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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
19 Jun 2007 The Chapter of Hereford Cathedral

Regeneration of Hereford Cathedral Close

£4,206,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Nov 1995 Herefordshire Council

Redevelopment and refurbishment of theatre and arts centre

£3,561,124 Arts Council England
21 Sep 1998 Leominster And District Playing Fields

Sports centre and playing fields

£2,028,632 Sport England
25 Apr 2006 Herefordshire Council

Overlooking the Wye

£1,995,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Dec 2005 Herefordshire Nature Trust

LEMUR HLF Training Bursary Scheme

£1,703,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Mar 2010 The Grasslands Trust

The Valley of Hope: Revealing the Secret Meadows of Bury Farm

£1,467,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Sep 2016 The Wigmore Centre

The Wigmore Interpretive and Heritage Centre

£1,335,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2005 Herefordshire Council

Friar Street Museum Resource and Learning Centre Phase 3

£1,223,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Dec 2011 Herefordshire Council

Restoration of the Masters House in Ledbury

£1,213,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Dec 2003 Kingstone Academy Trust

Kingstone Academy Trust

£1,084,000 New Opportunities Fund
22 Jun 1998 Herefordshire Council

The Ledbury Community Recreation Centre - Sports Hall & All Weather Multi-Sports Pitch

£1,062,000 Sport England
28 Feb 2017 Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust

Cloister Project, Hereford Cathedral

£1,034,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Mar 2013 Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service

The project will work with existing and new partners offering young people personal, practical development and employability skills to make them ready and attractive to the employment market. Young people will be engaged through outreach work, social medi

£996,407 Big Lottery Fund
18 Mar 2014 Herefordshire Nature Trust

Birches Farm heritage project

£936,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Jun 2012 Vestia Community Trust

This three year project with Vestia Community Trust has been endorsed by Worcestershire County Council. The project will work in partnership with EPIC, Worcester Community Trust and Onside Advocacy to provide support to 100 families in both urban and rura

£900,000 Big Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2001 The Worcestershire Nature ConservationTrust LTD.

Hill Court Farm and The Blacklands Longdon Marsh

£803,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Nov 2015 Garway Village Hall

A project to build a new village hall and community resource including a health and social care outreach centre, cafe and shop facilities in addition to a modern hall and meeting facility. The project will benefit up to 800 people from the local area are expected to benefit, but particularly older people, young people and those without transport.

£784,205 Big Lottery Fund
8 Mar 2017 Rural Media Charity

GREAT PLACE SCHEME: Herefordshire's a Great Place

£748,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2006 Belmont Abbey General Trust

Discovering Belmont Abbey

£712,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Jun 2017 Angling Trust Limited

NGB Funding 2017-21

£629,500 Sport England
19 Jan 2015 Rural Media Company

Random Acts Network Centres

£597,417 Arts Council England
15 Jun 2004 Herefordshire Nature Trust

Herefordshire Community Commons Project

£583,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2013 Angling Trust

NGB Funding 2013-17

£576,049 Sport England
13 Mar 2015 2Faced Dance Company Limited

Application for NPO funding 2015-2018

£576,000 Arts Council England
4 Dec 2002 The Hereford Waterworks Museum Ltd

New Development Project

£574,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Oct 1999 Herefordshire Nature Trust Ltd

Herefordshire Nature Trust Capital Works

£565,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Sep 1999 Herefordshire

The award has provided training to ensure that teachers and school librarians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to make sound decisions about when and how to use ICT effectively in teaching.

£549,796 New Opportunities Fund
18 Sep 2001 Herefordshire Council

Friar Street Resource & Learning Centre, Hereford - Phase I & II

£545,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Mar 1996 All Saints Church, Hereford

All Saints Church, Hereford - adaption of church interior

£540,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Jun 2015 Cathedral and Church Buildings Division, Archbishops' Counci

Virtuous Circles

£518,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Dec 2014 Herefordshire Council

Refurbishment of Hereford Leisure Centre

£500,000 Sport England
29 Jul 2016 Herefordshire Council

Refurbishment of Ledbury Swimming Pool

£500,000 Sport England
28 Nov 2016 The Rural Media Charity

Support, information and training will be offered to Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities to address discrimination issues and poor access to services, which prevent them from having a full and equal role in society. The organisation will also develop a new mentoring scheme to enable more positive representation and an events programme will broker better relationships between GRT communities and the media industry. The project will directly engage and work with 540 people from the GRT community.

£499,469 Big Lottery Fund
28 Apr 2015 The CLD Trust, Counselling Learning and Development

A new project, based on learning and experience from a range of existing projects for young people who are experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing by engaging their creativity and insight in the design, delivery and management of the project, supported by skilled professionals. The project will provide a multi-layered approach with a range of access points to enable choice and level of engagement, based on individual need.

£486,120 Big Lottery Fund
24 Sep 1996 St Francis Xavier's Church, Hereford

St Francis Xavier's Church, Hereford - Restoration

£462,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Mar 2009 Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service

The project will improve delivery of and access to high quality infrastructure services by small VCS organisations in rurally isolated, dispersed and hard to reach communities. The project will specifically focus on the market towns, rural areas and hinte

£442,445 Big Lottery Fund
13 Dec 1999 County of Herefordshire District Council

Upgrading of Sports Changing Accommodation and Playing Pitches

£430,500 Sport England
1 Sep 2002 The Herefordshire Education Service

School Sport Coordinator Partnership

£429,648 Sport England
9 Dec 2013 The Rural Media Company

The aim of the project is to improve access to services and integration with settled communities. Rural Media Company (RMC) enable traveller communities throughout England to access, generate and share information via a newsletter. Public and voluntary se

£424,927 Big Lottery Fund
26 Aug 2009 The Rural Media Company

This project will give rurally isolated young people in Herefordshire the skills and confidence to make films that support their local communities. Film crews made up of local young people will work with community groups to film local events such as fundr

£417,917 Big Lottery Fund
15 Nov 2011 HOPE For Children and Their Families Limited

This project, run by HOPE for Children and Their Families Limited, is a family centre based in Bromyard, Herefordshire. It aims to provide a safe and relaxed environment where children and adults can develop social and creative skills alongside educationa

£415,857 Big Lottery Fund
18 Dec 2012 Llangarron Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Llangarron Parochial Church Council will create a multi-purpose community hub at the church. It will reduce rural and social isolation in the area and deliver an intergenerational programme of need-related events, activities and recreational and vocationa

£410,429 Big Lottery Fund
25 Jul 1995 Herefordshire Nature Trust

Herefordshire Nature Trust, Hereford

£403,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jun 2006 Echo for Extra Choice in Herefordshire Limited

The project offers people with learning disabilities services and activities such as mentoring and befriending service; Gateway Award groups to give support in developing hobbies and interests; area based self advocacy groups; one-off activities and devel

£401,752 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2010 Herefordshire Council

Natural history knowledge, social history skills and other curatorial trainees

£398,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jun 1999 Taste For Adventure Centre

A project to assist disadvantaged people to take part in outdoor activities, to develop confidence and social skills. The grant is for building construction and refurbishment, office equipment, purchase of minibus, safety equipment, salaries and educatio

£388,176 Community Fund
5 Jun 2007 The Woodland Trust

Credenhill Iron Age Hillfort and Park Wood

£377,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Sep 2006 Caring for God's Acre

Churchyard Task Team

£371,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 May 2010 Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service

This project will provide tailored support to improve quality of life and community cohesion in Hereford City. The group will employ a team to develop cross-sector partnership working, encouraging local residents, groups and organisations to work together

£367,772 Big Lottery Fund
27 Apr 1999 Herefordshire Citizens Advice Bureaux

Project to enable three Citizens Advice Bureaux to merge to form one organisation providing a county-wide telephone information and advice service. The grant over three years will pay for refurbishment, salaries, training and running costs.

£362,932 Community Fund
18 May 2011 Megan Baker House

The project aims to provide an outreach service, providing conductive education out in to the community to adults with Parkinson's disease, and young people and children with motor-disorders in rural areas of Worcester, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, War

£362,029 Big Lottery Fund
12 Mar 2001 Ross-On-Wye International Festival

Recovery Programme

£362,000 Arts Council England
7 Jan 1999 One To One Befriending

To extend a peer befriending scheme for young people in Herefordshire. The three year grant will pay for office equipment, salaries of 1 full time and 3 part time posts, travel and training for vols and general running costs.

£361,543 Community Fund
6 Apr 2001 The Herefordshire Playcare Association

This is a project to enable the group to provide more support and advice to groups offering child care facilities, such as an annual conference and a newsletter. Particularly in rural and isolated areas.

£358,686 Community Fund
28 Oct 2002 Herefordshire Council

The grant will be used to create 54 before-school, 30 wraparound, 95 holiday, 68 all year round and 64 weekend places for children aged 3 to 16 years old in Herefordshire. The project will create 4 new clubs and expand 3 existing provisions and 13 local

£356,284 New Opportunities Fund
2 Oct 2008 Leintwardine Village Hall & Community Centre

Leintwardine Village Hall and Community Centre's 'The Leintwardine Centre Project - Community Centre' will provide a refurbished facility in the centre of the village. The project will fund the modernisation of the existing building, including rewiring el

£348,211 Big Lottery Fund
6 Apr 2016 The Courtyard Trust

A project to reduce isolation and improve the quality of older peoples? lives through direct access to the arts. The scheme will run artist led creative workshops for residents in local care homes using multi-sensory techniques to engage people with a wide range of communication abilities such as sharing poems, drama sessions, singing, dancing, and visual arts and literature discussion groups. The project will benefit 1000 people.

£344,320 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jun 2015 Catcher Media Social

Derek Evans: Herefordshire life through a lens

£342,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jul 2007 Herefordshire Council

The portfolio aims to provide a variety of play opportunities to children across Herefordshire, particularly those in areas of identified need. Five projects include appointing community play rangers, the provision of free play activities for children wit

£336,995 Big Lottery Fund
10 Feb 2003 Brimfield And Hereford Sports Centre

Extension To The Sports Facilities

£325,896 Sport England
15 Mar 2011 Herefordshire Council

The Restoration of Grange Court, Leominster - Building on the Past for the Future

£324,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Feb 1998 Herefordshire District Council

Ross Road Playing Fields and Community Facilities development.

£323,000 Sport England
16 Mar 2010 The Rural Media Company

The project will expand its training to support travelling communities to enable them to tell their stories, educate people about their culture. The project will deliver training in writing, digital photography and voice recording to 12 areas around the c

£316,695 Big Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2013 The Courtyard Trust

The Courtyard- Capital Small Grants

£314,400 Arts Council England
20 Jul 2001 Hereford Library Service

The People-+s Network programme in all the 10 libraries in Hereford Library Service has provided new computer and related equipment and upgraded the infrastructure. Now, approximately 76 computer terminals will be available to library users to access the I

£304,001 New Opportunities Fund
11 Mar 1999 Teme Valley Youth Project Ltd

A project to build a new resource centre and managed workspaces for use by young people. The three year grant will contribute towards building construction costs, salaries and rgeneral running costs.

£300,001 Community Fund
2 Nov 2016 Stretton Sugwas Village Hall

Funding will go towards refurbishing the Stretton Sugwas Village Hall (SSVH), modernising facilities for existing and new hall users. It will also enable the creation of a social, educational and health hub, supporting what is likely to be an expanding village. SSVH aims to unify local people through this project, providing services to improve health and wellbeing, while engendering a community spirit generating care, compassion and support for neighbours.

£299,496 Big Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2012 Herefordshire Mind

This is a continuation and development of an existing adult learning programme that enables people with mental health problems in Herefordshire to move towards independence, meaningful activity and recovery through early intervention and access to courses

£290,994 Big Lottery Fund
7 Oct 1999 Age Concern Leominster

This is a project to purchase new premises in Leominster for an organisation who provide services for older people. The funding will pay for the purchase of the office, refurbishment, salary for a receptionist and associated running costs.

£289,157 Community Fund
30 Jan 2004 Herefordshire Mind

A project to enable this group to continue their counselling and psychotherapy services provided by an existing grant, and also to expand this provision and provide long term support to people experiencing mental distress.The grant, over 3 years, will par

£277,464 Community Fund
18 Sep 2003 Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust (Organ Appeal Committee)

The conservation and restoration of Hereford Cathedral's historic Willis organ

£269,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Sep 2007 West Mercia Women's Aid

This new project proposes an outreach service to support women subject to domestic violence and their children. The service will make itself available to beneficiaries by coming out to their homes and offering drop in sessions at local GP's. The service w

£264,132 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jan 1999 South Herefordshire Voluntary Action

A project to establish a network of support for the voluntary sector in South Herefordshire The three year grant will fund a contribution towards salary costs of four project workers, plus other related costs.

£262,674 Community Fund
18 Mar 2014 Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust

Refurbishment of the 15th century St Johns Walk, Hereford Cathedral

£257,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Jul 2000 The CLD Trust, Counselling Learning and Development

This is a project to develop a specialist youth counselling service in Herefordshire. The grant, over three years, will pay for staff salaries, freelance counsellors, running expenses and training.

£255,590 Community Fund
27 Apr 1999 Gateway (Education and Childcare) Trust

A new child care facility merging two existing sites into one to increase the numbers of pre school, after school and holiday care places available to the local community. This one year grant will pay for the purchase of a building.

£250,000 Community Fund
19 Sep 2007 Pundibest Limited

The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman

£250,000 UK Film Council
22 Nov 2016 Holy Trinity Church PCC Preston Wynne, Herefordshire

Repair and History of Holy Trinity Church Preston Wynne

£249,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Dec 2011 Herefordshire Nature Trust Ltd

This project will provide children with 70 outdoor play sessions a year in green spaces across seven different communities in rural Herefordshire. Activities are likely to include den building, river dipping, bug hunting, creating mini beast hotels, makin

£244,013 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jul 2002 Ross-On-Wye International Festival

Ross-on-Wye International Festival

£242,000 Arts Council England
10 Sep 1997 Weobley Church Restoration and Improvement Appeal Committee

St Peter's and St Paul's Church, Weobley, Hereford & Worcester

£239,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Sep 1998 Westfields Community Hall

This is a project to replace a dilapidated community hall, with a brand new venue for local people and groups. The grant, over one year, and will pay for the costs of the building, and for equipment.

£237,664 Community Fund
18 Sep 1997 Aspire Choices Limited

A project to provide support for people with learning difficulties. The three year grant will pay for salaries and contribute towards running costs.

£235,371 Community Fund
18 Mar 2014 Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust

Refurbishment of the 15th century St Johns Walk, Hereford Cathedral

£233,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Sep 2013 Bromyard Downs Common Association

Putting the sparkle back into the Downs - Bromyards jewel

£233,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Mar 2007 Mediation Herefordshire

Herefordshire children and young people will better cope with the effects of divorce and separation through individual counselling. Children will develop coping strategies and will be encouraged to communicate with parents under the expanded scheme.

£231,182 Big Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2005 The Rural Media Company

Rural Media Company Provides Support To Enable People At Risk From Exclusion And Isolation To Participate In Contemporary Media Culture, To Explore Ways Of Using Media To Represent Themselves, And To Have Their Voices Heard. They Produce Magazine, Print

£229,989 Community Fund
17 Dec 2009 The PCC of St John the Evangelist, Shobdon

Church of St John the Evangelist

£229,717 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2004 Taste For Adventure Centre

This is a development project to enable the continuation of outdoor adventure activities for disabled, young and elderly people at the organisation's centre in Hereford. The project will assist disadvantaged people to develop self confidence, personal an

£228,847 Community Fund
25 Jun 2002 Herefordshire Council

The grant will be used to create 32 after-school, 75 before-school, 16 before and after-school, 89 wraparound, 49 all year round and 24 weekend places for children aged 3 - 14 years old in Herefordshire. The project will create 8 new clubs and expand 1 e

£224,990 New Opportunities Fund
7 Jun 2016 The Diocese of Hereford

Repair and Regeneration of St Michael's Church, Brampton Abbotts

£213,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Aug 2009 West Mercia Women's Aid

This project will create a youth-led domestic violence training resource to help young people avoid becoming involved in abusive or unhealthy relationships and help them leave abusive relationships safely.

£203,470 Big Lottery Fund
3 Feb 2000 Whitbourne Coronation Hall

A project to rebuild a village hall for community use. The grant, over one year, will contribute towards construction costs for the hall.

£200,000 Community Fund
12 Jun 2008 Royal National College for The Blind

Royal National College

£200,000 Sport England
26 Mar 1998 Hereford And Worcester C V Y S

The project will develop and support voluntary youth organisations across the county. The three year grant will pay for four staff salaries and general running costs.

£199,437 Community Fund
18 Sep 1997 Herefordshire Headway

This group provides education, day care and rehabilitation for adults who have acquired brain injury. The three year grant will pay for the purchase and refurbishment of existing premises, an educational facilitator, and contribute towards running costs.

£198,725 Community Fund
12 Oct 2010 Echo for Extra Choice in Herefordshire Limited

This project in Herefordshire will improve the lives of adults with learning disabilities by increasing independence, breaking down barriers and enabling their to be heard. The project will provide people with learning disabilities with the opportunity to

£196,895 Big Lottery Fund
18 Nov 2003 Herefordshire Nature Trust

The Sturts

£193,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Jul 2004 PGL Travel Limited

PGL will offer an exciting & innovative range of activities for young people in their residential centres in the Brecon Beacons and Perthshire. 600 young people from Norfolk, Suffolk, Durham, Cleveland and Tyne & Wear will be able to participate.

£192,429 New Opportunities Fund
7 Apr 1998 Marine Conservation Society

The project will develop the Adopt-A-Beach campaign around the UK - an initiative to involve local communities in caring for their local coastal environment, through monitoring local beaches for pollution and raising awareness about the problems of coasta

£191,939 Community Fund