Lottery grants awarded to Scunthorpe in 1999

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
20 Dec 1999 Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals NHS Trust

Replacement Ultrasound. The machine uses high frequency sound waves which are bounced off tissues to produce an image helping to locate tumours within the body.

£26,250 New Opportunities Fund
16 Dec 1999 The Wednesday Social Club

The project will enable the group to go on several social and educational outings and make Christmas cards and decorations. The award will pay for coach hire and craft materials.

£3,000 Community Fund
16 Dec 1999 Alkborough Millennium Committee

The project will enable the group to cover the expense of a panoramic plaque to be sited at a historical site in the area. The award will pay for a panoramic plaque.

£2,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Dec 1999 Anchor Bowmen of Scunthorpe

The project will enable the group to purchase extra training equipment which will enable a larger number of beginners to participate in the sport. The award will pay for targets training sets and instructors training course.

£1,637 Sport England
14 Dec 1999 British Polio Fellowship - Lincolnshire Branch

This group is planning a Millennium Outreach Programme, aimed at giving information about the effects of Polio and the support available from the BPF. The award is for a local media programme (whole community), leaflet programme (health professionals), a

£3,750 Community Fund
29 Oct 1999 Kay Traviss Youth Dance Group

The Project Will Enable The Group To Mount A New And Original Creative Contemporary Performance For The Millennium Celebrations At The Plowright Theatre. The Grant Will Pay For Theatre And Costume Hire, Stage And Recording Equipment, Publicity, Music And

£4,660 Arts Council England
29 Oct 1999 PCC of St. Oswalds Parish Church Althorpe with Keadby

The project will enable the group to make improvements to the facilities for the benefit of all groups who use the hall. The grant will pay for curtains, furniture and towards the cost of double-glazing.

£4,911 Community Fund
29 Oct 1999 Burton Upon Stather Youth Committee

The project will enable the group to install a teenage shelter within the local playing fields to give young people a focal point in the community. The grant will pay for a five seat covered seating area.

£5,000 Community Fund
29 Oct 1999 Scunthorpe Gay Men and Women's Group

The project will enable the group to provide specialist training for selected helpline volunteers who will then cascade training down to other volunteers. The videos will be used in workshops on sexual health matters and other issues. The grant will pay

£1,314 Community Fund
5 Oct 1999 Brumby Comprehensive School

69 Schools will benefit in the area from this project over a period of 5 years. The project aims to deliver support in numeracy literacy and ICT skills.

£29,950 New Opportunities Fund
30 Sep 1999 The Crosby Community Association

The project will enable the organisation to expand its existing services and offer accommodation for other voluntary organisations to meet. The money will pay for building purchase, refurbishment, professional fees and office equipment over one year.

£223,523 Community Fund
30 Sep 1999 Tricare Neighbourhood Project

The project continues and develops a welfare rights advisory service which specifically targets the elderly and the disabled in a deprived urban area. The grant, over three years, pays for office equipment, one full time and one part time salary and runn

£660 Community Fund
20 Sep 1999 Eastoft Methodist Church

The project will enable the group to improve access to the building. The grant will pay for access for the disabled.

£1,500 Community Fund
20 Sep 1999 Roxby cum Risby Millennium Committee

The project will enable the group to produce a tapestry by involving local people and teaching them the skills of tapestry making as well as their local history. The finished tapestry will be displayed in the village as part of the community heritage. Th

£950 Millennium Commission
20 Sep 1999 Winterton Arts Festival

The project will be to paint a mural in the market square by the local community. The grant will pay for paint, materials, scaffolding, insurance and fees for a mural co-ordinator.

£2,600 Millennium Commission
15 Jun 1999 Winterton Social Club for People With Physical Disabilities

This group provides opportunities for recreation and other leisure activities. The grant will pay for summer outings, christmas shopping trips, pantomime and transport costs.

£2,000 Community Fund
15 Jun 1999 Scunthorpe & District Toy Library

This group provides a loan service of specialised toys and equipment to children with special needs. The grant will pay for new equipment and training.

£2,031 Community Fund
10 May 1999 North Lincolnshire Community Work Training Group

This group provides introductory community work skills courses and higher level certificate courses in North Lincs. The grant is for the production and associated costs (travelling expenses, administration support and dissemination of results) of a feasib

£3,800 Community Fund
27 Apr 1999 Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire Limited

This group provides support services to voluntary groups in the area. The grant will pay for the adaptation of a minibus to meet safety regulations.

£2,068 Community Fund
12 Apr 1999 Dale Park Youth Organisation

This group provides sporting facilities to children aged 8 - 16 years. They also hold discos and involve children in trips and sporting and arts events. Members also hold events and fund raise for charity. the purchase of football kits and equipment for f

£4,850 Sport England
8 Mar 1999 St Catherines Playgroup

This group provides pre-school education for the under fives. The grant will pay for books, seating and learning toys.

£650 Community Fund
8 Mar 1999 Winterton Friendship Club

This group provides social and recreational activities and events for the over sixties in the local area. The grant will pay for kitchen and games equipment; travel costs and P.A. system.

£1,235 Community Fund
8 Mar 1999 The Old School Hall Management Committee

This village hall group provides rooms and facilities for voluntary groups in the local area. The grant will pay for provision of a ramp and repositioning the entrance of the building.

£4,866 Community Fund
8 Mar 1999 Appleby Village Hall

This group provides communal facilities to cater for the social, recreational, educational and domestic needs of the local community. The grant will pay for building work and the kitchen refurbishment.

£4,622 Community Fund
10 Feb 1999 North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Image Archive Project

£43,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Jan 1999 North Lincolnshire Council

Four key millennium projects will involve the whole community in local celebrations: archaeology lectures and field trips to explore local history a multicultural Festival of Nations 2000 event on 22nd-28th May three local arts and culture festivals inclu

£45,241 Millennium Commission
12 Jan 1999 Down's Syndrome Association, North Lincolnshire Branch

This group aims to help people with Down's Syndrome to attain their full potential. The grant will pay for two computers with special needs curriculum software, peripherals and training costs.

£4,886 Community Fund