Lottery grants awarded to Birmingham in 1999

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
26 Nov 1999 Sandwell Primary Schools Netball Association

A project to provide sports equipment to enable this association to start up a High 5 Netball league for Under 11's to benefit young people and volunteers from within the Borough of Sandwell. The grant will pay for netball equipment and other sundry items

£4,349 Sport England
11 Nov 1999 Inglenook Playgroup

A project to purchase equipment to improve the facilities available for children attending this Birmingham playgroup. The grant will pay for play equipment and craft materials.

£4,120 Community Fund
11 Nov 1999 37th West Bromwich Brownies (St Bernards)

A project to extend the range of Brownie activities available to young people in the local area through the provision of equipment and refurbishments. The grant will pay for stage equipment, refurbishments and a parachute.

£3,491 Community Fund
20 Oct 1999 Latchkey Club

The grant will be used to expand the existing provision to create 35 after school places for children aged 5 - 11. Schools served will be St Margarets School, Calshot School, Whitecrest School, Grove Vale School and Holyname School.

£15,000 New Opportunities Fund
20 Oct 1999 Tiny People & Co

The applicant is a newly established partnership. The grant will create 19 after school and 19 before school places for children aged 3 to 11. Schools served will be St Margarets C of E and other schools in the Great Barr and Sandwell areas.

£7,923 New Opportunities Fund
17 Jun 1999 6th Dartmouth (St Bernards) Scout Group

A project to replace existing flooring and provide office equipment, to enhance services currently provided. The grant will pay for office equipment and refurbishment of hall.

£4,996 Community Fund
17 Jun 1999 1st Sandwell Scout Group

A project which aims to enhance the facilities provided by this scout group and make it more accessible to people with disabilities. The grant will pay for re-surface car park and disabled access.

£5,000 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Great Barr War Memorial hall

This project, which targets some 350 older people, provides social activities and the grant will ensure that they benefit from increased security and a newly refurbished kitchen. The grant will pay for refurbishment of the kitchen.

£4,795 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 St Bernard's Social Club

A project to improve facilities at this social club which provides social and recreational facilities for all ages in the local community The grant will pay for the replacement of window and door.

£4,928 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Newton Women's Institute

A project to provide social and recreational activities for women by extending craftwork sessions and providing a comfortable environment. The grant will pay for contour tables, stacking tables and trolleys.

£1,430 Community Fund
4 Mar 1999 Great Barr Over 60 Club

A project which promotes the welfare of the elderly for the community of Great Barr providing social and recreational activities. Grant will cover the cost of social outings.

£970 Community Fund