 Horn Development Association Community Interest Company

Horn Development Association Community Interest Company

£4,300 Big Lottery Fund
28 Sep 2015 Winding Snake Productions

Winding Snake will work with young people aged 12-16 from Blaenau Gwent alongside artists questioning how gender is represented in art from the 19th century to the present day through a creative and learning programme involving animation, film and various other artforms, digital exhibition and research visits to five galleries in Cardiff

£22,500 Arts Council of Wales
28 Sep 2015 Community Music Wales

Polyphony will bring together young musicians form across wales and across disciplines. CMW will work with 16-25 year old musicians who are classically trained, folk musicians and more contemporary musicians and use the initial workshops for them to learn from each other and their different styles and then collaborate to write and record new music which incorporates their own unique voices. All the work they produce will be accredited through Agored Cymru.

£18,945 Arts Council of Wales
25 Sep 2015 Buckingham, Sophie

The grant would allow the applicant to exhibit at the CRAFT selling event in January 2016, giving her the opportunity to profile her work to a dynamic cross-section of the design industry, galleries, and professional buyers.

£2,340 Arts Council of Wales
24 Sep 2015 The Other Room

Second season of pub theatre activity and presentations at The Other Room in Cardiff. 'Life or Death' is a themed season of five plays that will be rehearsed and performed at The Other Room, between January and May 2016.

£30,000 Arts Council of Wales
24 Sep 2015 Black Sheep Theatre

A Production Grant - The applicant is seeking funding for their first ever production of Fear of Drowning. The application comes off the back of an R&D grant earlier in the year.

£30,000 Arts Council of Wales
24 Sep 2015 Run Ragged Productions

A dance duet between, Run Ragged's Artistic Director, Jem Treays and his 12 year old daughter Ella. The production combines dance, verbatim dialogue, music, lighting and projection to explore the relationship between Father and Daughter. It is an examination through a personal lense of moments of transition within the relationships of parents and children, from both perspectives. Further artistic development of the production and a two week tour to five venues across Wales in Easter 2016.

£25,623 Arts Council of Wales
24 Sep 2015 Mai oh Mai Productions

Redevelopment, refining, and rewriting of The Harri-Parris: The Big Day to enable it to reach a wider audience by re-designing it to be able to play at both smaller and larger venues, tour to festivals.The work will be redeveloped with a view to promoting it to presenters and theatre sector at Chapter, before a further tour across Wales in April and May of 2016.

£25,961 Arts Council of Wales
23 Sep 2015 Sherman Cymru

Iphigenia in Splott

£14,950 Arts Council England
18 Sep 2015 Chapter Cardiff Ltd

British Dance Edition 2016 (BDE2016)

£140,000 Arts Council England
17 Sep 2015 Made in Roath

Made in Roath

£4,250 Big Lottery Fund
15 Sep 2015 Lizalde Cano, Jorge

Jorge Lizalde has been invited to collaborate in Japan with choreographer and dancer Yo Nakamura and is looking for a contirtiuon to the project in relation to flights, transport, accomodation, per diems and insurance.

£2,465 Arts Council of Wales
15 Sep 2015 Tyson, James

James is looking for funding to attend "COIL" festival in New York, as the leading artist/performer in the presentation of "SONG"

£565 Arts Council of Wales
14 Sep 2015 Ray of Light Wales

Ray of Light Wales

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
3 Sep 2015 Llamau Limited

Llamau Limited

£4,896 Big Lottery Fund
2 Sep 2015 Life Venture Arts

"Routes" is a stage-play based on a forgotten period of time in post-WWI Cardiff, when racial attacks were commonplace across its streets. The play has been written by and will be directed by Ndidi Spencer. Working in partnership with the WMC, Routes will be performed in the Weston Studio.

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
2 Sep 2015 Media Academy Cardiff

Media Academy Cardiff aim to provide additional music and drama workshops as part of their Arts For All project for young people (NEETS) in the Cardiff area from September 2015 to August 2016.

£4,859 Arts Council of Wales
2 Sep 2015 yello brick

A project to focus on developing audiences for the playARK Festival, open up the company's work to a wider demographic, engage with untapped potential audiences and move towards becoming a more accessible event.

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
2 Sep 2015 ESTRONS

To support a three month radio plugging and PR campaign to promote the band, Estrons, debut EP and to increase general publicity of the band.

£2,545 Arts Council of Wales
2 Sep 2015 TaikaBox

Cardiff-based not-for-profit dance and digital art company TaikaBox seek funding for a research project called Sinfonia/Taika, which has a focus on developing initial artistic ideas in integrating live classical music, contemporary dance and technology.The project seeks to explore collaborative ways of working between two distinct companies: Sinfonia Cymru and TaikaBox and would pave the way for TaikaBox's bigger strategic plan of producing work between Wales and Finland.

£4,000 Arts Council of Wales
2 Sep 2015 Taking Flight Theatre Company

To enable the company to:1. create and market a number of small, portable 'suitcase' pieces of inclusive theatre and to develop the marketing material to make this a profitable business model. 2. generate a new easy to navigate, solid, active workshop programme with marketing materials available to enable the company to actively find new workshop opportunities. 3. catalogue the current store of props and costumes to enable TF to begin to hire out/share resources with other organisations

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
1 Sep 2015 Stockwell, Alison Joan

A research project to research and develop new work reflecting on the 'ceramic' history of Swansea in partenrship with Elysium gallery and as elect group of mentors/ curators

£2,984 Arts Council of Wales
1 Sep 2015 Jones, Francesca

To take part in the Redeye Lightbox 'Shaping future photography' trianing program.

£1,000 Arts Council of Wales
1 Sep 2015 Gelsthorpe, Bob

A period of research and development in collaboration with the Glynn Vivian gallery that will include production, experimentation, dialogue & collaboration.

£2,668 Arts Council of Wales
1 Sep 2015 Young, Joanna

To create a touring performance installation, with live dance performance, film, and original sound. Joanna will will work with renowned composer Jamie McCarthy and continue her collaborations with Belinda Neave and Gerald Tyler. The production with be presented at Dance Blast, Abergavenny (in prtnership with the Borough Theatre) and at Chapter Arts Centre as part of Cardiff Dance Festival.

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Aug 2015 Kitchener Primary School

Creative learning through the arts in school

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Aug 2015 Ty Gwyn School

Creative learning through the arts in school

£16,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Aug 2015 Thornhill Primary School

Creative learning through the arts in school

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Aug 2015 Whitchurch Primary School

Creative learning through the arts in school

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Aug 2015 Rumney Primary School

Creative learning through the arts in school

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Aug 2015 Ysgol Gymraeg Pwll Coch

Creative learning through the arts in school

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Aug 2015 St. Paul's Church in Wales Primary School

Creative learning through the arts in school

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
27 Aug 2015 VCS Cardiff

Volunteering in Cardiff 1914-2014

£66,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Aug 2015 Save the Coal Exchange Ltd

Cardiff Coal Exchange - The Cathedral of the Age of Steam

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Aug 2015 Dooley, Freya

For Freya Dooley to participate in the Enter Text residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Finland.

£1,899 Arts Council of Wales
25 Aug 2015 Hobson, Louise

Louise would like support to enable her to travel to New York for a month long curatorial residency with Residency Unlimited. She wishes to develop her practise as a curator/producer, future collaborations and build on her research between art and architecture.

£3,350 Arts Council of Wales
19 Aug 2015 Music Theatre Wales

Tours of operas by Stuart MacRae and Peter E?tv?s

£200,000 Arts Council England
19 Aug 2015 Fresh Ideals Community Interest Company

Fresh Ideals Community Interest Company

£4,788 Big Lottery Fund
17 Aug 2015 Learning Disability Wales

Learning Disability Wales

£2,244 Big Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2015 BulliesOut


£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Aug 2015 Disability Arts Cymru

A Mini Taster Mental Health Arts Festival entitled "Little Sparks of Madness" to be held during October 2015. Working with individuals and organisations across Wales with expertise and experience within the arts and mental health sectors, and working with thier partners the "Mini" Event will include:- Seminar/Performance WMC, Cardiff -Theme "Why do we need a Mental Health Arts Festival in Wales"

£9,880 Arts Council of Wales
13 Aug 2015 Taking Flight Theatre Company

Taking Flight are offering two talented young performers the opportunity of a work based training programme, mentoring and support and understudying a lead role during the rehearsals and tour of Real Human Being. Directors authorisation has been agreed for this additional application which is above the excotion rule of two applications for an organisation.

£6,380 Arts Council of Wales
3 Aug 2015 Spit & Sawdust

Spit & Sawdust supported a varied mix of arts projects, events and performances. This R &D will look at how to set up an innovative structure for a more co-ordinated creative programme. This will be done through an intensive 24 hour residency in September 2015 with five artists/artist groups working independently in the Spit & Sawdust building.

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
3 Aug 2015 Ballet Nimba

Proposal of strategic planning with expert professional arts managers/ producers and fundraisers to ensure Ballet Nimba can reach its true potential. An intensive 2 month period working with a producer and other arts professionals to effectively and strategically plan their next proposed touring activity, producing all relevant marketing materials from production photos and films, engaging venues, building a tour schedule, planning and diversifying income streams.

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
3 Aug 2015 Learning Disability Wales

This project will develop and perform 2 pieces of forum theatre exploring what well-being means to people with a learning disability, and create a film showcasing the creation and application of forum theatre with and for people with a learning disability.The performances will be held at Heart and Soul, Disability Learning Wales's annual conference, to an audience of 250 people who will all have the opportunity to watch and take part in these two forum theatre pieces.

£4,999 Arts Council of Wales
3 Aug 2015 STAR Communities First

The project is to facilitate 2 sets of 7 participatory photography workshops with young people, aged between 16-24 from the STAR Communities First cluster, Cardiff during 2015/16. The project will use a methodology called Photovoice, which enables individuals to not only build up self-esteem but also creatively represent themselves through text and photographic image to a specified audience of their choice.

£2,320 Arts Council of Wales
31 Jul 2015 Goulbourne, Alan

Alan Goulbourne applied for funding to enable him to exhibit his work at two significant exhibitions in France in September-October 2015.

£2,760 Arts Council of Wales
31 Jul 2015 National Theatre Wales

National Theatre Wales applied for funding to respond to an invitation to attend the National Indigenours Theatre Forum of Australia and Brisbane Festival, Australia, to present to other companies their TEAM model and Big Democracy Project.

£2,182 Arts Council of Wales
30 Jul 2015 Parsons, Alex Marshall

Combine script, dance and film-making, Alex will work with Kim Noble (performer) Sean Tuan John (scriptwriting/mentor) and 4p Productions (Film maker). Choreographically Alex will explore new methods of generating movement from a script using tactics that a scriptwriter would use to make a film more interesting. He will tell a story through film but use dance and character work to combine these seamlessly.

£3,000 Arts Council of Wales
30 Jul 2015 Jones, Steffan Hywel

To attend master classes and conference in New York to develop skills in lighting, projection and sound.

£2,000 Arts Council of Wales
30 Jul 2015 Loftus, Chloe

A two week research and development proposal into the creation of 'Block 82' (working title), a full-length dance-theatre performance. The work centres upon four characters living separately in their small flats within 'Block 82', a generic location that symbolises the anonymous living in urban housing. Chloe will be working closely with dramaturge, Gerald Tyler and collaborating with a set designer. Financial and in-kind support comes from the co-producers Wales Millennium Centre and Chapter Arts Centre.

£3,000 Arts Council of Wales
30 Jul 2015 Shayek, Abdul

To attend the event: Atelier for Young Festival Managers. It will take place in Gwangju, South Korea from 31 August to 6 September 2015. Atelier GWANGJU 2015 is an event which will bring together the next generation of artistic festival directors. It will help to broaden Abdul's programming skills and inspire participants through bringing in experienced leaders within the field. It will enable Abdul to join a new network of future festival leaders worldwide.

£1,780 Arts Council of Wales
26 Jul 2015 Life Trust (Newport)

Life Trust (Newport)

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jul 2015 Out and Proud

Out and Proud

£4,920 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jul 2015 Life Venture Solutions Ltd

Life Venture Solutions Ltd

£4,935 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jul 2015 Vale of Glamorgan Festival

A contribution towards the 2016 Vale of Glamorgan Festival which will take place from 10th to 20th May 2016 at venues across the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff

£70,000 Arts Council of Wales
10 Jul 2015 Beyond the Border

The Beyond the Border Festival is a biennial event held at St Donat's Castle that brings together storytellers and other artists from around the World to perform and carry out education and outreach programmes. The 2016 3-day event will focus on several themes all of which include features of the Mabinogion and The Matter of Wales.

£100,000 Arts Council of Wales
10 Jul 2015 Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre will develop and deliver an ambitious city-wide international "Festival of Voices" every two years from June 2016, which aims to produce a high quality and distinctive celebration of the best of the arts in Wales, including all genres of music and song.

£100,000 Arts Council of Wales
7 Jul 2015 Butetown Artists

Exhibition and education programme October 2015 - June 2016

£29,565 Arts Council of Wales
7 Jul 2015 Arcadecardiff C.I.C.

To develop a gallery programme in an empty shop in Queen's Arcade Cardiff from July 2015 to July 2016.

£30,000 Arts Council of Wales
7 Jul 2015 Jones, Kelly

Towards the production and presentation of Vetch, which will run for three weeks at The Other Room, Cardiff, and of The Drowned Girl which will tour to Chapter Arts Centre, Barnabas House (Newport) and Aberystwyth Arts Centre

£19,305 Arts Council of Wales
7 Jul 2015 Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Towards year three of the South East Wales Orchestral Consortium

£15,200 Arts Council of Wales
7 Jul 2015 Fong, Joanne

To enable Jo Fong to to tour dance theatre peice, 'An Invitation' to six venues across Wales and one in England.

£21,944 Arts Council of Wales
6 Jul 2015 Royal Air Force Association Llandaff & Ely Social Club

Royal Air Force Association Llandaff & Ely Social Club

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jul 2015 Bonello, Gareth

To support Cardiff based, songwriter and musician Gareth Bonello to undertake a Music Industry Development project in collaboration with 'On-Par', Llion Robertson and 'Bubblewrap' to produce an industry standard 'show reel'. July - August 2016

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
3 Jul 2015 Cotsen, Jonathan

Application to attend The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland short course on Acting: Deaf Theatre Skills specifically for deaf actors/facilitators to develop skills in adapting scripts into a visual language style, learn to sign mime and other physical acting styles such as choreographed movement and physical characterisation. Also application to attend Solar Bear festival to work with professional artists and people from deaf and marginalised groups across Scotland.

£1,948 Arts Council of Wales
3 Jul 2015 White, Rhiannon

Research and Development towards the reworking of the 1999 play 'Everything Must Go'. Collaborating with young people from areas of high social inequality and from low -income backgrounds to redevelop the script, bring it up to date and make it relevant to what is happening in South Wales today.

£3,000 Arts Council of Wales
2 Jul 2015 Voluntary Arts Network

To support Voluntary Arts Wales, to appoint a Policy & Advocacy Director (Fixed Term 12 months Post) to lead the research, development and commissioning of a National Advocacy Programme that responds directly to 5 independent strategic national initiatives during 2015/16 namely "Our Cultural Commons", "Welsh Government's Cultural Inclusion Board", "BBC Get Creative Campaign", "The Wales We Want - The Future Generations Act" and "The Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value". Sept 2015 - Aug 2016

£48,660 Arts Council of Wales
2 Jul 2015 Young Music Makers of Dyfed

Dyfed Young Composers scheme and Young Musician of Dyfed Masterclasses 2015/16

£26,000 Arts Council of Wales
2 Jul 2015 Barnardo's

This is an application from Barnardo's Cymru Seraf Service, working in partnership with Valley and Vale Community Arts, to run a series of participatory arts events (ARTS4U) for vulnerable young people across Wales. The project will take place from August 2015 - August 2016.

£18,000 Arts Council of Wales
2 Jul 2015 Turnstile TEMS LLP

To support Cardiff based Turnstile Music to undertake a collaboration between themselves, and Cardiff based Techno multi-instrumentalist R.Seiliog and Bangor based music producer David Wrench. R.Seiliog's experimental music will explore 1891 Soprano Margaret Watts-Hughes' Cymatic Modes and the Hermetic acoustic vibration properties of a 'Spinning Top'. Project will culminate in production, recording, marketing, release and distribution of R.Seiliog's 2nd Album. August 2015-December 2016

£10,050 Arts Council of Wales
1 Jul 2015 Women Connect First

Gardens Mosaic Project is an intergenerational arts project targeted at two distinct groups of beneficiaries who access Women Connect First: older women aged 50+ from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds, and young parents from disadvantaged backgrounds and their children. The project will be delivered between August - November 2015.

£4,561 Arts Council of Wales
1 Jul 2015 RSPB Cymru

In order to inspire children to engage with their natural environment RSPB Cymru is teaming up with Migrations to deliver 'TAPE'; a unique art installation structure resembling a human-sized web of tunnels which members of the public are able to enter and explore. The structure will be constructed in Bute Park and be maintained throughout August 2015.

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
1 Jul 2015 Gagglebabble

This project is to develop the organisation's effectiveness, skills and capacity with a view to making it stronger and more sustainable for the future

£4,490 Arts Council of Wales
1 Jul 2015 Theatre Versus Oppression

Theatre Versus Oppression wish to consolidate their expertise and develop the organisation's structure so that they can deliver work more effectively across Wales and in a more targeted manner. The project is to develop a finalised Business Plan for the next 3-5 years and improve Governance for the organisation by carrying out a skills audit and expand the Board to fill gaps.

£4,500 Arts Council of Wales
26 Jun 2015 Life Venture Arts


£52,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jun 2015 Taking Flight Theatre Company

Taking Flight Theatre Company

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jun 2015 Rhydderch, Francesca

Francesca Rhydderch to launch the Chinese translation of her novel, The Rice Paper Diaries at the Shanghai International Literary Week 2015 accompanied by the book translator, Dr Yan Ying

£3,008 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Cwmni Pluen Company

Towards the production and presentation of "Ti.Me", a new bilingual, devised piece of theatre. "Ti.Me" will be presented at Sherman Cymru (Cardiff) and Galeri (Caernarfon)

£10,407 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Hijinx Theatre

This is a research and development project that will provide time (1 week) for Spymonkey and Hijinx to work together with learning disabled actors to explore and pilot ways of working, based around clowing and with a view to creating a collaborative touring production in 2017. The project would take place in Trawsfynydd in December 2015 with the whole company in residence for a week.

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Mercury Theatre

The re-work and tour of an alternative Christmas theatre production 'Anamnesis 25.12' to Neath, Swansea, Merthyr, Narberth and Cardiff, for December 2015.

£29,000 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Sherman Cymru

This is an application from Sherman Cymru, who have been invited by the British Council, to present their recent production "Iphigenia in Splott" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from the 24th-30th August 2015.

£11,728 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Fieldwork

Jo Fong is an experienced dance artist who has worked with some of the UK's leading dance companies and collaborated with many artists and agencies in developing new dance work. Dance Base, Edinburgh's dance agency is hosting the production. She is also anticipating performing at the British Dance Edition in Cardiff in 2016. Fieldwork is seeking funding to support the revival her production of An Invitation for her Company's visit to Edinburgh.

£9,315 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Waking Exploits

Waking Exploits will stage Lucy Kirkwood's play NSFW as their 2015 production, and create a tour to 15 Welsh venues in September 2015.

£30,000 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Difficult Stage

'Alix in Wundergarten' will be a radio-drama adaptation of Lewis Carroll's favourite children's classic 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.' It will be a 90min adult Christmas show for The Other Room, Cardiff, which plays for 16 performances over 3 weeks in December 2015.

£29,950 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Equinox Theatre

Equinox Theatre willto develop a production based on the life and times of Welsh born artist Nina Hamnett- the Queen of Bohemia.

£10,000 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2015 Kitsch & Sync Collective

A five month long research and development project to explore ways of making an accessible, comedy dance performance with new dance films as part of a "retro drive-in experience"

£21,500 Arts Council of Wales