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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
26 Jun 2017 The Llanarth Group

This application seeks to support the production of a new work, 'richard III redux OR Sara Beer (IS/NOT) Richard III'. The production seeks to directly address issues of disability past and present.The production will be performed eight times at Chapter over a period of two weeks, before going out on tour to the Torch Theatre, Theatr Clwyd and Small World Theatre, as well as other venues once confirmed.The work will begin in March 2018, and carry on through until April 2018.

£17,500 Arts Council of Wales
9 Nov 2016 O'Reilly, Kaite

The applicant is looking to explore the performative power of language with music -- mapping a considered pathway to writing scored verse drama and opera libretto. Throughout the process Kaite will receive masterclasses from Gillian Clark and Owen Sheers. She will also be mentored by David Pountney and Michael McCarthy.

£19,455 Arts Council of Wales
25 Oct 2016 Noddfa

Noddfa in Aberaeron will use the grant to provide trips and art, history and crafts workshops for those who are, or have been, affected by mental health issues. This grant for ?3,457 will fund trips, transport, arts and crafts, marketing materials, a laptop and printer, digital camera, and a memory card.

£3,457 Big Lottery Fund
3 Nov 2014 Cylch Meithrin Llanarth

Cylch Meithrin Llanarth

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
5 Sep 2014 Llanarth Village Hall

Llanarth Village Hall, in Ceredigion, will demolish the current toilets and construct new male, female and disabled toilets as well as install new floors, windows and boiler. The grant, of ?5,000, will part fund the demolition and subsequent construction

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Jul 2014 The Llanarth Group

The Llanarth Group's playing 'the maids' is a new multi-disciplinary performance created between languages, cultures, and art forms. The production is a collaboration between nine multidisciplinary artists, three performance companies (Llanarth Group, Gai

£25,291 Arts Council of Wales
12 Jul 2013 Cardigan Sub Aqua Club

CC - 897 Coach Education

£688 Sport Wales
20 May 2013 2nd New Quay and Llanarth Air Scouts

CC - 885 Coach Education & Equipment

£1,492 Sport Wales
20 May 2013 Clwb Hoci Aberaeron

CC - 890 Coach education and Equipment

£1,500 Sport Wales
3 Dec 2012 The Llanarth Group

The Llanarth Group are aiming to bring together a team of nine collaborators from four participating countries (Wales, Ireland, South Korea and Singapore) in order to develop work which will interpret and re-imagine Jean Genet's The Maids.

£10,008 Arts Council of Wales
21 May 2012 Llanarth Snooker Club

CC - 814 Equipment

£395 Sport Wales
23 May 2011 The Breastfeeding Network

The Breastfeeding Network will establish a new group to support mothers who breastfeed in Aberaeron, providing training courses for volunteers who will run the service. The project meets the Awards for All aim of 'extending access and participation'. This

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 May 2011 Aberaeron Cricket Club

CC 731 Coach Education

£1,035 Sport Wales
17 Mar 2011 Kaite O Reilly

Unlimited - The d Monologues

£50,000 Arts Council England
11 Feb 2011 Zarrilli, Phillip

A collaboratively created performance project based on the theme of 'Allotropes' (different versions/themes of the same elements.)

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
1 Jan 2011 Cardigan Sub Aqua Club

CC - 695 Coaching

£1,000 Sport Wales
29 Mar 2010 Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Caerwedros a'r Cylch

Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Caerwedros will purchase equipment which will allow them to develop their ability to promote the group and its activities. This grant for -520 will fund notice boards, publicity costs and a portable photocopier.

£520 Big Lottery Fund
11 Mar 2010 Llanarth Group

Unlimited Commissions- Llanarth Group

£49,940 Arts Council England
14 Dec 2009 Clwb Enfys Lliwgar

Clwb Enfys Lliwgar will develop an after school club for children aged 3 to 11 years attending Llanarth School. The project will offer opportunity and safe after school activities for local children. The project meets the Awards for Aim of supporting comm

£3,819 Big Lottery Fund
7 Dec 2009 Aberaeron Cricket Club

CC 642 Coaching

£1,000 Sport Wales
3 Oct 2008 Zarrilli, Phillip

An Interdisciplinary performance collaboration between a dance/performance artist, actor/director and playwright/dramaturg.

£4,200 Arts Council of Wales
18 Jul 2008 Neuadd Bentref Llanarth

CC - Purchase of Equipment/10wks of Pilates/2 persons to attend first aid crse

£940 Sport Wales
23 May 2008 Aberaeron Cricket Club

"CC - 12 Coaching awards, kit & equipment"

£900 Sport Wales
21 Jan 2008 O'Reilly, Kaite

A professional development project to develop understanding of the monologue genre. The project would allow the applicant to develop her practice and contribute to the inclusive performance sector informed by a disability perspective.

£25,000 Arts Council of Wales
29 Aug 2007 Parochial Church Council Of Llanarth

The project is to refurbish and improve the facilities at a Church Hall. The money is for kitchen equipment.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 Feb 2007 Aberaeron Cricket Club

Set up an under 9's team

£734 Sport Wales
5 Dec 2006 Aberaeron Longboat Rowing Club

Arrange relevant safety training courses

£580 Sport Wales
5 Jul 2005 Aberaeron Cricket Club

U13s Development

£750 Sport Wales
5 Jul 2005 Aberaeron Longboat Rowing Club

Junior Lifejackets

£225 Sport Wales
26 Sep 2003 Llanarth Playground, Parc Cae Martha

The project is to provide a safe play area for children living in and around Llanarth estate. The money is for supply and installation of play equipment and safety surfacing.

£31,300 Community Fund
5 Sep 2003 Llwyncelyn Womens Institute

The project is to enable the group to extend social activities. The money is for crockery and cutlery

£1,062 Community Fund
4 Sep 2003 Llanarth Parochial Church Council

St. David's Church, Llanarth

£311,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2002 John, Gareth Huw

B.Mus, Vocal Training Course.

£1,000 Arts Council of Wales
25 Jan 2002 Llanarth Friendship Club

The project is to improve standards and facilities at the group. The money is for audio visual equipment, catering equipment, camera, outings and training courses.

£2,830 Community Fund
7 Sep 2000 Friends of Llanarth School

The project is to put on a concert to celebrate the Millennium in December 2000 at Llanarth. The money is for workshop costs, materials and recording equipment.

£3,465 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Jul 2000 Llanarth Womens Institute

The project is to provide equipment and training for the group. The money is for crockery and training courses for members.

£976 Community Fund
12 Dec 1996 Cylch Meithrin Llwyncelyn

A village playgroup providing Welsh language pre-school education in a rural area. The grant will enable the group to arrange an outing and to furnish new rooms used at the local hall making the playgroup more attractive to current and new users.

£1,045 Community Fund